I caught up with Gary McKinnon in North London on my way back from safari in Kenya. The interview was shot using a hand-held camcorder and uploaded at 4 am UK time, making use of a wireless connection outside of an office building in downtown Birmingham. This is what is known as guerilla filmmaking…

We sat in the back of his local pub, in a garden in the late afternoon. Gary is lucid, eloquent and extremely intelligent. He made it clear that the real reason the Americans want to extradite him is not for any damage he has done, for in fact there wasn’t any. They are pursuing him is because of what he might have seen. Specifically, documents revealing a list of “Non-terrestrial officers” and off-world cargo operations somewhere out in space, (fleet-to-fleet transfers) hinting at the real possibility of military activities taking place in relation to other planets.

Such a possibility has got to be mind-blowing to the average person who barely grasps that there might actually be aliens from other worlds interacting with earth and governments in the vicinity of our solar system. Key to the whole extradition matter is the issue that there were NO passwords required in order to access this material… and that a relatively unprofessional hacker, self-taught albeit brilliant, would be able, using a dial-up modem, to gain top secret access to NASA files and places as sacrosanct as the Pentagon.

Since the date of this interview, Gary McKinnon has won his battle against extradition and will not face charges due to his having been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.  It is important to note that this interview contains some of the best footage ever filmed of McKinnon telling the story in his own words.  Most of the press accounts simply refer to his activity as looking for proof of UFOs.  The fact that he unearthed proof of the Secret Space Program and the ramifications of that find, have been largely ignored by the mainstream press.  It is our hope that this testimony will eventually cross over into the mainstream and provide the proof necessary for a full scale investigation into the existence of a Secret Government and Space Program that are currently as much as 10,000 years in advance of the state of technology in use on ‘surface Earth’.  This includes anti-gravity and travel beyond the reaches of our solar system as well as the establishment of bases on the Moon, Mars and other planets.  Project Camelot’s whistleblowers have provided ample testimony supporting the finds of Gary McKinnon and it is our view that ultimately the truth about this will become widely known.

Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot (ORIGINAL VIDEO RELEASE JUNE 2006)



…”Here is the real story:

He was indicted by a Grand Jury in November 2002 in Alexandra, Virginia.

He was arrested by UK Authorities and remanded to their custody, pending the extradition hearing set for the end of this month.

He did get into several systems, however, the reason that everyone is so upset is that he used a system they thought they were protected against. Someone wants to know why and how he modified it?

Each of his entrances were discovered and noted and the systems shut down before he could penetrate too far inside. He used a software program named REMOTELY ANYWHERE, developed by 03AM Laboratories in Hungary, paid for by special funds from Russia.

He actually started in March of 2001. It is the first known entry into a system, by the hacker named “SOLO”, McKinnon’s handle.

He hit 97 systems.
The cash damage he caused was about $700,000.
He deleted 1300 user accounts directly before and after 9-11-2001, and

deleted critical systems for various global operations.
He installed unauthorized tools and backdoors virtually everywhere he went.
Here is a list of all known intrusions right from the system

administrators logs:
6 times into Fort Myers.

7 times into Fort McNair
2 times into Fort Belvoir, Va.
13 times into CIA HQ.
2 times into Air Force Crystal City, Va. Complex. NASA hits:
1 Hampton, VA.
5 Houston, TX.
3 Greenbelt, Maryland
4 Moffet Field, CA

Navy hits:
14 Groton, Conn. Sub Fleet HQ.
Then these two that are really interesting to see show up:
1 Tobin International
1 Frontline Solutions
Both private U.S. contractors.”  –SECRET SOURCE— high level secret source disclosure to Sean David Morton and published in his latest book, THE SUMMARIAN WARS, BOOK VII OF THE SANDS OF TIME SERIES BY SEAN DAVID MORTON  (PUBLISHED JANUARY 1, 2023