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Veteran’s Today Picks Up the Baton of Truth

Special thanks to Mike Harris and Gordon Duff for the courageous reporting…

Click here for the article “America the “Bad Guy” – A Lesson in Historical Hypocrisy”

Contains breaking news info on Vietnam POWs sent to Russia, Stalin’s concentration camps and much more….

Jim W. Dean – Veteran’s Today – Stands Up to the Neocon Crowd – Nuremberg Style

Click here for the article

Dean explains why Iran is no threat, and how Israel has been influencing American policy in order to set the stage for a pre-emptive strike.

Two key quotes from Dean:

“There are two American governments in existence now. One is for show…the one the most are familiar with and think is really theirs. And then there is the real government, where elections are never held, and public support is not necessary, nor sought.”

“The American shadow government is not going to voluntarily give back the power they have covertly taken through cold blooded subversion. We will have to take it back from them.”

— Jim W. Dean

The above two articles along with other recent radio shows on Republic Broadcasting (including one with Kerry Cassidy, evidence that Veteran’s Today and Republic Broadcasting are doing real journalism in a time of stark supression of news in major media. Turning the tide of tyranny one broadcast, and one article at a time.

Eugenics and Food/Water Additives, Packaging and more…

Recommended: Alex Jones : Slow Kill Holocaust


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