Dear Kerry,

Hello, my name is [******}, I am 25 years old and originally from [REMOVED]. I enlisted in the Marine Corps about [X] years ago. I have been around the world and it has been such an amazing experience for myself, but what has been more fascinating is how compelled I have been my whole life to unravel the truth behind this world. As a child I had found a book on U.F.O's at my Uncles house and I immediately began to question everything. I have never stopped questioning and researching because I always felt there was really something else going on. My whole life people would assume I was a nutcase if I ever attempted to explain my theories. During my time in the Marines, a buddy of mine did not think I was crazy and in fact introduced me to the documentary "Zeitgeist" and its following. I began my extensive research from then on and not until recently finally discovered your work. At last I feel as though I can breath, for I have always been sooooooo compelled to know the truth. Although, I do not feel as though my work has yet begun. I am asking your permission if needed at all to assist, or just be tasked with things to do for this movement. I know that you are in touch with many many many intelligent people who know the truth, and I strongly believe in everything you are all doing. I just want to help. I have always felt as though this is what I am called to do, despite being in the Military, because I strongly disagree with the strongholds placed on our planet, and I just want to play my part, so if you can direct me, please do! Thank you so much!