November 18, 2010 – Updated late night

Highly Recommended Series on Project Free TV – Rubicon

On a lighter note… I highly recommend the series Rubicon – available on Project Free TV.

And more…

I had a further very interesting conversation with Dr. Bill Deagle. He now has a contact he says very deep inside who claims the word was that the missile is ours. That this contact was told so by someone (if I got this right) who was quote “very upset” over the incident. This smacks of the kind of inner turmoil we are hearing more and more about. Our military has white hats and of course black hats. They work at cross purposes. There have been coups in our government in the past. Such an incident as I mentioned several posts below sounds like a strategic move by one side… against the wishes of the other.

And in addition, there seems to be something about a law against firing an ICBM off shore of a populated area like LA… which could account for the denials.

In the end, we both agreed more info is still needed. Because at the moment we are hearing that no Chinese sub could get within 35 miles of our coast without being ‘allowed’ in. So that rules out the Chinese, in theory anyway. What seems to be agreed is that it is made to look like it was the Chinese to raise suspicions and point in that direction for coming hostilities. The trouble with this line of logic is that the mainstream press is not picking up the missile story or at least the Chinese angle..for the most part. This may heat up as time moves on. Or if more incidents begin to create a pattern. It does seem that whereas at least one article indicated our military ‘weren’t worried’ about it being a foreign missile. And in the same breath they are in essence denying it was ours. So if they aren’t worried, then it has to be ours. But the question remains why deny something that would so easily leak out? And this is where the breakdown within the ranks comes in.

New Incident – F-22 Fighter Pilot disappears in Alaska

This missing pilot story is worth watching.

More on the Missile…

Two views:

As Hoagland would say, ‘the lie is different at every level’…

In addition to what these sources are saying, we are getting various channelers stating that different ETs are taking credit for “neutralizing” the missile. The plot thickens…

One Camelot supporter wrote the following:

[“Hey Kerry,

I just wanted to let you know, as documented and well reported, the government are sending up various undisclosed elements into space via NASA, spy satellites, and the rocket launched was simply to take down a spy sat that had failed, I have two references from this one from a gentleman at NASA and the other from the NAWCWD, I agree and think this is a reasonable assumption and also gives cause as to why deniable actions have taken place.”]

And another Camelot supporter wrote:


“I know for a fact the LA missile launch last week was one of ours. Why? I know some of the guys at the radar screen who oversaw the scheduled test. And a Chinook helicopter based from Camp Pendleton was seen in the video captured by the CBS traffic copter. End of argument.”]

My question is, if this was a test why is the military not coming forward and announcing that? Why did they deny knowledge of it from the outset? Especially if it could be discovered to be such. Yes, I have other sources saying that was a helicopter seen to the right… but I was also told it was a substantial distance from the missle. I am pursuing this lead to find out more…


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