I am assuming your saw my recent video about the slow outreach of the white hats and lack of truth coming out in a timely manner… I have gotten lots of support and agreement for that video perhaps more than most I have done.

The following comments are from a highly placed financial source.

….”Yes, you are spot on!I had written a text before you sent this video of how pissed off I am at Juan and recently him being interviewed by a woman when he was sitting in an airport in Palm Beach.

He goes on his typical charade now “slow down, and hold on”, then he straight up lied to this woman how an engine on a car works stating “that in certain seasons the timing chain and gears” straight up BULLSHIT. Just trying to convince her that we, the people are not ready!

I’m going to knock his teeth in because he has done this way too many times and always to women he lies. But it’s still lying to the people.

A year and a day after the overthrow they should have started to legally share with Americans what is happening, no more of being a ghost and another hidden Cabal.

He still keeps talking about the numbers, he is delusional to think by just Twitter being operational he will ever get the numbers.

Tell him you have a Patriot that can buy enough shares in any main stream media company so they have a voice, but I don’t want to make any move without their support. Or if they want I will buy CNN in full! I just don’t want my name out there.

And by the way they, some treasury, keeps trying to move assets so they have money, recently it was 270T from DB that Yellen and Jerome Powell signed off on and it shut down because they didn’t have the right signatures!! So both sides are freaking out, this is a financial battle!!

In the end I will bet this is why they have been dragging it out! They raided Trumps Mara Lago looking for a FED TERMINAL, that he took from the Whitehouse.”—SOURCE


THE PROBLEM is you and your team and talking DOWN TO PEOPLE and again reflecting the philosophy JACK NICHOLSON repeated… “You can’t handle the truth.”  Bottomline that philosophy appears to guide ALL YOUR DECISIONS having to do with communicating to the People! A BIG MISTAKE. Again what you and your team fail to recognize is CONSCIOUSNESS IS A FIELD and people learn even non-verbally from each other consequently the field of RESONANCE means knowledge spreads in a manner exponentially and in a style greater than the sum of its parts. THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE MISSING in your analysis and application of PR and communicating with the people using the lowest common denominator thinking (illuminati thinking) to guide your program.

That thinking is not only antiquated it is WRONG. What will actually happen and is happening is people reach UP to join the LEADERS of thought and those with the HIGHER VIBRATION rather than the other way around. Why you don’t know this indicates to me two things.

1. You and most of your generals etc are still programmed with Mkultra type programming that has not been cleared and that is impeding your progress.

2. Or you are dumbing yourselves down on purpose to appear MUCH DUMBER than you actually are… It may be a combination of both. A toxic combination.

Misunderstanding the nature of CONSCIOUSNESS and your AUDIENCE and their ability to outstrip YOU! Is disastrous. The FACT IS they learn FASTER THAN YOU DO and have already as a concentrated critical mass leapt ahead of you and your team. You guys have NO CONCEPT of ascension and this is proven by the METHODS you chose which are causing negative blowback on you and your team’s souls in spite of the good works and sacrifices you are making.

I am MOST CONCERNED about this aspect because it engenders a soul debt on the part of the planners and the perpetrators. 1. Hidden tribunals 2. Use of clones 3. Deception at every level especially of the people 4. Behaving exactly the same as the enemy 5. Lack of demonstrated understanding of the PEOPLE 6. Typical secret society in-group behaviors 7. Underestimating the People 8. Being guided by the LOWEST motivations within the People rather than the highest and the list probably goes on…

I am one of your biggest fans but I also am more concerned about your soul debt than outward evidence of success. Which is why I put together the evidence supporting who you really are, John. Intelligence could be measured in your ability to see the future ramifications of your actions on your soul development and on the world.


You and others (Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes and possibly others) announced early on that you planned to gather BLOCK CHAIN EVIDENCE of the actual votes in 2020 and then announced you had it after the election (see Robert David Steele) and then again prior to and after the 2022 election. Yet you refuse to come forward and put it out there for the people.  Yes we know the Supreme Court rejected those attempts to review this (a treasonous act) but all you need to do is use one of your social media platforms and post it there for all to see.  This would have done away with the need for hidden tribunals, putting in place the FAKE Biden government with all the clones, doubles and actors and deception that has gone into this massive Q White Hat Military deception.  Trump would have remained President (as he did behind the scenes) as well as continuity of government and there would have been no need for civil war since the truth would be so unimpeachable it would have stood on its own merits.

