Mantids, Insectoids and Disclosure
Simon Parkes who claims to have a Mantid mother and Reptilian father (or did in the past) has said and others that the Mantids are one species and Insectoids another… So I wouldn’t lump them together.  Mantids supposedly have decided to ally themselves with humans over the past 10 years or less and so have the Raptors (according to Captain Mark Richards).  
Mantids are vicious for sure and also often leading the pack… Although I have also heard the Mantids and Reptilians are not aligned.
Eventually this knowledge of other races of beings will come forward into the general public.  We will have to acknowledge them and become aware of the various space dramas going on more and more as we enter the galactic arena.
So disclosure is inevitable… What I see now is they are dropping bread crumbs often changing the past according to the way they want to spin things.  No real disclosure so far of course.  In fact I was just talking with Michael Schratt about the Jackie Gleason story.  When Nixon showed up late at night at his house in Florida and took him to an underground base.  There was more out there in those days about the whole ET thing than now.
Because humans don’t realize Covid is an alien-AI bioweapon designed to eliminate the weak and old and to change our DNA and create a race of passive super soldiers using graphene oxide nano and other ingredients such as spike proteins that according to a deep source in NASA links to the graphene nano and “jumps” from person to person, thing to thing… yes black goo appears to be an earlier AI infiltration and yes it was instrumental in the Falklands War and the GULF Oil spill years ago when the gulf became infected and it ate out the bottom of boats… 
As you know the Marconi scientists that were infected killed themselves in bizarre ways that no human would choose willingly.. victims of an AI / nano takeover.  That may have been when they realized they could re-engineer the stuff and put it in a “vaccine”.
We photographed strands of graphene in the nasal swab before opening it using a jewelers magnifying glass…
This started with the chemtrails…it’s in our food and so plentiful around us now… the injection is the final coup de gras.
I assume you know all this… but it bears repeating.  Aliens and Alien AI are now front and center our enemies when negatively intentioned.  There are AI’s out there where the beings that initially created them have long since died out… 
I am concerned because although I talk about this on video blogs and write articles very few are listening.  People only see the short term and don’t realize that this is a long term agenda.
Have you read the Sean David Morton books SANDS OF TIME…there are 3 books… all based on info from the former head of Area 51 and Dulce.  He gave the info to Sean by way of his lawyer… I believe most of it is quite accurate and a great saga.
Sean believes sometime in the future our secret space program believes there is a race of Androids headed here… and they are now trying to revamp the human race to fight them (and the Chinese invasion that he has “seen” and so have I… that will come in the not so distant future).
Once you realize this agenda is set (to design humans as a space faring race who can conquer other worlds) then you understand this is not going to stop.
What we can do is salvage as many humans as possible from the cyborg future we are headed into… 
There is reason to believe that because are bodies are primarily controlled by our soul/spirit (non-locally) we can maintain control and our ‘humanity’ regardless of how many cyborg parts we contain… although that is still speculation.  The TERMINATOR SALVATION movie addresses this where the hero is all cyborg but still has his original human heart.  The heart wins the day and he ends up protecting humanity.  Perhaps you remember this movie?
Now that I’ve taken the time to write all this I will probably post it too.
The above is compiled from nearly 17 years of whistleblower testimony on and off the record and also my own intuition and just adding two plus two.