The Globalist/NWO Agenda: The planned disassembling and destruction of America



The Globalist/NWO Agenda: The planned disassembling, asset stripping and destruction of American society and America, institution by institution, piece by piece:
Naturally, as this is being done by out top politicians, government leaders and corporate officials, their actions are so anti-American, anti-Constitutional, so anti-law, so anti-human and so extreme that the average America is in shock and just cannot fathom what is being done and why and what is wrong inside their brains. Sad to say many Americans believe the major mass media’s stories which are now always false and supporting to this takedown and destruction of American Society piece by piece and the mass-murder of Americans using deployed bioweapons.
It is hard to pinpoint the exact period of time that the Globalist/NWO group assumed operational power and adopted this Agenda but it can be assumed that it was empowered and made possible when the City of London “Moneychangers” hijacked America beginning at Jekyll Island in 1913 and the Federal Reserve private non-federal money machine was incorporated in Delaware in 1914.
By the time WW1 assumed, the plan was in place and was used to chart the course of WW2 and use it to industrialize the world and form new political groups and alliances moving toward alignment with the Globalist/NWO group’s long term goals. This was evident in their unsuccessful attempts to set up the League of Nations and their later attempts to set up the United nations.
Yes, the USG was hijacked along with our money manufacturing and distribution in 1913-1914, but this was to be the means to asset strip hard working Americans of the fruits of their labor in a systematic long term way that completely violated the US Constitution and enriched and empowered the Globalist/NWO folks beyond imaginations. I have been told the top Moneychangers (their own word for themselves from my deep source) are Nephilim and Nephilim/human hybrids called Cain blood, not recorded in Bible Genealogy but traced back to Eve and Lucifer.
Their ongoing big trick has been to move to a fraudulent debt-note system declaring debt-notes as having real value in Gold and Silver and then lend these notes which require repayment at interest to the US Citizens. Of course the US Constitution requires America to have real money in Gold and Silver to be used without any interest charged by American Citizens who actually are supposed to own iSince these Moneychangers (what most now refer to as COL Banksters) can print, issue all the money they want to themselves or their special Globalist/NWO interests, they have been able to build power and take power away in American Society as they wish.
However their Globalist/NWO Agenda is anti-human as well as anti-American/anti “We The People” but that is not sufficient for them. They want everything including us to all die including their top Cutouts as soon as they are done with them (which will be soon imo). Right now a bit more is needed for them to attain their incredibly evil, anti-human, anti-America, anti-American Agenda. What is this agenda of the NWO/Globalist group that has hijacked America and used it and its strong military to hijack most of the world too?:
1. Terra-form America and the world using high tech chemtrails and other forms of high powered EMF/scalar wave based weather control in order to destabilize political systems and kill the populace in large numbers. Kill the trees and vegetation with Chemtrails and engineered droughts. Planet Earth is to be used to mine minerals and that’s it. Mass starvation is the Heinz Kissinger plan. He was responsible for about a million citizens of Myanmar murdered years ago, a man from the Pit itself.
2. Deploy various bio-weapons such as HIV/AIDS, Swine Flu and many other culminating in the recent Cpvid-19 which was gene-spliced using CRISPR in numerous labs in China, America and the Balkans, each of which was doing contract work for Fauci and the USG sad to say. The goal here is the Globalist/NWO long term agenda to depopulate the earth by a major percentage. This was declared in the Georgia Guidestones and has been the subject of many Globalist/NWO semi-secret meetings held since WW2 that we know of.
3. But there is much more to this and it gets into the esoteric, issues of spiritual evil that most just cannot comprehend it is so far out. Insiders who have been part of the Globalist/NWO groups who have talked about their secret agenda have claimed that most of it involved their abject worship of Lucifer as God, practiced as Satanism that requires sequential and mass human sacrifice ritual in order to attain power. Thus their secret motivation for creating terror, wars, and mass deaths and casualties of perpetual wars that never end is to keep mass-death human sacrifices going at a rate high enough to gain enough Satanic power without destroying the whole world and themselves with Nuclear war. These Globalist/NWO folks love nukes, especially the new ones with high kinetic yields, small size and low radiation and have been deploying them in their perpetual wars for many years. And Israel and the US have been selling them to almost anyone with money. The ones going to potential enemies all have backdoors and neutralization of early detonation means. This was done to the W-88 multiple warhead guidance systems given to China  by Bill Clinton when he was POTUS.
This mass-shedding of human blood is where the Globalist/NWO group believes their political and personal power comes from. Alas this is not the end of the Globalist/NWO folks’ madness and evil. More is required to fulfill their agenda.
