August 3, 2011

Why the White Hats need ‘the people’ in order to succeed

While you sit in the shadows once again waiting for the phone to ring telling you the GS are going through, you might take some time to read this article: — old news yes, but worth the review if you consider what it is saying about the machine that you and your friends are working steadily at dismantling.

And whereas, I am with you all on this quest, I can’t help but think you are leaving out an important element or at the very least shifting it to last when in my view it should actually be first. There is a reason why Project Camelot has the motto, ‘the best place to hide is out in the open’. And it is precisely because of this. Those that you are fighting do so under cover of darkness. And so they always have.

But in this time, I would submit that fighting in the shadows no longer has the power it once had. Because we are arguably in a time of transition into another dimension where bringing things in the darkness into the light is actually the mode of exchange or ‘legal tender’ for getting them to happen at all. What am I talking about?

In these times as never before actions and strategies must take into account an unusual but highly coveted thing, that is, the consciousness of the masses, in order to succeed or even, some might say, to attract the necessary energy to happen at all. This is something that those dark Magus’s in the shadows have known for some time but it appears those working in the light are just beginning to learn.

The sixties got a lot of things wrong but the one thing they got right was the ‘power of the people’. In some ways, the sixties were harbingers of today. Right now. When change is the order of the day and as a consequence being able, as any true Magician of the Light should know, to garner the regard of those you would aspire to lead or at the very least, serve, is paramount. Without them your actions could very easily come to nothing. How can I say that?

Because, we are in a time, when the global unity has far more weight, cosmically speaking, in forming the necessary field of resonance in order to perform great acts of social change and have them really take hold and be rooted not only in the fabric of now but to withstand the inevitable counterpunch of the dark side.

And so, upon learning that, at least from your perspective, the Global Settlements have a very good chance of happening, it was particularly disheartening and even depressing to learn that if they go through it would all ‘happen in secret’ and the masses would not be the wiser for it. This is not only distressing it to my way of thinking, portends their subsequent reversal or at the very least their being co-opted to serve the interests of the dark cabal. Think about it.

Yes, I do get that you and your group will continue to release your careful communiques… making sure to expose just enough of the graft and corruption to keep things on track and yet being equally careful not to reveal anything that would truly burst open the dams of deceit so to topple the very government you are sworn to protect. Frankly, I don’t think you can have it both ways. Either you enlist the help and the attention of the masses and ‘throw some real light’ on the darkness or you risk losing not only the small bit of ground you have toiled so long and hard to create, but being taken over and co-opted by the dark side.

Why do I say this? Because in my view, albeit a philosophic one rather than, at least on the surface, a pragmatic one, in order to create change and right the state of the union either here in the U.S. or on the planet, you cannot work in dark like those you strive to uproot. it simply won’t work. Because in case you haven’t been paying attention, the real game is for the hearts and minds (and souls) of the masses. And whereas the dark side knows this all too well. You and your group are just beginning to get clued in to it. And that puts you at a disadvantage.

Because this time and this place it is all about who captures the imagination (and thereby the hearts and minds) of the masses not just who deserves it. Because we are at a mass consciousness tipping point or more accurately, event horizon, where the next wave to follow will build on the one that had the density to overcome the one before it… and so it goes.

When you talk about garnering the regard or attention of the public you often talk in terms of ‘after we accomplish this or that’ then we will reveal to the general public this or that. When in reality, what I suggest you should be doing in this age of enlightenment… is actually the reverse. First you inform the public of what you intend and then you set about to do it. A concept wholly alien to your previous training and instincts no doubt. But if you follow the idea talked about for example, in scientific terms that say, our Camelot witness Dr. Pete Peterson refers to as the “information field” you begin to realize what he is really talking about is the RESONANT FIELD that surrounds us all that some might have referred to as “ether” in the early 1900s or around the time of Tesla… (who by the way knew exactly what I am talking about). .. And for more on that I recommend our interview with Ralph Ring on what it was like working with Otis Carr and how they got into a man-made sort of ufo and then time traveled several miles by using their minds in concert with a crystal and visualizing a certain spectrum of blue light (aquamarine). And there you have it. How to use the MIND FIELD of resonance in order to TIME TRAVEL or simply MOVE from one place of being to another… instantaneously. Outside of linear time. Otis Carr, protégé of Tesla, had it. Likely, Tesla certainly ‘got it’… And, now I suggest it’s time, if you want to actually really change this world… for you and your group to take hold of this concept and make it work ‘for you’. And in doing so, you will be the change you want to see in the world and manifest this real time.

Otherwise, you are working against the tide and this untapped resource, in the crudest sense, will work against you. And the dark side who recognize what I am talking about here will continue to run the game and take you for a ride because they are using the power of the people to their own sick advantage… while you and your group and many others, well meaning though they may be, have yet to discover that the power is ‘in’ the people and they are the ones who will in the end, create change. Because the power of the people is awakening like a sleeping lion. And in time it will stretch and choose its own path.

And when the White Hats recognize the power of the people, and the necessity of bringing the people into the fold, they will join the movement which has already begun and they will become a real force to be reckoned with.


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