November 28, 2010

Wikileaks Releases Cables – NY Times Article – Much ado about nothing?

Today in the NY Times they give a short overview of the various cables, their subjects, the type of disclosures they contain and the sensitivities involved. The Times writes the following about the levels of secrecy:

“…Many are unclassified, and none are marked “top secret,” the government’s most secure communications status. But some 11,000 are classified “secret,” 9,000 are labeled “noforn,” shorthand for material considered too delicate to be shared with any foreign government, and 4,000 are designated both secret and noforn.”

But reading through the short litany of information provided does not reveal anything of great interest or groundbreaking consequence. This is the trouble. Whether this is a slective revealing by the NY Times in order to satisfy the public curriosity of such a spectacle by throwing scraps to the dogs, or whether the actual cables contain anything of real value remains to be seen. What is clear is that the NY Times article would have the reader believe that nothing much is revealed that isn’t already plentifully available in the media. The Times sums it all up with the following statement:

“They depict the Obama administration struggling to sort out which Pakistanis are trustworthy partners against Al Qaeda, adding Australians who have disappeared in the Middle East to terrorist watch lists, and assessing whether a lurking rickshaw driver in Lahore, Pakistan, was awaiting fares or conducting surveillance of the road to the American Consulate.

They show American officials managing relations with a China on the rise and a Russia retreating from democracy. They document years of painstaking effort to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon — and of worry about a possible Israeli strike on Iran with the same goal.”

There is nothing in that summation that isn’t exactly what the U.S. government would have the public know… in fact it treads the partyline so closely that the whole exercise becomes suspect. One wonders whether this is not all an exercise of the Tavistock institute in ‘disclosure’ in order to test the ground to see how revelaing of truth really plays in the public. Revealing what appears to be the conducting of business behind closed doors is all too mundane and predictable. This is suspect. What I would like to know is if anything of note gets revealed by this exercise or not. In the end, whether the NY Times is doing a good scrubbing and spinning of the cables or whether the cables themselves are just run-of-the mill communiques between underlings and of no real value other than for useful color in dramatising diplomacy for the masses. Letting them rest at home knowing their government is really in the business of making the world ‘safe for democracy’ while Rome burns is the question. At the moment the jury is still out but the winds of change are not blowing with much vigor.

Why does any of this matter? Because we are in a time when secrets WILL be revealed… The watering down and the spin is where the mind control of the masses comes in. But regardless, when you hear a real truth it will strike fear into the hearts of the perpetrators and bring light into the eyes of the knowers. This is what we work on bringing forth and this is what they cannot avoid or obfuscate forever. The real truth will out… And when it does it will rock the world.


Last night I saw INISDE JOB at the Laemmle Theater in Santa Monica with a few friends. It is a very well done documentary, carefully crafted and well shot. What it does well is cover the housing bubble and reveal at least the top level of the Wall Street Bankers who were instrumental in the current financial meltdown that is all around us. However, where it does not go is to look above what are in essence the middle-managers of this debacle. The filmmakers have never been to Project Camelot that much is clear. Their frame of reference is very mainstream albeit slightly left of center. They have no idea that this whole meltdown could be orchestrated from above the level of the President. And this is worrisome.

They also, have, in using clearly very willing IMF spokespeople, managed to make it appear as though the greed and corporate malfeasance is all on the part of America’s Wall Street and in doing so make the IMF the ‘good guys’ when nothing could be farther from the truth. What they don’t tell you is that the whole housing crash was a carefully crafted house of cards that played upon the greed of the upper middle managers such as the heads of the investment banks and the regulators, and government officials and especially “the financial sector”. The greed factor was a certainty that the real manipulators, (those with clearances way above that of the President) and the ETs they are working with, knew exactly what they were doing when they targeted the one item that Americans hold most dear ‘the opportunity to own your own home’. The manipulators or controllers from a level much higher than the group targeted as being ‘at fault’ in this film, have gamed ou,t with their Cray computers the one cornerstone that would bring the Republic down… The housing bubble was a game of bait and switch in which the bait was thrown out there in the form of predatory loans that the gullible and needy masses readily leapt at, with the help of greedy and knowing members of the mortgage industry, bankers and investment bankers who played their roles to a “T”.

The game of bait and switch was also played with Iceland. By bringing them into the world of big deal finance, the bait was cast (encouraging deregulation, allowing international companies to establish mecca’s on their shores) and then letting the greed take over, where, in the financial sector, making more money for its own sake is always the objective. The outcome being a complete crash of the economy of Iceland and the eventual basic vulnerability of their economy, forcing them to come to heel at the boot of the UK in order for the crumbs of a bail-out to make life bearable. This is also a well known tactic of the IMF. They do it in Africa all the time.

That the U.S., Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Greece and now Ireland should fall for this scheme is no surprise. But make no mistake. It is a plan. And it has to do with taking down the powerful, the entrenched the intractable.. and making them needy and vulnerable. Then the controllers step in and offer the buy-out, the bail-out or whatever financial band aide that will keep them at heel and coming back for more. Ask yourself where this is all going? One World Government. It is simply the consolidation of an overall agenda that the PTB with above top secret need to know, have been rolling out slowly and methodically.

Don’t get me wrong. Cudos to Charles Ferguson for his efforts to reveal at least some level of the culpability involved in the takedown of the U.S. This is a valiant effort. But it is shortsighted and inevitably flawed because among other things.. he didn’t dare go higher.

And in focusing on Wall Street and the banksters he also makes some grievous errors, when he makes it look as though China were not in on the deal.. I don’t mean the factory worker I mean the governments of China, Singapore, Australia, Germany and so on. They are all culpable and knew exactly what they were dealing with when they opted in and built their own economies on the backs of the American financial rainmakers… It was money for nothing. And they, the ones at the top knew that eventually the house of cards would fall and their peoples, would fall with it. And they are continuing to fall even now. And it is not over yet. Contrary to the final statement by the filmmakers (narrated by the ever talented and graceful Matt Damon), we are not “recovering slowly”… We will not recover. This is a controlled demolition and the building is not completely demolished yet. There is more economic bad news coming.

So what do we have as a result of all of this? You have a large sector of the U.S. population now in desperate circumstances… a reduced middle class with rampant unemployment and homelessness. You have a global population that is more fluid, less tied down, not out of choice but out of necessity. They are more vulnerable to disease and more easily corralled into say, boxcars and FEMA camps should the ‘opportunity’ arise… Let’s say, a convenient earth change, tsunami or just a bad storm come to call. And this, is what the Georgia Guidestones are all about. And of course, you have, as in the time of the rise of Hitler, a people more willing to let go of a few freedoms if their children can be fed and their houses can be heated. It’s all leading somewhere.

Now, for myself, I see an opportunity horizon in this morass of bad tidings. The destruction of safe insulation for the middle classes between them and the cold also holds within it the seeds of a new and better way of life. This is where gaining all knowledge becomes vital to the awareness that begins to awaken when the safety of the prison of conformity no longer holds any allure. Taking the change head-on and moving into another way of being becomes possible. For example, as healthcare becomes an impossibility natural medicine and holistic remedies come to the fore. The things that really matter stand out in full relief and the toys and preoccupations of isolation become things of the past.

Our future is there to be created by all of us. Amidst this destruction is an opportunity to unite and rebuild with more grace and more understanding toward that which nurtures and that which creates greater abundance that comes from a higher knowing. This is the real challenge before us. And the destruction of that which is of no use, is moving apace. Out of complacency can come rebellion and revolution.

Recommended viewing. It’s a start.


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