07/18/2012 – Peter Eyre


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Guest bio:  PETER EYRE

Peter Eyre: Joined the military at the tender age of 15 and whilst in his teens travelled the world. Conflicts in the Middle East (Aden-Lebanon-Suez-Trucial Oman), Far East (Borneo-Indonesia-Malaysia) and the “Cold War” were in full swing. He served on many ships & also staffed FOST, SOSM and NATO. Peter participated in landings in the Middle East and Borneo, covered the icy waters of the Artic (searching fishing trawlers) and the hot waters of the Gulf and Far East (searching vessels for illegal gun running). His life as a Supervisor, Manager & General Manager covered many sectors: Construction-Aviation-Marine-Oil & Gas-Mining-Search & Rescue-Ambulance-Fire-Police –Communication-Airport/Oil/Gas/Mining Security-Customer Relations – VIP Centre. He then started his own consultancy business and has spent considerable time in the Middle East including Iraq & Sudan. 

Peter’s life took a dramatic turn at the start of the 21st Century when he started to see things from a totally different perspective. He became humbled by the life of the Irula Tribe (Adivasi’s) in Southern India where he spent much time. He has carried out years of research covering high technology – poverty. In 2007 Peter assisted in the making of a documentary film “Impoverished Villages of Scheduled Tribes in India” He now reflects on the excessive greed in this world, the wars, the pain, the suffering & the poverty that “American Imperialism” and “American Foreign Policy has created. Peter believes all of this is directly linked to a rise in self induced terrorism, conflicts, genocides and the displacement of millions of people around the world. We have a critical deterioration in poverty at a level never seen before. 

Peter Eyre 

PETER’S BLOG:  www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com


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