August 26, 2011

Awake & Aware 2011 needs you!!

Hey everyone, we have a mega-conference as many of you know happening the 23, 24 & 25th of September… and we need to sell as many tickets as humanly (lol) possible… off-worlders welcome by the way.

However, I need to fly Tommy (in Norway) my webmaster and preferably also Zoe (in the UK) our webadmin over to help with the conference streaming and more… So if there is anyone out there who can pay their way, donate plane tickets or supply places to stay in the LA area etc… it would be greatly appreciated. At the moment we bought a ticket for Tommy but what with speaker fees, flights etc. we are at a severe monetary disadvantage at the moment so anything you can do to spread the word, sell tickets or donate to this cause would be awesome!!

Not sure if we still need volunteers but if you have a special conference or technical related expertise feel free to write to us:[email protected]

The trouble with Sorcha Faal

I know that the whole mini-nukes underground in Washington DC and Colorado is making the rounds.. Apparently RumorMillNews has joined that camp to some degree. According to this recent article by Rayelan who I respect and maybe her source does know what they are talking about but….

Much of Sorcha’s info is cloaked in disinfo big time. I do not think if they were “mini-nukes” that they were from outside this country .. and I don’t think the Global settlements have anything to do with it. What is more believable to me is that they are blasting down deeper and the blow-back was unavoidable… LOL or maybe we have a war going on underground between various factions. I’d buy that.

It may have been a hit using an EMP device or scaler weapon… as part of the daily weather war going on. What is suspicious is that same day Ben Fulford’s first blog sentence (written before the EQ) was derisive regarding Washington DC which to me sounded like a signal that the faction he is aligned with may be involved… obviously not known to him.

Interesting side info: “The German DAX suddenly fell around 250 points in late afternoon trading. It’s only the latest incident of erratic market behavior that indicates that the market is still vulnerable to significant selling…”–RumorMilNews from article by Dary lMontgomery

There is also a heating up of the seismic plates around the New Madrid fault and this may be part of that.

We need more info!!!

Document: Trading of Souls – from William

This information was sent to me. It may be part of a larger body of work. Some of it rings true. click here to read


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