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March 13, 2010

In light of the very cogent disclosures by the Anglo-Saxon Mission/Whistleblower in theLetter published on my site, specifically the part that discusses the plans for a nuclear strike on Iran, take a look at this article from November 2009 about the death of a nuclear expert from the Global Mail: British nuclear expert's 17th floor UN death plunge 'was not suicide. One wonders how many other deaths of scientists can be attributed to the possibility that these men knew something similar to what our whistleblower is saying… Another scientist died a year before according to the article, "Under a year ago, an American died at the IAEA in strikingly similar circumstances, his body being found at the bottom of a stairwell…" Somehow the coincidence is too much to ignore.

And in an email today from another undisclosed source, who, after reading the Anglo-Saxon Whistleblower's letter, wrote the following:

"…This evidence suggests there's going to be a false-flag nuke 
(supplied by India!) over Israel and Iraq to provoke an attack on 

Anyway check out this link:

( extract:)
["Over the last four years, Big Oil's military planners in the 
Pentagon have tried repeatedly to create a false flag nuclear 
incident that would allow them to attack Iran with nuclear weapons. 
The false flag plan is called Gambit. The nuking of Iran and the 
subsequent invasion to seize Iranian oil reserves is simply called 
The Show.

Once again we see everything being put in readiness for another try 
at Gambit. If they succeed it will make great television. It will 
begin with a brilliant flash over some relatively empty piece of 
Israeli coastline. It will end with the total destruction of Iran."]

Our anonymous source then goes on:

"I think his est. date of the start of 'Gambit'(15 March 2010) is 
wrong, usually doom-predictions are. Like you I also believe human 
consciousness will reduce the severity of what's planned (inc. the 
11500 year geo-physical changes.). At any rate, you and this guy 
need to be cross-referencing this info, I will also email your info 
to him."


Interesting data. How one could test the accuracy of reverse-speech is unclear. However, there does seem to be some basis for making a case as to its veracity. At the moment, the link to India points to a possible intention to bring India in on the side of the U.S. and Israel should a strike on Iran happen–as referenced by the Anglo-Saxon Whistleblower statement where he talks about the objective of the 'overgovernment' is to bring China into the war.

Further information obtained in my recent radio interview with a source who calls himselfDr. Waterman [see Feb 25th show] indicates that governments, including China are, at the highest levels, in on this game and playing along because they are on board with the ultimate objective, that is, population reduction. They are assuming they will be left sitting at the table, of course along with the Reptilian overlords who seek to rule this planet. However my take is that this game will take some unanticipated twists along the way. Not the least of which is the awakening masses and positive ETs who are now activating the indigos and others to counter this agenda in a big way.

Brown Dwarf News Hits the British Papers

With the sensational headline Earth Under Attack From Deathstar, the March 12th issue of the SUN tabloid paper is life imitating art. I am just finishing Andy Lloyd's novel Ezekiel Onewhere he uses fiction to further explore his premise that our Sun has a 'brown dwarf' companion that orbits the Sun. I recently interviewed Andy and hope to finish editing this interview in the very near future for release. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to visit his Dark Star website and read about his well researched theory on the existence of the Brown Dwarf. Our well known whistleblower Henry Deacon, verified the existence of this body a few years ago during our initial discussions.

The question is what is being seeded to the press now that the 'overgovernment' has decided to let the people know? The Sun article quotes a Professor John Matese, of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette saying…"There is statistically significant evidence that this concentration of comets could be caused by a companion to the Sun." For a more balanced and scientifically accurate article I suggest's recent article on Nemesis. Laura Knight-Jadczyk, who I recently interviewed has long been stating that the cyclical 26,000 catastrophic earth events could be traced to comet impact.

This information also has to be looked at from the standpoint of an interview I did a couple of years ago with Valery Uvarov. Dr Valery Uvarov was the head of the Department of UFO Research, Palaeosciences and Palaeotechnology of the National Security Academy of Russia, at the time. (I do not know if that is his current title). He talked in our Camelot interview, about the existence of a system of submerged installations equipped to fire upon and disperse incoming threatening comets. According to Uvarov, there are 3 installations of this kind on Earth, one in China, one in Russia and one somewhere possibly on the East Coast of the U.S. They were, he stated, put in place by an ET race thousands of years ago. He said that the technology was extremely sophisticated and that the Russians were very concerned because the Chinese had discovered the installation hidden in their country and apparently deciphered some of the very potent technology behind it. Given that Dr. Uvarov works for the Russian government and that there is no way this information cannot be confirmed, it is still rather interesting that an undisclosed source recently verified the existence of these defenses to me.

The point here is that this technology would be used to defend Earth if necessary. War in space, hidden from the eyes of the masses, in part by chem trails is being conducted by various ET races… this much we know. Weather wars and use of comets to target satellites as well as areas of the planet cannot be overlooked. It is my understanding that these are the means by which such wars are waged. The other means is by infiltration of humans and through influence, subtle and not so subtle.

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