September 18, 2011

Letter from an ex-fighter pilot to Homeland Security re Dutchsinse / HAARP

From: Rich Buckley 
Date: September 18, 2011 6:41:12 AM PDT
Subject: Dutch

We just posted the following comment on the HOME LAND SECURITY WEBSITE:
(we have to wait and see if it passes muster before they post it publicly)

Regarding Anonymous Comment. Dutchsinse HAARP analysis reads directly from US Patents. Watch it for yourself and decide if he’s being misleading:

Dutchsinse is a small part of a growing, global, spiritual awakening that is vested in fearlessly digging for truth, in love, in tolerance, and helping create open and transparent government 
What he does and does not believe in is delineated in his blogs.

The greater awakening on the other hand seeks only amnesty not only for whistle-blowers, but for the wrong doers in X-constitutional activities of rouge government operations run by those Pres. Bill Clinton warned us about. I served a minor role honorably as a fighter pilot with a tour in Vietnam and encountered those forces that even our Presidents are not briefed on. The only way to overcome this darkness is through forgiveness, love, and a national plan for amnesty. That is a far cry from terrorism. Most humbly offered, Respectfully, Rich Buckley, Pres., Peace And Conflict Resolution.


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