A good discussion about the financing of SOUND OF FREEDOM and how people are waking up….




Lewis Herms,
Creator of Truth Tour

Lewis Herms has been humorously dubbed the “Godfather” of the Patriot Movement. He is the creator of Screw Big Gov, Freedom in Action and The Truth Tour and is co-founder of SBG Prosper (coming soon).  He also developed an amazing app that will connect Patriots worldwide within their own communities.

Lewis is recognized worldwide as a leader and mentor in this movement and has been interviewed hundreds of times on several platforms.  He’s a successful Filmmaker with his most popular film to date disclosing deuterium in our water supplies.  This is the “ORIGINAL” film “Watch the Water” and is in the final stages of yet another ground breaking documentary!  “CAGES” premieres March 21, 2023.  This bone-chilling documentary on human trafficking takes a deep dive into the sinister underworld, exposing all it’s evil truths…once held as conspiracy theories.

Lewis and his family have sacrificed immensely in this battle to free our planet from tyrannical/globalist control. He is on video saving lives at the Capitol on January 6th in yet another suppressed, untold story. He has been harassed and stalked by the FBI. The mere act of standing up at the Capitol and supporting President Trump resulted in his two oldest daughters disowning him. Even with this adversity, plus the loss of a 2.5 million dollar business fighting for our freedoms, he continues to lead with perseverance and will NOT yield until every man, woman, child and pet is rid of the globalist death grip.

He believes God has already WON but We the People need to put in the work locally so we can reap the harvest.

Funded by his own pocket and love donations from fellow Patriots.

Lewis answers to God and “We The People”… That’s it!