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This is an interview with a person calling himself, Captain Jaye, who claims he was part of a non-military group who explored Mars during the 1970s. There is no real way to vet this material however, because there are more and more people coming forward now, claiming to have contact, or recollection of going to Mars or the Moon, I decided to do this interview to give this type of story a hearing.

Capt Jaye clearly believes his own story and is claiming it is the truth. However, if you listen closely there are indications that more may be going on here. He also admits to having been part of an MKUltra training and believes his role in the Secret Space Program was as a type of communicator.

His email address is in the video in case you would like to contact him. For the present time, this information, at least from my perspective is unverifiable and remains in the area of possible implanted memories and a mind control experiment. In that light may be useful in evaluating the testimonies of others.

Interviews by Project Camelot are investigations into the nature of reality and what it means to be a multidimensional being having an 'earthly' experience. I encourage everyone to use their own discernment in determining what is "true" within the confines of our agreed upon reality and what appears as something more like an illusion. Regardless, this kind of investigation is worthwhile in furthering our understanding of the human condition.

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Friday July 31st 7pm Pacific time -  Michael Schratt - An investigations into Bob Lazar and S4

Go here to read Michael Schratt's paper on this subject:

Go here for one of my previous interviews with Michael Schratt:



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Michael Schratt (private pilot/military aerospace historian) has lectured across the country on the unique subject of "Mystery Aircraft", and classified propulsion systems buried deep within the military industrial complex. A guest speaker at the “OSHKOSH” AirVenture 2006/2007 event, (world’s largest air show), Michael has developed a number of contacts which have had first hand experience dealing classified “black programs”, including former USAF pilots, retired Naval personnel, and aerospace engineers. Michael currently works as a SolidWorks draftsman in Tucson AZ. In an effort to expose government fraud, waste and abuse, Michael devotes much of his free time researching aerospace technical documents, conducting interviews, and travelling to multiple University archives. As a concerned citizen, it’s his belief that it is our Constitutional obligation to question authority, and demand an accounting of special access programs that bypass congressional oversight and public scrutiny.


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Regarding Blue Avians and such... this blogger is closer to the truth than most:

Although so far they are overlooking the obvious connection with the Egyptian "God" Thoth.  This is a significant connection and why for example David Wilcock would be attracted by this information (given his high regard for the RA Material).  

It's highly likely much of this material coming from Corey Goode is at least partially programmed by the same dark group that have been fighting for control of the GIZA stargate.  

None of this info is new that Goode is putting out.  Various whistleblowers including Captain Mark Richards and Ashayana Deane (now E'asha Ashayana) speaking for the Guardian races have covered extensively ascension and the shift we are all going through at this time.

Earth has become an ascension planet as of 2012.  Highly recommended for more complete information are her books VOYAGERS with special highlight on the more recent VOYAGERS VOL II THE SECRETS OF AMENTI.


It's important to recognize that we are always dealing with LAYERS OF TRUTH and consequently falsity underlying it.  

I had dealings with Corey Goode early on (by comparison to what's gone on with David and Corey over the past few months). As it happens, for some reason most bloggers writing about this subject seem not to be members of the Avalon Forum run by my former partner in Camelot, Bill Ryan.  It was Bill Ryan and Christine (his former girlfriend) who first interviewed Corey Goode, to my knowledge.  That interview was done on audio and at first Corey came out under his own name then had them remove his name in part, as the story goes, because he was worried he couldn't make a living if his potential employers knew he was on the net disclosing info he gained from previous jobs.  

Several months ago Corey approached me asking me to look at his numerous posts on Avalon (he had been posting there since 2010 using his real last name as his screen name even spelling it correctly!).  I was told his real name was out on the net as a result and that many if not all Avalon forum members knew his first and last name.  Initially he told me he would use his real name in any interview with me since he 'wished it wasn't out there but since it was, hiding was pretty much a 'lost cause'. Then he turned around and took issue with my use of his name when I released my Captain Mark Richards interview III back in March 2015, when I referenced him briefly in regard to artificial intelligence info he'd released on Avalon, some of which Mark acknowledged as being correct.  And so I removed it after receiving a dubious letter from the Avalon forum all begging me to remove his name as they and he suddenly had decided he would now be incognito!  Not to mention, after he wrote a letter to Youtube management complaining and using his own name to do so--demanding that I remove mention of his name from my video! Quite a lost enterprise considering he was easily found by searching his Avalon screen name on Google...All of which obviously soured any chance of me doing an interview with him.

