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September 23–25, Irvine, California
How a Unified Global Consciousness is the Real Game Changer
Los Angeles , CA—Awake and Aware 2011, presented by Project Camelot, will be held September 23–25 at the Hilton Irvine, 18000 MacArthur Blvd, Irvine, California.

Following on the success of Awake and Awake 2009, Project Camelot has put together an even more extraordinary program featuring many of the world’s most revered proponents of global change, expanded human consciousness, and full disclosure. As one of the foremost channels of alternative news and information online—attracting a consistent 1.5 million unique internet visitors per month—Project Camelot has worked tirelessly since 2006 to get the truth out, not just within the United States but across the globe. Project Camelot’s founders, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, are known for their distinctive “guerilla style” interviews with whistleblowers, researchers, contactees, and alternative thinkers, and their ground-breaking work is now the basis for a TV pilot soon to be released.

The information-dense conference program will feature renowned authors, researchers, and global change advocates Graham Hancock, David Wilcock, Richard Dolan, Richard C. Hoagland, Marcia Schafer, Nassim Haramein, Sean David Morton, Miriam Delicado, Bob Dean, and Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan (Project Camelot). The event will begin Friday evening, September 23, with a special presentation by Project Camelot whistleblower, former super soldier Duncan O’Finioan, accompanied by a mystery guest, and will be followed by an exclusive “Meet-the-Speakers” party (complimentary for conference ticket holders) hosted by author and award-winning host of Coast to Coast AM, George Noory.

The theme of the conference is How a Unified Global Consciousness is the Real Game Changer. Subjects covered will include the truth behind the secret space program, the elite agenda for global control, super soldier programs, human genetic manipulation, hyperdimensional physics, earth changes, and much more—such as the impact of so-called comet Elenin, the extraterrestrial presence on Earth, and the culture of secrecy that dominates our society.

Those interested in attending the conference can find more information and register at Further information can also be accessed at Press interested in interviewing Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, and the Awake and Aware 2011 speakers should contact Myra Jackson at +1 301-537-2194.


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