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January 31, 2011 – UPDATE

Must Listen to Dr. John Waterman's guest Hero all about Internet Security

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Species Kills Worldwide – Speculation…

Today I was talking with a friend of mine about the deaths of birds, fish and now buffalo and livestock worldwide… (said to be caused by freezing weather)…

I was told by a source this is the testing of a new technology that uses local radiation from the ground and some kind of directed energy weapon. From my point of view, planes, the use of software, cyber-warfare could be involved in the targeting. I believe Wheeler's death may be related to this.

Some of these incidents show Haarp related signatures but not all (according to Brooks Agnew, Phd).. There are numerous causes for the bird/fish/animal deaths mentioned in the press:

Phosphine gas
Extreme Weather
Magnetic pole shift

One thing is clear.. the species are dying in groups.. they are worldwide and they are escalating.. that is, the type of species being targeted are becoming more complex. This sounds like target practice to me. My friend said it sounds like they are targeting "frequency" of various species. And this is interesting as well because if it can't be traced back to an particular source on planet then who can you blame? The other thing is that this sounds like they are practicing on lower species and that it's very possible they are escalating to include humans. Once, that is, they have perfected their equipment. At least this is the theory we are working on…

We need someone to track the deaths, type of species, date/time, longitude/latitude etc. if you want to volunteer to do this or know of someone who already has send me the link but it needs to be comprehensive.Whereas, some said the birds and fish could be responding to the magnetic shift that is being documented this does not hold true for cattle or buffalo….Admittedly some animals die worldwide due to weather conditions etc. every year however this seems to be unprecedented and worth investigating further.

Here's the link to Google fish & bird deaths, but it does not include mammals…

Linda Moulton Howe has done some good work compiling animal/bird/fish deaths around the world as well click here for her list.

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