At any rate he's apparently once again decided he can be "known" and is coming out with information via David Wilcock and on Gaiam.  I do think if you want to credit Goode as a whistleblower, then Bill Ryan and the Avalon Forum and Christine should be the ones getting the credit.  However, what is apparent to me is that Goode is as confused as most whistleblowers-augmented super soldier types.  Which doesn't mean that his information is wrong.  It does however bring a lot into question.  I would refer to the illuminati blogger the Ruiner for clarification as to why that might be the case....

However, this isn't to say that because the military create a disinfo program that they don't base it on some truth.  They do and this is their tongue-in-cheek way of having it at you (the gullible public).  So they wrap truth in lies and deliver it in such a way that you can't tell which way is up.  It's all about discernment.  It is also significant that there would be a heavy backlash against the Goode material created by elements of the military to quickly disinfo it in order to further muddy the waters, and that is exactly what appears to be happening.  Do not discount the elements of truth with Goode's testimony that contribute to helping you see the bigger picture.

We are dealing with growing understanding of what it really means to be human (some people call this "disclosure") and on that road, the whistleblowers and contactees are bringing their best recollection of their encounters and experiences out for everyone to see.  In doing so, it is perhaps most sensitive to realize that each vessel (human vessel) is using whatever filtering mechanism they have however clouded they may be.  I do think that it behooves us to listen and note the truth that resonates within each testimony.  If you listen carefully, and have done your research, you will recognize places where any given testimony correlates with previous testimony and helps to sketch in greater relief the big picture of what is really going on.

The trouble is, that with the advent of mind control, remote influencing and numerous techniques to shape a persons mind and perceptions along with an agenda aimed at hiding the truth and keeping humanity in the dark, you have a concoction ideal for inducing skeptism or providing ample groundwork for attacking the messenger.  Regardless of whether such messenger is hapless and well meaning or truly revealing some key truth that helps explain our multi-dimensional reality. 

I would suggest that the Goode testimony contains as much real human 'recall' of circumstances and details that parallel that of others such as Captain Kaye (Randy Cramer) or Simon Parkes or several others.  We are sharing a ride on a vehicle (Earth) and our dreaming contains important elements of truth about what is actually going on in this hologram.  Attacking the messenger is all very easy but the truth is far more difficult and nuanced than we perhaps would prefer.

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This broadcast is something of an anomaly and will go down in history (if I have anything to say about it).  This is a MUST WATCH & LISTEN LIVE BROADCAST now available for viewing at your leisure on the Camelot Youtube Channel.  As it progressed I began to question the following of protocol by the remote viewers (and apparently Courtney) once they realized they were in REAL TIME COMMUNICATION with a being who appeared to be a humanoid CAT BEING.  

In essence the viewer was video taped during a session in which he was remote viewing a "target" when he saw a humanoid being, tall with long blond hair who then at closer inspection appeared to have "CAT-LIKE EYES" and on top of that was apparently aware back in the year 1997 when the actual Phoenix Lights incident occured to be aware and able to communicate with the Remote Viewer "Dick" who had the presence of mind to ask the being a few questions from the year 2015.  The viewer said aloud before the camera, well ok 'so Mr. Cat Man tell me something'... and the being proceeded to answer him IN REAL TIME that is crossing time to 2015 when the viewing was taking place.  Needless to say, this is unprecedented, at least in the mainstream or alternative world in which we live...



And so I began to wonder and ask Courtney about whether the viewer asked further questions, broke protocol and established further communciation with this interesting being.  Apparently he did not, at least according to Courtney because they were under rigid controls and not supposed to break protocol regardless of the fact that this encounter being filmed LIVE as it were, even for a HISTORY MAKING EVENT!!!  

Courtney became distressed by my line of questioning and was apparently unable even at this late date, to break out of his preconceived structure within the interview itself and consider what they actually might have done to further communicate.  He wouldn't even consider the thought that his viewer might actually ON HIS OWN TIME go back to reestablish CONTACT!! AND then on top of all of this, we were suddenly cut off the air with no sound!  Courtney could no longer hear me or be heard.  We had to close down the broadcast -- at which time Courtney was no longer available to take further questions...  History in the making... 

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