Unusual Banking Activity Report #4

Note: behind the scenes the Global Settlements have been due to be released a number of times over the past year… and each time it gets close someone steps in to stop them. We are told, each time, the members of the Bush Cabal are responsible.

Along those lines, if the Global Settlements are released, according to the White Hats the next step is the revaluation of the Iraqui Dinar… This is what may be causing the strange banking now for the report from an undisclosed source:

* Note – We did not expect to be giving you a 4th up-date concerning Current World Wide Banking Status. The Re- Alignment should have Been Completed 14 Hrs ago.

* Systems Stat – UST & All other Letter Agencies just removed from Lock down (Washington, London, Zurich, Basel, Geneva). This includes UST, BIS, IMF, and almost every other Major Bank in Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia and most if not all of South American Banks and Financial Institutions.

* Since we have never seen this before, it still remains a mystery how the International Banking Community could keep 154 Exotic currencies off the Boards Listed at 00.0000 Buy / 00.0000 Sell and not in the Exotic trading community, for 19 Business trading days, is still beyond our comprehension . One would think at some point it would reach the Financial sector, or they would at least discuss the matter publicly in the International Community. Talk about Banking & Media Control. Jeeses Lawissese.

* Analysis – Still UN-known.

* Conclusion – UN-known at this point – Extremely Unusual Banking Activity.

— from an undisclosed source.

At this point one has to ask ones-self… what is the game and is the objective to push the White Hats over the edge and cause them to do something wild and crazy…in order to take them down?

Nuclear Blackmail on Governments – Has Israel Planted a Nuclear Bunker-Busting Bomb Underground in Chicago?

According to Alan Hart, guest of Mike Harris, radio talk show host from Republic Broadcasting, 1 nuke went missing from a group of 5 and was traced to a warehouse in Chicago… reported sometime in 2010… on Rense and other news outlets…

…”The Delta force was deployed to recover the missing nuke in East Chicago [Illinois–correction], this was in the news a while back, Delta Force conducted a raid an empty warehouse, with radioactive residue from having an unshielded nuclear bomb on the premises. (Public record, should still be available on Rense.com).”– Mike Harris

This was independently confirmed by two top level sources to Mike Harris.

Click here for an article released in May 2011 regarding the warehouse raid and Minot incident.

Where this all leads is that a nuclear “bunker busting” bomb is said to be hidden undergroun by Israel as “insurance” to make sure our Congress and so-called leaders continue to keep Israel’s demands first and foremost in mind. This is nuclear blackmail. Out of this, as remarked in the above article from IntelHub, a false flag attack triggering WWIII is entirely possible.


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