4. These evil, Satan inspired NWO/Globalists who use human sacrifice and pedophilia to incur esoteric Darkside (aka Aleister Crowley, John Dee, Michael Aquino type power) still have more weapons that they have deployed against mankind. Any new technologies since they gained power in 1913-1914 though their control of money manufacturing and distribution (with interest charged for use) have been hijacked and deployed in their quest to establish and hold complete dominance over all human institutions. The invention of the phone, cell phone and Internet and covert weaponizations of these have aided their quest to hijack, rule and destroy the human race immensely through its providing of incredibly sophisticated spying and restructuring or retail sales from local brick and mortar to Internet based large NWO/Globalist kingpin owned companies. However this along with their other empowerments is not enough.
5. Mind control is the missing piece that has been deployed over the years and especially now in new far more powerful secret forms that most have trouble comprehending. There are numerous types of mind control that have proved incredibly effective over the years. Take the Stanley Milgram experiments in psychology where subjects were easily induced to violate extreme social norms by the presentation of authority and social conformity. After WW2 the Soviets became the world’s experts in remote inductive psychotronic mind control which culminated in the development and deployment of the “Woodpecker” aka Duma, a very powerful pulsed beam EMF generators that was directed over the north pole into Canada and America and was recognized by US Intel to be having strange effects on brain function and thought content. Plans were made to deploy the Mujahedeen which were created, financed and armed by the US under the direction of Zbignew Brzezinski. The Duma required massive amounts of electrical power to operate and this was supplied by Chernobyl which was close by. Chernobyl was taken out and the Duma stopped operating. The Soviets got the message and stopped deploying such devices, but the damage from the radiation contamination to their nation and populace was staggering. Many died from related cancers in Russia and Scandinavia as well.
The USG did not stop there, but deployed trillions of dollars of black budget funds raised from drug and weapons trafficking as well as direct deposits to develop their own remote inductive capable mind control EMF systems. They went in a different direction and decided to ionize the skies and use them as a defense against missiles, aircraft and aberrant UFOs. This new weapon was called Sky Fence and first involved the construction and use of H.A.A.R.P. to ionize and plasma-tize the atmosphere which was prepared by dumping many thousands of pounds of nano-Barium and nano-Aluminum in the sky along with other chemicals and compounds.
The use of this system was only needed temporarily in order to calibrate and design  more effective systems. These culminated in high powered orbital means using new type of energy such as zero-point and Helium 3 to power them.  It was found that an ionized, plasmatized sky did have a pacifying effect on the populace if the right frequencies were transmitted but it also served as a potent new radar system and means to track and destroy missiles, aircraft and interdimensional UFOs that drifted in an out of our dimension.
Various very sophisticated remote inductive psychotronic weapons were developed and deployed against the American public in order to mass mind control them by US Intel. Robert Duncan Ph.D., has come forth and disclosed non-classified summaries of the overall capabilities of these psychotronic weapons and they are extreme in some forms. Those who understand how these remote inductive psychotronic weapons work and their capabilities view them as having the ability to remotely soul-strip weak minded folks who do not know much truth which will serve as a mind-anchor. Some capabilities involve: mass pacification, mass thought induction, neutralization of targeted thought, hyperactivity, sleepiness, insomnia, etc. many citizens have been reduced by the use of all mind control technologies including control of the mass-media to deer in the headlights of the NWO/Globalist freight train of mass-destruction and mass-death. And yet the public is being hit so hard to every direction imaginable they are in shock feel powerless. Most just go away in quiet desperation.
Experts in human behavior however do understand that when folks lose everything and have little left to lose but their lives, they will usually fight back and hunt down and attack those they feel are responsible that they can access. When they lose it all, they usually lose it like Gerald Celente always claimed. And he is correct. This is why the Globalist/NWO folks have been trying so hard to disarm America using so many False-Flag attacks on the second Amendment. The Globalist/NWO crowd is doomed to failure because of this but that is part of their very top select Kingpins that run the Globalist/NWO system, that is, to displace all top “Cutouts” from power when they no longer need them. The entities that run the Globalist/NWO of the COL and Zurich secretly despise all humans and all top Cutouts and will enjoy pushing them out as soon as they are no longer needed. This will happen when they expose all their secret recorded sins like pedophilia and child sacrifice (which has already started to leak out as designated “drips”). They will never see it coming because of their arrogance and will feel completely betrayed when this kinder gentler but more dangerous new system is shoved into place and will fool most remaining humans.
This is all part of the top dogs’ long planned human compromise operation they call “Kiss and Tell” which  involves human compromising all top Globalist/NWO Cutout tools. This means videotaping/filming them doing abject evil acts like pedophilia, child sacrifice, strange sexual perversions, etc. Later on they will release these photos in the foreign press, maybe at first news of their rumored evil acts in order to worry and even stress them until they fade away, retire. If that doesn’t work then a very nasty release of proof is forthcoming. 
This Kiss and Tell operation has another main goal which is assisted by dirtying up the USG and local officials and corporate leaders in order to make the public hate their own government and leaders, thus paving the way for a whole new Globalist/NWO system not staffed by the current bigshot kingpins which will all be displaced.
