CLIP ABOVE IS FROM Video excerpt from tv series THE EVENT made in 2010


  2. It would cause death of 25% of the population
  3. The aliens would bring 2.5 billion here… needed to “make room”.
  4. The opened a portal using an array in Tibet.
  5. They used Spanish flu from dead bodies in Siberia
  6. They tested everyone’s dna using first a fake pandemic.
  7. They were looking for hybrids…to use as carriers.
  8. They need something to slow the effects of the virus..used the hybrids dna to mitigate it…delay it.
  9. Note:   Famine will be used to distract them from why people are dying…they will need lots of chaos and dying people to cover when the virus deaths start happening.
  10. The race considers Earth its former home.
  11. They targeted the President (the VP was the traitor)
  12. The President’s wife was one of them.
  13. They planned to use air ducts in a mall to release the virus (airborne) pressurized aerosol containers.
  14. The aliens are immune to the virus.  As are the Khazarians by the way with respect to Covid19.
  15. When the portal opens it causes EQ type effects “along the 38th parallel.
  16. Mt. Shasta…long dormant volcano is activated….
  17. Their sun is going supernova so they had to leave
  18. They were on Earth first
  19. They left because our Earth is going to experience what they call “the event” which would change their people forever..they didn’t want that….
  20. They don’t think humans can survive it
  21. They brought their planet here …through the portal   right near Earth clearly visible in the sky.

this s where it ended….



PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING?  FIRST THE BEINGS FROM ALDEBARAN “gave” the Nazis the key to free energy technology and they built saucers giving them a tactical advantage during WWII which would have allowed them to win the war… Then they told them “don’t use it” to win yet…wait..,So the Nazis pretended to “lose” the war and let Germany fall while they abandoned ship and defected via PROJECT PAPERCLIP to Russia the U.S., and UK and Israel, Argentina and a few other countries… Avoiding being prosecuted as war criminals at Nuremberg.  Then they took over NASA and our space program.  Then they infiltrated all governments of the countries listed above and the U.S. became the 4th REICH. 

Now they have infiltrated the medical establishment using their scientists and taken over WHO and now plan to finalize the WORLD GOVERNMENT… Do you see a pattern here?  They also returned and made a deal with our secret space program to buy Africa to move their people to… in exchange for helping us terraform and colonize other earthlike planets…  (according to 4 top whistleblowers).

Then they released COVID only the first in a series of bioweapons to kill off as many humans as possible and connect those who survive to the BORG AI under full control as part of a transhuman agenda… Again do YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE?  Pattern recognition is a sign of intelligence by the way…

Video excerpt from tv series THE EVENT made in 2010

Did I mention that the beings from Aldebaran appeared as typical uber nazis…blond hair blue eyes, tall….but to infiltrate Africa they changed their skin color to blend in… eyes and hair… turns out they are likely Reptilian-humanoid hybrids… their history on Earth going back to Sumeria just like the Anunnaki who are also humanoid reptilian hybrids…

Even conventional scientists admit there are BILLIONS OF EARTHLIKE PLANETS out there….

And the humanoid form is common throughout the megaverse…

The Pleiadians are humanoid nordic looking some have dark hair etc … they have been battling the DRACO REPTILIANS FOR CENTURIES…we are related to them and it turns out most humanoid species come from the LYRAE constellation in this area of the universe….

the Anunnaki went rogue from Pleiades and were then invaded by the Draco-Reptilians.. and so became Reptilian-Humanoid hybrids

The Draco Reptilians are said to be a marauding species searching to conquer planets and take over the beings there turning them into hybrids, using them as food, sex slaves and traffic them to other star systems…

In essence they are now conquering Earth (which they consider one of their homeworlds)… by using their Humanoid Hybrids.. races like the Anunnaki and Aldebarans

According to a whistleblower the Chinese are invaded and ruled by the draco-reptilian-greys… and also by a relatively recent group known as the Spider beings…

Of course you can, like Clif High ignore the evidence and pretend we are alone in this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy… but that would be a mistake… considering they are taking over your world.

