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I will be doing the following LIVE interviews this week:



on the Camelot YOUTUBE CHANNEL:

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22ND - 7PM PACIFIC TIME:  ROBERT SULLIVAN RE: Freemasonry and Cinema Symbolism/Occult Hollywood Royal Arch of Enoch


The only child of antique dealers, he was born on October 30, 1971 in Baltimore, Maryland.  He graduated high school from Friends School of Baltimore (the oldest private school in Baltimore, founded in 1784) in June 1990.  He attended Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania becoming a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha (Theta Pi, member #1199) fraternity.  He earned his B.A. in History in 1995. Mr. Sullivan spent his entire junior year of college (1992-1993) abroad at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University, England studying European history and philosophy.  While in Oxford Mr. Sullivan was a member of the Oxford Union, the Oxford University Conservative Association, and the Oxford Law Society.  Upon returning to the United States in June 1993 he took a year off from Gettysburg College to serve as office director of the Washington International Studies Council located on Capitol Hill.

Prior to attending law school in the United States he spent the Michaelmas Term 1995 at Trinity College, Oxford University studying jurisprudence and international law. From 1997 to 2000 he attended Widener University School of Law, Delaware Campus, from where he received his Juris Doctorate.  Admitted to the State Bar of Maryland (2000) as well as the District of Columbia (2002), Mr. Sullivan spent 2000 to 2008 working at various law firms in the Baltimore area practicing primarily in the area of insurance defense.  Mr. Sullivan is a Freemason having joined Amicable-St. John’s Lodge #25, Baltimore Maryland in 1997; he became a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason in 1999, Valley of Baltimore, Orient of Maryland.  The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism (2012) was his first published work being the product of twenty years of research.  In 2014 Sullivan published his second book, Cinema Symbolism: A Guide to Esoteric Imagery in Popular Movies. He is currently writing its sequel titled Cinema Symbolism II: More Esoteric Imagery from Popular Movies as well as his first work of fiction, A Pact with the Devil: The Story of Elizabeth Burnblack and her Involvement with the Occult, Black Magic, and the Dark Arts. Sullivan is also writing another book on Masonry titled Freemasonry and the Path to Babylon. A lifelong Marylander, he resides in Baltimore.






