Regarding the Thrive documentary– (link now disabled from what I hear..)

Putting together the Puzzle but leaving out the Elephant in the Room: ET – Military relations

Whereas, this is a legitmate well made documentary look at the NWO agenda, it does not encompass the real reason the ‘controlling elite’ wants a one world government aside from their eugenics program… which is ultimately, the alien agenda operating behind the scenes. Without that card all the rest is a short sighted view from inside a fish bowl with no idea of what the real environment that we exist in and are part of … as multi-dimensionals.

There is also a lack of understanding of the fact that one world government is already operational and orchestrated from behind the scenes by an ET-human partnership in place for decades.

This is what we are up against. And why without a background in all aspects that can be gained by viewing Project Camelot videos.. see our Camelot library if you haven’t already begun that journey or to fill in the gaps in your overview and understanding.


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