Again on Radiation Solar and Nuclear

June 20, 2011

Again on Radiation Solar and Nuclear

It is important to keep in mind that what is going on is a steady iradiation of our environment with an intention… to create a race of superhumans. This they intend to do by causing mutation of the human species into something… well like X-men. They wish to jumpstart evolution by stimulating the genome into an altogether heightened state of being that will result in a superhuman.

This also involves getting rid of the slower vibrational humans who cannot make the grade and will therefore die off faster by cancer and other dis-eases. Of course some elements of chem trails are involved in this. So there’s a two-fold agenda there. One creating a petrie-dish effect on us whereby our enviroment becomes a set of condtions encouraging mutation, and the development of superpowers regardless of how bizarre and the other, by making it uninhabitable by the older models.

There is also the notion that as the solar influence becomes greater there is a more natural, thinning of our atmosphere where more radiation anyway does reach the surface and so a proclivity to deal with more intense radiation becomes necessary in order to live on this planet. There is also the idea that the superwaves bathing our solar system at this time… coming from outside our system (from where is still not clear even though Paul LaViolette suggests it is coming from an ‘eruption’ in the black hole which some others do not agree with)… regardless, this is also increasing the amount of radiation in our atmsophere causeing us to change, our dna to mutate, expand and even, to activate in a good way.

In fact, recently I heard that the brown dwarf or second sun that is very likely headed into our solar system now emits more ‘radiation’ than any other more ‘normal’ sun like object. There again, the idea that more radiation may be coming our way enters into the scenario.

The whole montomic gold issue comes to the fore here because it is also likely that monotomic gold (as the Anunnaki were so familiar with) can perhaps mitigate or transform the incoming radiation into a more congenial lfegiving form and this may be the real reason they mined it and conitnue to do so, taking it off our planet even now, if you believe the testimony of our whisteblowers….

There is no doubt that the Illuminati or darkside of that group is hard at work assisting several species of nonterrestrials to make this environment more methane-like and more full of radiation in order to drive us off the planet, or at least eliminate those less able to transmute themselves to deal with the changed conditions here on Earth. The real question is, what are you going to do about it? And this is where again, transmuting your own bodies becomes not only a good idea, but really the only thing you can do if you want to continue living on the planet.

On Killing Robots with Guns

Let’s get real. This idea that one can kill an invading species of robot with guns is so primitive and 3D it’s ridiculous or not ‘on’ as one might say in Britian. In reality, an invading race of robots will be far more sophisticated not only in its physiology but in it’s reasoning power etc etc.

With this in mind what does one do? This is where developing kundalini and raising your vibration through meditation, clean living karmically and with regard to a certain sacredness in ones everyday relationship to the world around you that your DNA becomes crystalline and pure… Becomes an issue.

The whole gross material body concept is 3D. And beyond that, as we move up the food chain going into 4D which is really where one might say the Earth and humanity is now, is more into a morphing state… where anything goes. Nanotech, biorobots and so on… ghosts and discarnate beings etc. You cannot fight evil with guns in 4D. It’s really nonsensical though clearly ‘man’ from 3D will attempt to do so especially in the beginning.

But race against race, if it comes to that is not going to be fought with blowing things up. Instead, if you want to win out on 4D one must go a level up…into 5D to do so. That is, transcend 4D. Both in spirit and substance. How? By refining the biomind superpowers into something well, other worldly and finer. This you do through joining the chakras, raising your vibration and outfitting your lightbody (so to speak) and then ‘going forth’.

Ultimately the notion of raising the vibration of Earth this way is also instructional. Where James of Wingmakers revealed in the original Wingmakers story… either technological man would attempt to do so ‘mechanically’ through what was called ‘blank slate technology’ which is really about manipulating timelines such that when the robots came through the solar system, headed for Earth, the Earth ‘jumps’ out of this dimension temporarily, so it no longer ‘exists’ when the robot ships come through.

Of course the other solution posed in Wingmakers, the more ‘organic’ solution was the birthright of our planet and species…having been seeded there or left behind by the original predecessors of man, the ‘Wingmakers’. This entailed a hidden set of records embedded in caves that contained the knowledge most likely of ascension… and was more about ‘awakening’ then manipulating. It was “integral” and involved the realization of the soul of mankind as a unique and precious heritage that they brought with them and was what would rescue them and the Earth from the impending invasion scenario, but in a much more transcendent way.

Whereas, one approach was technological, and would risk blowing up or destroying the Earth ala what CERN is capable of bringing to the fore, the other is more ‘natural’ and again, organic or integral to our species and hence the true way of the light.

Falling Skies

I know why they cancelled The make room for this. They wanted to get people up to speed in a combat mood for when elenin arrives. It wasn’t gonna happen fast enough with shows like The Event which was more about the military not so much the ground crew so to speak. This seems to be positioning for Project Blue Beam big time.

Something else to think about. These days the light look dark and the dark look light. It’s a whole deception scenario So try to figure this out. If the ETs currently at war with us don’t want any resistance.. wouldn’t they ‘come in peace’ ala “V” and wouldn’t the light side be the ones insisting the visitors don’t have our best interests at heart?

It definitely seems like they are putting out there all the right moves to create a Project Blue Beam scenario… (fake alien invasion) but what I wonder is, if that is the superficial ploy… what is beneath that? Disarming you so you think the whole idea of an ET darkside agenda is not real… then what if it is and you didn’t lift a hand to stop them?

It’s a world of smoke and mirrors. I don’t think you can be too careful or too discerning…

click here for Fallling Skies if you missed it on tv 🙂

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