January 12, 2011

Mexican Drug Cartel / Federal Gov linked to Loughner

Click Here for More evidence emerging of mind control and links to Mexican Cartel. Investigation by Tru Ott.

BBC Zeta Reticulum teaser

Click here to watch…This may be the prequel for the Ridley Scott movie…

Click here for article about this upcoming film or tv series

New White Hat Report

Obama & his Presidency

Triple Suns over China

Click here for the video.

They are saying this is a sun-dog effect… I wonder if that is true.

Alienshift Panel on Disclosure by Private Citizens

Last night I was an impromptu member of the Aleinshift panel on Disclosure with Brooks Agnew, Andy Basiago, Laura Esienhower and Alfred Webre hosted by David Farman. Click here to view when available.