How the Globalist/NWO Elites can take down a nation from within in 23pre-planned steps: Some experts believe much of this has been developed by specialized software programs and large quantum computers.
1. Allow the foreign based COL private central debt-note with interest “moneychangers”, a notably criminal group, to hijack the manufacturing of money and debt and lend it out for use, also requiring it to be repaid wit interest on what should have been the nation’s own real money. (aka Babylonian Money-Magick): the art of making money from nothing through occult based slight of hand trickery and human compromise–programming in constant inflation to steal more and more wealth from hard working Citizens. Use these COL moneychangers to degrade the natural value of the debt-notes and assets in general in order to steal increasing amounts of wealth from the common working man. These private COL Banksters (aka the Moneychangers) are hard core Globalist/NWO adherents. Allow the private central Banksters that have hijacked the nation to strip out its wealth from the working men and women to create as much money as needed to enslave the masses with taxes to pay back an imaginary debt that is fraudulent from the get go. The select easily manipulated Doofuses and throw huge amounts of money and success at them so they will in turn do the bidding of the Globalist NWO elites.
2. Allow large Globalist/NWO oriented corporations to have the rights of an individual citizen (Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, completely unconstitutional. This allowed several of the largest corporations associated with the private central Banksters to amass a huge power base and swallow up the lessor similar institutions and to become to financially powerful that they can bribe, compromise, fill, and control governmental positions and thereby manipulate the government to do their bidding. This ruling has allowed huge foreign investments like from George Soros to manipulate local, state and federal governments.
3. Allow Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and tax exempt foundations to accrue great wealth and to be used by the elites to avoid taxes and purchases political favors as well as to apply pressure to government to get what they want. Those elites running these groups are hard core Globalists/NWO adherents and have been selected because of that to receive huge amounts of “money issued from nothing by the private central Babylonian Money-Magick COL Banksters.
4. Destroy conventional state mandated education and create a Globalist/NWO oriented Federal Education System that will instill Globalist/NWO values in children and help eliminate their parents values and the values that created the nation in the first place. Use all stages of education to promote and instill the Globalist/NWO agenda which was created and run at the top of their pyramid of world power by secret satanists who serve Lucifer. This is admitted by their own members who have talked near the end of their lives.
5. Deploy a bioweapon developed using gain of function research upon the world with the stated goal to reduce the world’s population by up to 90% in key targeted areas. This is deployed mass-murder mandated by Globalist/NWO lackeys in high governmental positions including those elected and those appointed. This create mass “Blood Shock” with post-traumatic Stress syndrome symptoms which makes the masses very suggestible to governmental lies and manipulations. This mass survival fear sidetracks the masses and prevents them from protecting their nation from enemies within who have been bribed, human compromised and have allegiance to the Globalist/NWO leaders like Klaus Schwab, George Soros, etc.
This deployed bioweapon makes the masses focus on meeting their basic survival needs and makes them grateful to still be alive, thus in a sense satiating them and preventing them from politically going after the enemies within who are destroying their culture and nation.
6. Provide vast financial support to sexually deviant groups that are far less than 1% of the population to help them project their image and power in order to “infect” the nations children with their perversions and mind control the kids into thinking these perversions are normal and fun. All of these perversion lead to a step decline in reproduction which is one of the primary agenda items of the Globalist/NWO Elites that have hijacked the targeted nation.
7. Promote and support with vast funding and media support, small power groups with aberrant/abnormal philosophies that are destructive to society to create division in society and prevent any general response to expose and stop the enemies within that have hijacked the nation.
8. Open up the borders and use any excuse imaginable to let in anyone who can get to the border, provide immediate financial support and transport them to any city they want. In this way use the Cloward/Piven methodology to bankrupt the nation and induce totalitarian/Marxist socialism as a new form of government. In this way destroy the existing sovereignty and feelings of nationalism and dedication to the nation and its founding fathers.
9. Institute absurd anti-carbon policies based on bad science and outright lies to shut down oil and gas production and thereby drive up energy costs  in order to more quickly bankrupt the nation and make people unemployed and homeless.
10. Have the top Banksters from the several top investment firms that control the top politicians to order various industries to cut way back on deliveries and production in order to raise costs and bankrupt citizens, create more unemployment and drive citizens out of their homes faster. Consolidate international corporate power into 147 very large international corporations who can exercise more power through private channels than any single government elected body. they have enough money and power to stack any government they want with Globalist/NWO puppets.
11. Spread big lies about cattle and chicken plagues and use these as an excuse to reduce food supplies and raise prices, thereby bring many more to bankruptcy and homeless ness faster. Use sophisticated satellite based scalar/EMF weaponry to kill cattle in mass and falsely blame heat.
12. Do everything imaginable to destroy private home ownership. Use weather warfare to create droughts, flood, fires.
13. Do everything imaginable to get the guns from the citizens. This includes hundreds of fake false-flag DHS/FEMA drills with officials faking murders in gun free zones using professional crisis actors over and over again in different disguises.
14. Do everything possible to infiltrate, dilute, infect basic religious beliefs. Institute tax exempt status for religious organizations as long as they avoid exposing any of the Globalist/NWO lies and agenda that is being deployed to mass-murder them, bankrupt them and their nation and steal all their private property.
15. Tyrannize and weaponize medicine through instituting evil, autocratic control at the top and mandating rules that promote mass-murder by bio-weapon deployment. Prevent cheap effective treatment and punish any physician who has learned the truth and takes a stand for it. use sophisticated mind control methodologies to seize control over all medicine through lies and deceptions mandated by the CDC, FDA and medical societies and hospital management. order all major institutions to mandate what the elites call vaccinations which are not vaccinations at all, but injection of unknown poisons and foreign materials with health reducing or even in some cases lethal threats associated.