If you’re not familiar with Sophia Stewart, she is the author of “The Third Eye” book and script treatment with the same name. This original source material and basis for the Matrix and Terminator franchises.   Ms. Stewart registered her work with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Writers Guild of America (WGA).   She is the sole Creator, author, and legal owner of all Matrix and Terminator IPS, trademarks, copyrights, movies, TV and cable rights, video games, merchandise, and all other derivative products and services connected to both franchises.   
Her work was stolen by the Wachowski Brothers, siblings, Warner Bros and Fox, James Cameron. Gale Ann Hurd, among others. She was never compensated by the courts until September 25, 2014.   In 2005 she hired a team of four attorneys to pursue her criminal copyright infringement/RICO claims in the 2003 California Case.  This first case was heard in US District Court, Central Division California.    Unknown to her at the time, these four attorneys had been hired by the WB defendants - first, to gain her trust, and then to sabotage her case.    They accomplished both as they made sure that any evidence proving her ownership of the franchises never saw the light of day.   She was literally kept in the dark and never informed of the pre-trial hearings and discovery proceedings which were mandatory for her to appear.    As a result of the deliberate and carefully coordinated sabotage by Miss Stewart’s own attorneys, the presiding Judge granted the defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment.  Her case was dismissed and some of the defendants in the case were never adjudicated on June 13, 2006.
After California, Miss Stewart fought a seven year battle in her second lawsuit against her former attorneys. This case was in US District Court in Salt Lake City, Utah alleging malpractice, fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties,  due process violations,  and other civil and criminal violations perpetrated by her attorneys.  The named defendants included Jonathon Lubell, the lead attorney, along with three others, Michael Stoller, Gary Brown and Dean Webb.     However, Warner Bros, Fox, the Wachowskis, and several other high profile individuals and companies are ultimately liable.   They not only paid for these attorneys to sabotage her case,   they actually placed liens in Utah against Ms. Stewart for their legal expenses and attorneys’ fees in three courts including California, Utah, and Nevada for the amount of $305, 262, 62. These attorneys fee and other monetary damages, plus the Matrix and Terminator Franchises ownership by copyrights were validated by Federal Judge Dee Benson and Evelyn J. Furse (see Doc. 283 p. 4) were awarded to her.       
On June 25, 2014, after years of unprecedented delays, deliberate obstruction of justice, civil and due process violations, and other crimes that are staggering in scope and audacity,   Ms. Stewart finally had her day in court.  For the first time, she was able to present evidence and prove up damages against the defendants, in which three CPA experts were called as witnesses to the stand. Unbelievable to thirty-five court spectators, four media outlets that covered the case, and four to five FBI and Marshalls, none of the defendants appeared in court that day.  Even Judge Evenly J. Furse was shocked at the outrage, because none of the defendants had ever set foot in the Utah Federal Courts during the entire seven years that the case was going on.
Ms. Stewart submitted 35 exhibits that conclusively prove her ownership of the franchise.  She also proved that the defendants were guilty of unconscionable conduct, fraud, malpractice, breach of fiduciary duties, and a host of other civil and criminal violations. As a direct result of the malfeasance she suffered $4.9 billion in economic damages.    All the exhibits and the evidence are public record and available on PACER, case number 2:07-cv-00552-DB-EJF.  One of the most damning pieces of evidence is a signed affidavit of fraud amended to the application, submitted to the USPTO by a Warner Bros attorney, fraudulently claiming ownership of the Matrix franchise.  
In this affidavit, the Warner Bros attorney Avis Frazier Thomas states that the original movie made hundreds of millions of dollars for the studio, and that the Matrix sequels made hundreds of millions more (combined global revenue for Matrix and Terminator now exceeds $6 billion).   This same attorney, with 30 years of IP and trademark experience, had been an examining attorney at the USPTO, and was hired and paid by Warner Bros to join their legal team, and fraudulently register a Matrix trademark into the USPTO.
To establish damages in a copyright infringement case, the copyright owner only needs to prove the gross revenue generated by the infringer.  The infringer has the burden to prove his or her deductible expenses.  (17 U.S.C. 504 (b).   The defendants did not appear in court, and did not submit evidence that could prove any deductible expenses.  The $4.9 billion in gross revenues validated by the Studios themselves and by four independent media analysts and consulting firms, stands as irrefutable evidence of the gross revenues generated and the economic damages suffered.
In September, 2014, Magistrate Judge Evelyn Furse and Presiding Federal Judge Dee Benson entered their official rulings into the court.  They ruled as a Statement of Fact that Sophia Stewart is the true owner of both the Matrix and Terminator franchises, and that the defendants had prior access to her work in the California case. Both judges found that the defendants were guilty of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties and malpractice,   and ordered them to pay Miss Stewart $316,280.62 in attorney’s fees.    The Judges’ rulings are final and cannot be appealed by the defendants. In addition to attorney’s fees, there are $3.5 Billion dollars in uncontested liens against Warner Bros, Fox, the Wachowskis, and the other defendants filed on record in Utah Federal Court (see doc 287). These new rulings open the defendants up to other charges, including significant punitive damages.  
It is a statement of fact that Sophia Stewart is the sole legal owner of the Matrix and Terminator franchises. As the sole legal owner, she is free to negotiate the development, production, distribution, publishing, licensing, and sales and marketing of any and all intellectual property related to the Matrix and Terminator franchises, including all derivative products and services.  
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at




  • Written by Kerry Cassidy
  • Category: Kerry's Blog
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This article seems to contain information that goes beyond simple fear mongering... 

Lt. Colonel Caught in Lies About Jade Helm

.."In the past week, The Common Sense Show has received over 200 emails with either accounts of massive troop and equipment movements within the United States, or the emails were from family members or friends of Special Operations Forces who are very nervous about the implications of Jade Helm."




5 WALMART STORES CLOSING FOR "PLUMBING REPAIRS" -- Does that include refurbishing their underground base?

Not just one, but five Walmart stores across the U.S. are closing their doors due to plumbing problems that, in some cases, will take four to six months to repair.



  • Written by Kerry Cassidy
  • Category: Kerry's Blog
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WWIII NARROWLY AVERTED!  Simon Parkes: How the British attempted to deceive Putin into a first strike!!   MAJOR NEWS!!
Special Note: Just a few hours prior to the live broadcast Simon's computer was destroyed. He went out and bought a new one and was still unable to get online to use skype. We had to resort to old tech.. So I called him on a landline.  Clearly they do not want this information out there! Please distribute widely!  A KERRY CASSIDY EXCLUSIVE!

