July 19, 2011

Quote from the book, “James Bond is Real” – By Mike Sparks

..”The Nazi created Deutsche Bank is in the center of stock market short-selling before the September 11, 2001 terror attacks showing prior knowledge and complicity in this “False Flag” operation to create the necessary Reichstag fire to start a phony war on Islamofascist terrorists but in actuality to build an Amero-fascist 4th Reich Nazi empire in the good name of the peace-loving American people. Fleming certainly knew about the Nazis surviving and threatening us from their underground bases with anti-gravity craft UFOs–but was under threat of death to not tell anyone about it. There are sources unfolding even now as I write, that reveal Fleming was DIRECTLY INVOLVED in the escape of THE very top Nazi leaders complete with body doubles and faked deaths.”

A Great Overview of the Importance of this Upcoming Roundtable Conference

We are thinking of lowering the price due to the lack of upfront registrations for this event.

In light of this I received the following very perceptive email from one of the speakers…. Jim Viken:

From: jim viken
Date: July 19, 2011 5:31:20 PM PDT
To: Kerry Cassidy/ Project Camelot <[email protected]>

One more thing, Kerry. This book JBIR and the Friday conference
is something that certain groups would like to see downplayed. they
know that if they block it, it would be too obvious, so the tendency is
to set up means to downplay it or randomly block advertising using
complicated cyber tools run out of the “pentagram”, affecting the
sound or penetration of the ads without Camelot knowing for sure, etc.
I have sen all this done.

The information is JBIR and the knowledge base of Jim Marrs and
Jim Fetzer is extensive and many dots have been connected by these
top researchers. Greg Hallet is a legend also and what these folks are going
to discuss has academic footing. This is not lightweight information. And your
input can easily take it over the top as with the Elenin TeleNetEvent. So you
can see the information which may be transmitted from this TeleNetEvent
may be considerable, groundbreaking and here to stay for a long time
for others to refer too after the conference. No wonder the Pentagram
would rather see it have limited penetration. If the word gets out that this
conference was groundbreaking as I expect it to, many will want to purchase
the video after-wards.

So, I say forge ahead keep the ads going out in waves which screws up their
blocks that are applied randomly to hide them and this will get the message
out and perhaps grab more viewers. And it is possible that some TeleNetEvents
due to time and date and season, will sell much more after the event which
is what I suspect will happen.

Jim Viken

Tae Bo sets skyscaper shaking …

click here for this fascinating story

This is evidence of how a resonant field can be created by a group of people and the power it has to affect the environment around us.

Space Weather: “In a stunning announcement, The United States and United Kingdom are likely set to begin “controlled” power cuts in preparation of a giant solar storm.” click here for article


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