One assumes all the play-acting has been to allow the military to go into the underground bases and cities and rescue children and others… take down alien bases (!) and arrest and detain as many bad actors (satanists) and operate under cover of darkness while doing so.  And there is reason to believe that you chose the most expeditious and direct approach to taking down the blood drinking, pedos and satanists.  Without going through the fully infiltrated judicial system in America you cut to the chase and distributed justice.  Many would agree with this approach Including me however it is one that has reached what we call the ‘law of diminishing returns’ and is no longer serving its purpose.  In part due to your own efforts the truth has now come forward as to the many tribunals going on in Guantanamo and The White House and possibly other secret sites.  Saving money transporting prisoners for trial as well as the prosecutors and attendees makes some sense.


The trouble we are having is that in using the dumbest, lowest vibrating humans as your measurement for how to approach the people you dumbed yourselves and your operation down and have reached an impasse.  If you are interested in spiritual enlightenment and “ascension” of humanity you have chosen a wrong path.  The only way to progress along that path is to lead by example and with integrity and to reach out to the highest frequency not down to the lowest.  The way enlightenment spreads is from the high to the low.  The highest serves as a beacon of light to those in the dark.  Guide yourselves by trying to avoid ANY result will only attract that result.  That’s a well known law of nature.  Not hiding your light under a bushel as the Bible says is actually worth noting.  Guiding yourselves by principles of DARKNESS will not lead to light but only to more darkness…. Not realizing you are and must be the light is a critical mistake.

It’s obvious that your group became enamored by The Art of War by Sun Tzu and neglected to recognize that many of its principles do not free the souls of the victors but instead result in a viscous cyclical downward motion rather than up into the light. Yes there is some sense to allowing the enemy to destroy themselves but at some point that just makes the entire world a darker place and does not enlighten anyone.  

What is required some 6 years after the initial victory of Trump in office is for you to reevaluate your impact on the world, the positive and negative and a RECKONING going forward.  What matters now is not the debris of destruction but the building of the new and this requires a complete reversal on your part to embrace a new and different future.  One where the People are given the reins.  While. you clean up the remaining covens and pockets of evil (still deep underground) exposure of the real story is at this time crucial.

If you are still running from your enemies then taking a stand is necessary knowing that a critical mass of the people are behind you.  While allowing the chaos to ensue when the great masses of unawakened suddenly get BLINDED BY THE LIGHT.  Not a bad thing.  

While using the LAW OF WAR MANUAL (linked below) has kept you and your team within the confines of supposed “world law and courts” the reality is that the LAW of War Manual is linked to the Geneva Convention and allowed for the GREAT ILLUMINATI DECEPTION OF THE NUREMBERG TRIALS where some were prosecuted while MANY OF THE KEY masterminds were secreted into the UNITED STATES, BRITAIN, ISRAEL AND RUSSIA, and Argentina, Antarctica and so on.  The Geneva Convention was an illuminati construct and misdirect guided by the same minds that resulted in Hitler’s rise and WWII including the antics and plots of Churchill and his partners.

In the LAW OF WAR MANUAL it treasonously states that an invaded country must WAIT A YEAR before “legally” exposing and throwing the INVADERS OUT!  That in and of itself is an indication of HOW WRONG HEADED that treatise is… Why would your Generals not recognize this?  Only because it is a useful shield to allow for the mass deception of humanity that has taken place on their watch in order to allow them to conduct a war in secret.

Because I got to know a few white hats early on… before 2016 I remember clearly when I realized that their modus operandi was geared more toward preserving the current status quo than true revolution and change.  This guiding principle of preserving the current American lifestyle which is based on inequality and deception is not a good barometer by which to construct a future. Yes we all have things about the status quo that we value… families and honesty and hard work perhaps but there is a great deal about the lifestyle of the Republican guard that leaves much to be desired.  That is the big secret behind the Trump old guard who have been perhaps financing and instrumental in having their will catered to even while the White Hats strive to win a war.  

Knowing this is the backbone guiding their ambitions… It is really looking more to the PAST than to the FUTURE AND ENLIGHTENMENT of humanity.  I would suggest that this is what is holding them back and making them move so slowly in the face of such an obvious wave of change on the horizon.  

One cannot move forward while captivated by the image of the past in the rear view mirror.  What you need is to realize the inequity of the past and to turn around and face the waves of change engulfing you.