July 26, 2011

EQ activity and dormant volcanoes in the West begin to activate

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Well right, the minute we put the ads up about the DOGON SPEAKING TO THE WORLD.. our servers were hacked and they brought down Project Camelot TV… it is so clear what a threat this is to the powers-that-were… us getting together in Camelot Roundtable events to TALK TO EACH OTHER and compare notes… on what’s up on the Planet. WE SHALL PREVAIL! Dogon event Friday July 29th at 11am PDT FREE & BY DONATION join us on Livestream


This event will be on Livestream and will not be pw protected on that day!

Alphas – the Norway shooter

If you have seen the new tv show Alphas you will get what I am saying here… This guy, is an alpha.. he’s like a super soldier manchurian candidate but some kind of test model… that’s what is really going on here… They used him to test some new human tech out. That is what they are doing.

click here to watch the Alpha episodes – warning – violent tv not for the faint at heart

note: this show is on Project Free TV and on SyFy… but the SyFy channel doesn’t give you the most recent episodes for some odd reason (link now working)

Norway – False Flag : Illuminati Sacrifice Ritual?

click here for Infowars article

In light of our original interview with Leo Zagami and subsequent investigation revealing pervasive influence of the Masonic order in Norwegian politics, it is important to note that the above article by Webster Tarpley does not address the possible occult aspects of this recent event. At the moment, the Libya angle along with the idea that there has been a significant infiltration of the retired police ranks by American and British intelligence does not indicate why the attacks happened as they did.