From: M. Jackson

used with permisssion

Just viewed Peter Sterling's video. From my perspective, his experience was derived from beliefs he already held. I consider these types of tales a test of our gullibility. I witnessed Drunvalo Melchizedek whom he referenced falling into this trap and being used to see how far those who listen to Drunvalo might run. I was one of the first to hear Drunvalo's message more than 20 years ago now during an event in Hawaii. In the year 2000 or thereabouts, I witnessed Drunvalo being played like a puppet on a string by government forces, who he claimed to have met in DC. He disclosed in a gathering I attended in Rhinebeck, NY at Omega Institute that our water supply had been spiked and humanity had 18 months. The saving grace "clustered water" that he happened to be promoting. I watched people in zombie fashion fall in step. After the event, I was asked to share my observations of the event — and shared that it was a sad day. We were all tested. The dark forces (or service to self cabals) are not concerned about this segment of the population in pursuit of ascension, spirituality or in short hand New Age folk. Today, we as a group demonstrated an impressive level of conditioning that poses no threat to their aims. It was a wake up call to me — on how no stone is left unattended and how we are managed and monitored by these concerns.

Peter presents us with another opportunity to discern where we stand in the wake of the experience he details. Not to pick on either Drunvalo nor Peter, I have to say that I observed myself as I listened and felt myself to be alert and at peace. The truth that is with me this moment shows up in this way…. I feel the greatest opportunity before us NOW is to recognize the sentient nature and beingness of Earth. I feel the memories of prior folds in time involving the cyclic changes on this planet. They are rapid, chaotic and game-changing. We all can play a role as a portal for energies that organize the emergent forms to come as we transition. I feel it serves to be in relationship with the planet, with its various kingdoms: mineral, plant, and animal and with celestial bodies in our immediate galactic community. Awareness through interconnectedness and interdependence. The wisdom that guides will be everywhere present on this planet. Our antennas' need to be engaged. Jamming the human antenna is the easiest way for those in 'service to self' to eliminate opposition and any threat to the control they seek to maintain. Project Camelot is providing a fine service. I appreciate the stand you take to allow people to come forward and your attention to following the thread that links seemingly disparate topical areas. It is helpful to know "who is who" on the gameboard. I know it is important to support your work and I see that I will be able to do more in the short term.