October 4, 2011


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***For those who attended free access will be granted as soon as we get that set up.

Occupy Wall Street

Best Rant video of demonstration

Reposting video: What I learned about Libya

click here to view on youtube


Charming video: 150 mile wardrobe

click here to view

This is lovely and inspiring on how to make a wardrobe that is local fiber, real color…thank you A for sending this to me!



click here to read this communique

So many people are driven mad at this time searching for answers outside themselves. This statement contains some grounded advice on going within to find the truth you seek.


Still waiting for our CONFERENCE STREAMS to load from Indigo TV

We expect to have this available no later than Monday (today).

We apologize for the delay!!


LIBYA : latest news and issue regarding video posted here on Oct 2

Go here to view latest news on Libya… this is in English

reposting video link to What I learned about Libya formerly on vimeo now on youtube

As it happens, the video telling it like it is in Libya by Michels.tv (the truth about Libya) was removed by Vimeo claiming a copyright violation… Mike from Michels.tv is in contact with me and said there is no copyright violation and he has written to Vimeo to prove so.. It appears this video was removed by them after Camelot posted it here. This video will be available soon on his website. I will post the link when I have it.

From John Moore – Mounting elements

Sent to me from a source:

…"John Moore reports that a contact from U.S. Northern Command
in Denver, Colorado tells him that there is very frenzied activity
there, including food storage activity. Recall that Pres. Obama
was there just a few days ago; it appears that he may be preparing
to go underground in response to N.A.S.A.'s tracking reports of
comets and asteroids in a bee swarm, which has to be growing more
dense as this known baby star is pulled ever closer into our inner
Solar System by the great gravitational force field of our Sun.
Most urgent is John Moore's report from his contact that a volcano
on the Canary Islands is about to erupt in about seven to ten days.
Geologists agree that if the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupts, its resulting
landslide will surely generate a tsunami that will kill many millions
of people along the East Coast of the Americas, from Canada, down
over the United States, the Caribbean Islands, and down through
Central and South America."
Scroll down to the rebroadcast of the third hour of September, 30th of the Dr. Bill Deagle Nutrimedical report….


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