ARTICLE by Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, June 20, 2023

The following is a conjecture based on Juan O Savin’s recent statements in the video with Nino Rodriguez and Scott Bennett.  According to Juan O Savin (JFKjr.) they are going to plan on using Paper Ballots to win the 2024 election.  This would involve ignoring every argument they have used up to now to prove:

  1. The 2020 election was stolen (Trump won) and they have the proof in the form of block chain, dominion hijacking the election, Vatican satellite, German safe house run by cia, CCP involvement based on Radcliffe as DNI and our intelligence agencies, 100 members of Congress and more… None of which has held up in court because the courts are taken over by the CCP/NWO.  They can’t present the above to the people in any other format other than traditional courts that no longer operate under the rule of law or the constitution. So in essence our country is being run by a fake gov with a fake leader and this is allowed to stand rather than risk civil war in the face of invasion of our borders by illegals backed by invading CCP .
  2. In spite of much being made of the Law of War Manual it’s principles even laws have been discarded in favor of allowing invaders to occupy Washington DC and other state governments when the evidence Mike Gill has presented clearly proves all state governments are run by a cabal/mafia financed by illegal drugs, gun running and human trafficking.
  3. The White Hats plan to hold another election and rely on states clearly compromised and under the control of the cabal which has been holding them hostage for the past 50 years as a rough estimate.  And you think paper ballots are going to defeat them?
  4. A portion of the military are fully behind Trump as CIC and rightful President while the Biden show controls the rest of our military.  That puts our country’s military clearly at odds with itself…tantamount to civil war within their ranks..split 70/30 or some such estimate.  With the 70% of our military aligned under Tump.
  5. That opposition can only be broken by a force greater than both which can only be the SECRET SPACE military which commands everything below ground and in outer space including bases on moon, mars and moons of Saturn and our entire solar system to a point.  Perhaps not including certain areas of our solar system such as Europa…(?)
  6. Which means that both sides are hiding the fact that neither the White Hats nor the NWO/UN/CCP have control of the United States but instead the real and final determining factor of the sovereignty of our planet and in particular the U.S. rests with the hidden Secret Space Program which includes an alliance of Russia, the 5-eyes (the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada (possibly no longer aligned) and the U.S. and possibly India.
  7. Which means that the United States is simply a member of a Secret Space confederacy and none of these member countries actually operate on their own.  The suggestion here is that regardless of the sham of a democratic or republic or any other structure sold to the people on the surface none of these member states operate as democracies and haven’t for close to 70 or 80 years since the origin of the Secret Space program which really became a planetary secret government governing roughly half this planet and the other half split between China and the NWO.
  8. What we are looking at is a formation of two world governments in theory governing this planet and making treaties with off-planet and inner Earth races (or species) none of which are known to the humans living on surface Earth who are still under the naive belief that we have ‘countries’ running their own republics or fiefdoms involving the “vote” of the people.  That the “vote” of the people has been a fallacy for many decades now.
  9. So this ‘exercise’ the White Hats are involved in is simply a useless facade to maintain this fallacy in the minds of Americans so that they don’t revolt and fracture our surface structure by which the U.S. functions keeping some fragile sense of law and order.

In the end, our United States of America no longer exists as a coherent entity other than as a false pretense to hide the fact that we are actually simply a member of a group of countries running the secret space program.  And the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM is split between two warring factions known as the Reptilians and Pleiadians as revealed by secret space member of the Navy, William Tompkins.  How that actual entity governs itself is completely hidden at this time.  We only have some idea based on the Nazis from Project Paperclip who are aligned to this day in a totalitarian/Reptilian hierarchy no doubt attempting to run things while at the same time at war with the Pleiadians who are aligned with what are known as the Guardian races who favor the survival of humanity on Earth and inside and outside this solar system.  The so-called Galactic Federation is a collection of off planet races aligned by and large with the NWO/CCP side of this battle.

What we have is what started out as a rogue civilization underground and in command of our solar system hidden from the surface governments on Earth now become the rulers of both all of Earth and our solar system.

The great tragedy of the White Hats is that they didn’t feel it necessary to tell the people the truth while they had the chance and the attention (and loyalty) of a large number of Americans (possibly as large as 80%).  So the White Hats have been risking their lives battling the NWO military and Reptilians in underground bases for years now without revealing that in order to do so they must, in theory, ask permission from whoever runs the Secret Space Program Government to conduct their operations underground….

At this point that percentage of Americans loyal to Trump and the White Hats is possibly a good deal less than 80%.  Probably more like 60%… but regardless of the actual percentage of hearts and minds the White Hats have supporting them, they are now called upon to break their silence and reveal the real situation on Earth and beyond regarding who runs this world.  And we as members of a Galactic Space Faring race must determine how we wish to move forward into the future with eyes wide open while rejecting the totalitarian/NWO/Borg takeover that is threatening our well being and sovereignty forever.  In the face of an invasion from alien AI and warring off-world and somewhat isolationist inner Earth civilizations.




Kerry Cassidy June 26, 2023