Message from a source — I call ‘Noc’

April 26, 2011 – Updated

Message from a Source — I call ‘Noc’

There is no way other than through resonance for me to verify the following, however, based on prior information from this source I have reason to believe he knows what he is talking about…. –Kerry

IT’S GOING DOWN NOW [rewritten in parts to protect the identity of the author]

As you know– you asked me to step up
to the plate and do the damn thang–
so I did. The call was put out by many at the same time…Okay– you asked to stay in the dark on what’s going on… I have done so– but in order to fulfill my
mission you can no longer remain ignorant to what is really going on–

[NOTE: this message was sent to other people besides me and the above is not directed at me in regard to wanting to be kept in the dark!]

The reptilians who have been manipulating behind the scenes
are at crunch time on this planet– 
as you know now that is why I am here– 
there is a main backup force of reps coming to take over after the planet Nebiru. It was vaporized just after the Japanese eq–

I really do love that country–

but the dark star though not very big– 
but very dense and others in tow in its gravitational pull– are coming
and that includes Elelin (or however you spell it).

A main force of the guys with whom I have been working are coming to stop the reps/ grays & co. too–it is shit hit the fan — time…

Alaska was safe until the early destruction of Japan. Next will be the west coast of US–

Yes Virgina even Santa gets surprised at times–hey-I’m only human– sorta 
kinda– not–anyway

The gulf oil spill was not even about oil or the drill rig– but a nuke strategically placed on a faultline to help to activate the Madrid fault.

Now the Nevada earthquakes which I also predicted will take out the backside of the small chain of island/mountains
that will be what is left of CA– hello Kerry? you listening?

Hopefully my off planet friends will help to neutralize the radiation poisoning– 
oh the chem trails and spraying–???-

Why would we do it to ourselves–
well– if the ‘ourselves’ are the actually the reps and it changes 
the atmosphere to where they are better live and to manifest in this dimension– that would make sense? Right?
[note from Kerry : I heard this from another whistleblower as well not so long ago..]

I assume my/ your side/our side wins this showdown–that the clash of the Titans is about to begin–

If not– anyone know reptilian? 
will people with long tongues 
and who like roasted insects
be favored over others? Will there be any HUmans left to give a shit?

I don’t have the answer to these questions but it is time to beat feet to more tropical ground–

You do know where the evilites have been heading and
where they are tucking their gold and billions away at (bad grammar)

Start packing…no pressure…

Peace out Girl Scout….


War with Libya Over Water

click here for the video

An undisclosed source sent me the following message along with the above link:

…”The woman who claimed to be raped by the Gaddafi’s goon’s was also part of their agenda to gain the people’s support for the war… just like the story about the babies being taken out of their incubators before invading Iraq. You gotta see the pattern here Kerry and let the people know about this.

You wanna know how I know that the woman’s claims are false? In the video one can see a female employee of the hotel trying to shut her up by putting a jacket over her head. and that makes no sense, if Gaddafi was really such a bad guy. Think about it. That female hotel employee is obviously not one of Gaddafi’s goons and gains nothing by shutting the other woman up. so why would she do it, unless she knew the other woman’s claims are nonsense – since she obviously knows Gaddafi is building the water system for the benefit of the people and not himself.” — a source

Global Research Article : Financial Heist of the Century : Confiscating Libya’s Sovereign Weath Funds

click here for the article

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