March 15, 2011

Breaking News! Hopi Call For Prayer to Re-establish Balance of Mother Earth

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From Benjamin Fulford re links to PTB stimulating these EQs

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Clif High Tectonics and Coming ‘Release’ language per George Ur

George Ur in this latest column about half-way down after a long explanation of what is happening in the markets… gets into a description of the next possible event that is likely to follow the recent Japan quake… This is well worth reading. Thanks to a Camelot supporter who sent me the link.

The indicators I and other intuitives are also getting is that this event is more the beginning than the end. That doesn’t change the fact that we must prepare while also meditating to calm the waters…

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There are a number of useful links in that article.

Radiotive Maps of Japan and US here.

The jetstream maps

Green juices, wheat grass/ power of chlorophyl

There are a number of reports and evidence is mounting that the New Zealand Christ Church EQ was a targeted hit…

Another user sent in the following predictive programming clips..Where movies reveal upcoming events with uncanny accuracy begging the question … is any of this ‘natural’?

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