16. Use mandated acceptance of perversions and women in fighting roles to degrade the ability of the military to protect the nation from foreign based enemies (like the COL Banksters aka “moneychangers”) and the enemies with, aka the politicians that are part of the treasonous Globalist/NWO crowd of the WEF, WFO and CFR. Fire all the serious and patriotic generals and appoint dumbed down true believers in the Globalist/NWO agenda, folks who have and will once against readily betray their nation and its masses.
17. Do everything possible to degrade and reduce Law Enforcement, especially by promoting criminal groups, drug syndicates which include several of the large Intel agencies who work hand in hand with the drug cartels for “off the books” Black Ops money. Traffic cheap and lethal illegal drugs into every urban area for the drug gangs to sell, thus resulting in many thousands of deaths from fentanyl overdoses and helping to create mass chaos, distrust in major urban areas and to destroy any sense of community or family therein.
18. Over the last 100 years ever since the COL private central Banksters took over, privatize much of Intel by allowing them to use secret funding and black money to buy up hundreds of proprietaries that have no oversight at all, especially those related to the Secret Space War Forces. Privatized the military. Note that privatized mercenary forces and the Secret Space War program are not reachable by FOIA requests.
19. Consolidate all industries to make central control much easier when the top CEOs are members of the Globalist/NWO Elite believers. This has been done in the major mass media and all major industries. When the major mass media is controlled by 6 CEOs who are all on the same page, it is difficult for the masses to over come this “lockstep” programming of this illegal News Cartel. Hire hundreds of soulless stooges to sit in the basements of Intel agencies or their home offices and write thousands of false narratives to place on the net to help protect the major mass media’s dispensed lies and false narratives from the Alt Media. The Alt Media of the Internet poses a great threat to the Globalist/NWO Elite controllers and that is why they must speed things up and institute their big intended mass-murder of millions before the public wakes up and rises up against them. Their time is limited and they know it and this makes them desperate. Of course the top Cutouts do not know if they will be force to go down with the human ship or not. Some insiders believe the Top Globalist/NWO controller will not want them around when they finish seizing world power through worldwide starvation and collapse of economies which they Globalist/NWO Elite controllers have worked for for over 100 years.
20. Pull all kinds of manipulations to reduce the food supply and raise prices, thereby creating mass inflation and mass starvation. This includes pulling several sophisticated ricks to greatly reduce the baby formula available to mothers for their babies. Drive up fuel costs for truckers to the point they reduce hauling loads, especially of perishable foods, thus raising the retail prices and creating more inflation, starvation and homelessness.
21. Destroy private home ownership. use several of the largest banks (foreign and domestic) and large sources of black narcotics money to invest in buying up homes, using the ploy “sell as is”? Have some of these funds come from mysterious untraceable foreign sources? Use key purchases in most suburban neighborhoods and use stooges to pay highly inflated unrealistic purchase prices. In this way the assessors will be tricked into to estimating the whole neighborhood values far higher than they really are, especially as a new drop in housing purchases in right around the corner with massive devaluation of selling prices coming soon. At the same time massive real estate taxes increases will be deployed next year, and taxes on apartments and other types residences will be instituted to drive the costs of renting which many will have to use because they can’t afford a home/home loan. 
22. In order for the NWO/Globalist Elite Controllers to have gotten so far so fast instituting their Globalist/NW Agenda from Hell itself (do not assume to be necessarily human either), they have had to deploy the most advance mass mind control technologies imaginable. many of these are top secret, Special compartmented (SCI), Black, Deep Black and Beyond Black such as the process of “hiving” of the human mind into one mass consciousness that can be remotely influenced by specialized kinds of remote inductive mass mind control, sue of advanced scalar waves and quantum physics with certain types of particle entanglement used. Some insiders have claimed that the new “Space Fence” radar system which ionizes the atmosphere which now has chemtrail supplied nano-aluminum and nano-barium suspended has been weaponized to track and shoot down any missile or UFO. This is actually a plasmatization of the atmosphere and some experts believe that it can be used to mesmerize and pacify the masses so that they cannot rise up and demand change. Smart meters, Wi-Fi systems, cell phone systems, orbital satellite directed EMF supposedly can be used to target masses, control the jet stream and weather, and attack communities and start fires such as what was done in Palisades CA?. Specialized mind control particles can be easily added to food, beverages and air for ingestion and then later flashed. It is well known that those with deep knowledge of he truth behind all this Globalism and NWO totalitarian socialism are also quite resistant to the mind control being deployed to hive the masses.
23. Pervert and corrupt the national voting process so the Globalist/NWO Elites can fake any vote to get their choices elected. Bribe and/or mind control a captive political element that wants something for nothing and mind control them to vote for Globalist/NWO Elite choices who will obey the directives of the several top Globalist/NWO controllers.
Bottom line is, the Globalist/NWO elite controllers want to disarm and destroy the western world, America especially, and in that process along the way mass-murder as many as they can get away with in secret. If their plan is thwarted they will try and institute a N-WW3 with Russia to eliminate both the USA and the Russian Federation, thereby clearing the way for the world to be controlled by their strongest ally, the Great Dragon, aka CCCP run Communist China. – unknown source

Juan O Savin on White Nobility, Merovingians, the Antichrist, and GESARA