November 15, 2010

ICBM from China – ‘shot across the bow’

The consensus seems to be that the Missle shot off the coast of California came from a submarine and the sources all seem to be saying China. Indications are it was a test warning in regard to the currency war that we are in. The UFO (some are saying it was a helicopter)…that was seen nearby (click here to see original footage) may have been already there… patroling the area and cloaked as they often are. And it was one of ours. The idea being they were monitoring the launch.


Paul LaViolette interviewed tonight 6pm PST by Dr. Kashonia Carnegie

From Paul:

Tonight, November 15th 6pm Los Angeles time 9pm NY time – Paul will be interviewed by Dr Kashonia Carnegie, the founder of, on her free teleseminar/webcast.

“…I’ll be talking about a range of topics of interest to so many at this time including superwaves, the Fermi bubbles, and the newly discovered “young black hole” announced in today’s NASA press conference.

Again, the interview is free to listen to. Just go to www.RaisingLoveConsciousness.comand fill in the form at the top of the page for the teleseminar/webcast details and also the future free interviews which Kashonia presents every other week.

If you can’t make the teleseminar live, still sign up because a free replay is available to listen to for 7 days after the broadcast date. “

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