Originally broadcast live and now available on Youtube. I interviewed Simon Parkes about his latest Newsletter regarding what's happening right now on the global playing field: PUTIN AND WWIII FAKE OUT, THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL RESET, RECENT ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS ON PUTIN AND OBAMA, CERN and more!  GO HERE TO READ SIMON'S NEWSLETTER:




  • Written by Kerry Cassidy
  • Category: Kerry's Blog
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Originally broadcast live and now available here on Youtube. I interviewed Simon Parkes about his latest Newsletter (see below) regarding what's happening right now on the global playing field: PUTIN, HOW THE BRITS ATTEMPTED TO START WWIII, THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL RESET, RECENT ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS ON PUTIN AND OBAMA, CERN and more!

Special Note: Just a few hours prior to the live broadcast Simon's computer was destroyed. He went out and bought a new one and was still unable to get online to use skype. We had to resort to old tech.. So I called him on a landline.  Clearly they do not want this information out there! Please distribute widely!


(To view the first interview with Simon Parkes recorded back in August 2014 go here: )


It is with deep regret that I can no longer receive emails with questions.  If you have questions for me then you should book a 30 minute consultation.  
Welcome to the April edition of my newsletter.  The last 6 weeks have seen some of the greatest activities on this planet perhaps not seen for the last 20 years.
In March it may be remembered that President Putin disappeared for some ten days and I can now reveal what he did.  Apart from meeting Chinese officials and formerly signing the BRICS agreement, the elite American government personnel along with their allies in UK rerouted sensitive encrypted information along the VPN line in the Ukraine.  This information contained, amongst others, reports from the atomic energy commission and Britain’s spy centre known as GCHQ.  This information was fabricated and it was hoped that the Russian secret service would intercept these transmissions.  Encoded in this information was the false report that Britain’s nuclear submarine fleet had targeted their missiles on Russia,  I am left with no other conclusion than to believe that this was an attempt to start a 3rd world war.  Thank god President Putin realised the trick and did not respond militarily, however this was the final act that convinced him to sign the BRICS agreement - for up until now he had not formally signed.  This is why he nationalized the main bank in Russia, because he required a state run bank to trade in the new currency which of course will be gold backed.  Within his inner circle he formed a special committee of between 3 and 5 people who now are very much involved in rolling out of the alternative gold backed system. I understand President Putin had a recent addition to his family and I congratulate him.
On a far more sinister note an arm of the Zionist regime sent a hit squad in an attempt to assassinate President Putin, this was thwarted and at the same time a hit squad was despatched to take out President Obama.  That is why some 10 members of the senate were recently arrested - because this plot also failed.  So now we begin to see why America at its highest levels is fearful of the new gold backed currency.  With China, Switzerland, India, Brazil, potentially Hungary, Iceland and even the United Kingdom wishing to join, America is being isolated economically.
One of the major reasons for the CIA instigating revolution in Ukraine was a pay back to certain Zionist factions.  When America came off the gold standard the Rothschild’s were asked to value America, as of January this year America has exceeded its debt by 22 times which means its 22 times overspent compared to its value.  This has a devastating impact on imported goods where one country who imports does not have gold backed currency while the other country that exports has.  We can all see the cliff edge that America now balances on, it is for this reason that I feel, barring dramatic intervention, the period of July to October could be crucial.
In relation to the CERN device after 2 years of developmental work and non operation the final part of the 26 mile extension was being put into place when damage occurred to the tubing.  This has put back the operation of the device yet again and we await with interest to see the development.  Many people are making predictions about the Planet X, I certainly am of the opinion that a large foreign body will come close to the earth in the very near future although it will not strike the earth.  The CERN device could be used against such an object.  In short let us imagine a bank and the bank manager goes on holiday leaving the bank employees to usurp their position then the bank manager returns to take charge of the bank and the employees try to stop him.  This is a rather a light hearted analogy of the situation on planet earth at the present time.
There have over the recent years been so many aeroplane crashes and these are terribly tragic, the most recent was the German aeroplane, I wonder what message was being sent to the German government.
This is the time now to congratulate Fran on the creation of the facebook page.  I’m utterly delighted that so many have started sorting themselves into starseed families, but let us not forget that we are all equal and no one race is more superior than another.  Thank you Fran from all of us.
On another note I am looking to form a small dedicated group which will not meet on facebook, if anyone feels that they wish to take an ACTIVE roll in helping humanity then please email and in the subject line please title the email with ‘Group’, failure to follow this will result in the email being lost.  There are many people who I’ve met who have astounded me with their kindness compassion and truthfulness and their determination to do something positive for the benefit of others.  This group that I would like to establish will have that as its overriding goal.  

Much strength, much hope, much love

To view my original interview with Simon Parkes recorded in person back in August 2014 go here:




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