Humans are fond of quoting the Bible, written by the Anunnaki and a host of others…that we are made in “God’s image”.  However what they fail to realize is “God’s image” when the “God” is an Anunnaki is a humanoid.

Humans are a hybrid race … a blend of MANY OTHER off-world races… and the evidence for this is presented clearly in the VOYAGER books I and II by Ashayana Deane downloaded from what are called The Guardian Races… a group of races who contributed their DNA to our genome but also who pledged to safeguard us until we took our rightful place as Guardians of Earth…

In a sense we are directly descended from the Humanoid races of Lyrae and Pleiades.

But we have been invaded and infiltrated through the centuries….

The latest effort to re-engineer our genome is via Covid19.

God aka the Creator aka The Force aka “All that is” includes every being, thing and constellation out there…. Good and Evil and “all things”.  The Creator does not punish or reward and cannot be petitioned with prayer.  God or All that IS encompasses ALL. 

As such any so-called visiting group or text claiming to be your “God” and telling you what to do and how to do it, acting vindictively or choosing favorites is a lesser than, race of beings with conquering you in mind…. BEWARE.

This is not to say that there are not spirits, so-called angels and princes and principalities reporting to the CREATOR that do not watch over and assist and care for ‘you’ …your physical body having a material experience in this matrix.  And it is true you can attract or repel both positive and negative energies and influences…

But “you” only exist in this realm via your connection to your physical body which is temporary…however you are eternal and reside in soul connected to the Creator or SOURCE FIELD as some call it…

Death is after all an illusion.


An interesting note about the end of the series THE EVENT.  At the end, they bring their planet through a portal and it emerges in our sky between the moon and Earth,  Also, one of the lead characters explains that Earth used to be their home but they abandoned it when they found out there was going to be an “event” in the future that would change them irrevocably… and says Humans won’t survive it.  This sounds to me like what we know of as “Ascension”… you don’t survive Ascension in the same form you are now.  You transcend using your light body into other realms and planets.  Keeping in mind this is ‘only a tv series’ albeit with guidance provided by the secret space program secret government, they do not know everything… One could say this is one version of the future or their “best guess”.


The narrator soon discovers that the Vril-ya are descendants of an antediluvian civilization called the Ana, who live in networks of subterranean caverns linked by tunnels. Originally surface dwellers, they had fled underground thousands of years ago to escape a massive flood and gained greater power by facing and dominating the harsh conditions of the Earth. The place where the narrator descended housed 12,000 families, one of the largest groups. Their society was a technologically supported Utopia, chief among their tools being an “all-permeating fluid” called “Vril”, a latent source of energy that the spiritually elevated hosts are able to master through training of their will, to a degree that depended on their hereditary constitution. This mastery gave them access to an extraordinary force that could be controlled at will. It is this fluid that the Vril-ya employed to communicate with the narrator. The powers of the Vril included the ability to heal, change, and destroy beings and things; the destructive powers in particular were powerful, allowing a few young Vril-ya children to destroy entire cities if necessary.

MY COMMENT:   Vril is the same thing as kundalini/orgone/Chi…it can be used to fly ufos and more…. I have this fully activated as do many yogis in the past and certain hidden teachers…It is real and can be developed even in children and teens… at it’s lowest level it is called magnetism.—Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

SPECIAL NOTE:    Next week physicist and polymath, Magician and author Richard Alan Miller will be talking about an event he sees coming around the end of March, beginning of April in 2024.  It may be centered around the Full Moon Eclipse of April 8th.  He has ascertained (or been notified) of an event that will be “like a Carrington event” but different than what people imagine a Carrington Event to be… it will not be an extinction level event although it may be triggered by the Sun.  He says land masses will “rise” and said this will happen in the northern West Coast of the United States an area often predicted to be affected by the JUAN DE FUCA fault-line…

Along these lines he claims he has been tasked with training a group of young “preppers” in “psi-tech” his area of expertise.  He used to train Navy Seals in these same methods.  This group of preppers are slated by the secret space program to be taken off-planet to start a colony on another planet…. Interview scheduled for Thursday the 26th @ 3pm PT.


Aldebaran Mystery – Jim Nichols documentary

Nazi ties to an off-planet race from Aldebaran