Now for hardcore realities Biden and his boys and the demoNcrats do not even know about. If they were told of this reality they wouldn’t believe it anyway. I have no first hand knowledge but this is what I was told years ago and I was never able to cross corroborate it. Others I asked who would know for certain clammed up and wanted nothing to do with the subject out of fear of MIBs and being disappeared themselves. This is perhaps as closely guarded a secret as the “alien presence” and the secret treaties between certain Alien ET (EBE) groups and the US’s select aerospace defense contractors that were an extension of MJ-12 in its worldwide expanded form:

A secret group of SOLIC type special operators (like the Nuclear Snake Eaters) with above top secret/beyond black clearances. This is the secret “decapitation squad system” that if an extreme national security crisis in the upper echelons of the USG, its institutions, judicial system (including Federal Courts), signed finding of extreme national security actions will be certified and those deemed enemies of the state and “out of uniform” foreign based agents of espionage will be sanctioned immediately the findings are signed and certified by one of the C.O.G. officers or whoever is in operational command. The rest will take place at lightning speed. Once these enemies uniformed soldiers are disappeared or equivalent, the C.O.G. gov will resume taking over everything.

When 911 occurred, Dick Chicanery assumed control of the USG as C.O.G., ran C.O.G. and used its authority to cover it all up and serve as Israel’s bitch by sacrificing many US Soldiers lives and limbs to fight a war for Israelis so they wouldn’t have to fight their own. Chicanery funneled trillions of USD to his friends in major defense companies (about 60 top families that own most of the stock through BlackR and VangG). The argument was having these defense contractors handle all matters including the Alien Presence made it possible to avoid FOIA and knowledge by Congress and the average American.

The rumor is that Chicanery is now out of power and now known for being a traitor himself and involved in planning and allowing 911 by the USG and Israeli top RKM.

Entrance to the actual C.O.G. system is through a deep elevator in a hotel in downtown Denver, connected to a DUMB which in turn is connected to another complex supposedly in Richmond about 75 miles away from Denver in an old tunnel system used previously by Alien ETs. What is feared by some in COG is that these top Aerospace companies have been mind controlled and taken over by Alien ETs by working wit them and the whole DNC has been taken over and effectively psychotronically and chemically mind controlled too.

COG folks now realize that they can use the bioweapons related to CV as cover for completing their signed finding if that need arises suddenly. COG folks apparently take orders from the Secret Space War Program run by the USN and the man in charge, a USN Admiral actually has a good reputation and high integrity it is said by those who know him well.

The USN did release gunsight videos of antigravity craft and are supposedly now scheduled to release the “Alien Presence” and knowledge of working treaties and signed the Grenada Treaty entered into by IKE in 1956 at Holloman AFB in late March of 2022.



Video of the Norfolk Event: NATO New Headquarters fully operational in Norfolk
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