January 15, 2011

Project Blue Beam – False Flag Alien Invasion Scenario

From Project Avalon

QUOTE: Re: Charles’ comments about a False Flag ET threat event: important new information
[QUOTE=Bill Ryan;96152]Dear All:

The following important new information is based on an original thread started by Avalon member Harley Hawkins, here:


What has not yet been published, until now, is Charles’ response to the piece.

He was so concerned when he read it – in mid-December, before my video interview with him was recorded, and then released on 1 January 2011 – that he asked me privately what Harley Hawkins’ background was. He stressed to me personally that this was very highly sensitive, as HH had seemingly accidentally identified all the core ingredients of a coming false flag event intended to establish the ETs as threats..] UNQUOTE

My Reply to the above …also posted on Camelot Forum

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Everyone reading this thread:

There’s an old ILLUMINATI game that is often used to flush-out the enemy and reveal where they are coming from, what they will and won’t fall for etc. It involves setting up a topic and then acting as though that topic or question has a secret answer that only you know… Then when the respondent replies you ENCOURAGE THEM with false flattery… to draw them out and ultimately end up revealing nothing and leaving them wondering WTF or what happened. That’s what is going on here. Charles says nothing new. You do all the work. He applauds and you continue to reveal yourselves… giving him and his team (the 33) more ammunition by which to enslave you.

Get a grip.

And ask yourselves why. It doesn’t matter how. This is nonsense. They will doubtless use planes, trains and automobiles whatever…. The point is WHY would they go for that card?? Of course Werner von Braun warned Carol Rosen about it multiple times. And no, it’s not simply because they want a common enemy we can all get on the same team to fight against ala Reagan’s well known speech. Although this is an ingredient. Every student of sociology knows nothing works to unite a divided group faster than having a common enemy.

The real reason has to do with the same tactic as 911. You create a false enemy alongside a real one… Then you kill your own people pretending to be aiming at this fake enemy and then when that’s done and everyone is on your team you go after a real enemy as you were planning all along….while instituting a Patriot Act type scenario that will go several steps beyond the Patriot Act into the One World Government… And viola. You have a War of the Worlds… and you define the enemy. While the sheep never realize their real enemy is right in their midst. It’s you. The so-called rulers. They are the wolves…

They will use the Fake alien invasion to condition you for the real one…. Except, the twist there will be that we have already been invaded. They are the invaders. They are the reptilian/human offspring who want to eliminate you… And wars within or with outsiders is just one more way to do it. Not only that but behind your backs they have been fighting various ET races (invaders) for eons…

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot
We are the Resistance