June 14, 2011


Due to some very important new information that has surfaced, I am changing the date of the Camelot video conference on ELENIN to June 24th. I sincerely apologize for this last minute change. However, Richard Hoagland has some very crucial information that has come in and as a result, he will need the extra time to prepare his data for presentation to the group and our audience. This is something you are going to want to be part of…We are talking about events happening in the fall that could be paradigm changing for humanity. The speakers involved in this conference are each bringing an important piece of the puzzle. All of the data on what is coming is not in, but the evidence brought forward will be discussed in depth to consider all of the possibilities…

This is a developing story… I can’t urge you enough to join us in this investigation… new date: June 24th at 11 am PST. Purchase your tickets in advance to get the low price of $20. This price will go up sometime next week.



Re Barry King – sound — I have 2 sound editors working on this footage… please be patient it should be reuploaded sometime today or tomorrow.