November 11, 2010

Livestream Conference today – listen live

Today I will be joining the Alienshift conference over Livestream from 10am PST to noon. Please go here to listen.

Alienshift Peace Conference: 9AM-10AM PST VIP Guest, Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan, Live Stream VIA SKYPE Video: Global Peace discussion with Saeed David Farman Founder of New Hope for Humanity

10AM -12 PM PST Round table discussion of Sentient ones on current affairs and Global Peace:

Speakers: Saeed David Farman (Moderator), Kerry Cassidy, DR, Bill Deagle MD, John Jay Harper, Laura Eisenhower, Jay Weidner, Neil Gaur & Brad Johnson.


Missle off the California Coast.. another perspective

This woman claims that the Pleiadians were involved. I have no other indication that this is correct. However, the idea that the missle may be aimed at a ufo is not impossible.

click here for the video

Government vs. Secret Government

The recent missle incidents and multiple other so-called unexplained incidents are most likely part of adon’t look, don’t tell agreement between what people know of as the militar-industrial complex or surface government and the secret government. The secret gov is vaster, better financed and far exceeds the surface gov in its power and reach.

Keep this in mind when you hear a news reporter state that the military has no idea about any missle launch and that they didn’t have anything to do with it…

Sign internet petition against Blacklist bill

Here’s the link. This new bill before Congress has insidious consequences for net freedom.


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