But there is still one more missing piece to a complete understanding of this planned takedown of America and its destruction and the mass-murder/depopulation of American citizens by the Globalist/NWO crowd.
And this subject is where many will be unable to venture beyond until the USG actually acknowledges this issue as real and this is christened in the major mass media, by the way which is likely coming soon in 2022.
This missing piece is the “alien ET issue” which dates back to 1947 at Roswell when the crash of a “Flying Saucer” was documented and reported in a local paper and then nationally in America. This news was quickly retracted by General Ramey when it was decided that such an admission might weaken the US defense posture to the Soviets if they were not in control of their own skies. The cause of this crash was the use of high powered defense radar and strong lightning during a thunder storm. The UFO was surveilling American Nuclear weapons and testing in the four corners area.
It’s a long story that follows but suffice it to say that soon thereafter the USG decided to transfer all such matters to a secret research group of experts and scientists and then eventually to private DOD contractors to avoid any access to these secrets by elected politicians except for a few that were deeply vetted and trusted to contain these deep secrets.
The US DOD Secret Space War Program was formed and was bifurcated between the US Navy and the US Air Force as soon as it was created from the Army Air Corps. The biggest secret here became that this research group entered into treaties with certain Alien ET groups beginning in the mid 1950’s and these have continued ever since. Aliens were allowed to do abductions as long as they recorded subjects, wiped their minds and released them unharmed with no memories. In exchange the aliens provided high technologies like the Transistor, printed circuit boards, fiber optics, lasers, masers, particle beams, new metal technologies, and anti-gravity as well as the LED and advanced communications means.
Later on it was found that abductees were remembering their abductions, other humans were being adducted, not recorded and not returned, and some even used as food. I know this sounds nuts but this has been reported by insiders. Secret Space War Program technicians began working with Aliens on advanced projects in Deep Underground Bases (DUMBs) constructed and connected by the use of large tunnel boring machines, later ones nuclear powered that melted the earth and fused it for the wall of the tunnels.
In these joint programs secrecy was declared the number one concern and many serious measures were taken to maintain it. It was understood by those employed humans working in these programs would be killed if they broke protocol and leaked. Those doing the monitoring and executions for violating the secrecy were special Alien ET operatives referred to as “Men in Black”.
It was proclaimed that as soon as the US Secret Space War Program reached weapon parity with the Alien ETs, they would break paths and would publicly declare the presence of anti-gravity off-planet based UFO and the “Alien Presence”. This year the US Navy has released actual gunsight photos and other USG agencies have started releasing documents showing that Alien ETs and UFO are real. For the last several years the murders of leakers has stopped suggesting that weapons parity has been reached and the Secret Space War Program has separated from the Alien enforcement agents. The Secret Space War Program principals have now come to understand that Planet Earth is under attack by an evil alien force and has been for many years and this particular alien group is aligned with those who worship Lucifer aka Satanism.
Apparently battle lines have been drawn and this particular Alien ET enemy which has a strong alliance with the world’s top leaders aka the Globalist/NWO crowd which has hijacked most of the governments and the largest Int’l corporations as well as the medical societies, top courts and judges and the institutions of American govt.
So what we have here is a certain defense related group fighting an off planet based group of evil aliens that have aligned with the power brokers that run Planet Earth, things many call “Draco Reptilians” and refer to numerous verses in the Bible that they claim reference these snake like creatures that can shape-shift in and out of human form an can breed with human females.
Supposedly, in the US, the Continuation of Government Program (COG) has been invoked for the 2nd time (the first was after 911 when it was run by Dick Chicanery). Hopefully he is out of there by now as he was allegedly involved in 911. Very little is known about who is on COG, what its actual goals are, or whether it has been co-opted by the Luciferians/Satanists or not. It has not been reported if Donald Trump is part of this or not but many b hypothesize that he may be on it and may be directing it.
So there you have the basic incredibly large and strange conflict Planet Earth and America is in, a final battle for our basic survival which is very much in question right now. Only a mass uprising of American populism can perhaps turn the tide from defeat to victory. There are many in America who believe this is mostly a spiritual battle between God Almighty and the Devil (Satan/Lucifer) and spiritual warfare must be deployed in order to defeat this evil. Those who believe in the Bible and/or conventional Christianity believe that faith in Jesus Christ and prayer will be the tools which will defeat this incredible evil which is attacking us on every single front possible, as if it is being run by a large Quantum Computer using self-reprograming (on the go) Artificial Intelligence.
The Globalist/NWO crowd have tried to destroy every America institution by: confusing normal male/female sex roles; destroying the family; the abomination of our food with GMO and the poisoning and contamination of our water and air and clothing; perverting the schools  and education; dirtying up the cities with CIA trafficked narcotics and illegal drugs like Chinese manufactured synthetic opiates that kill 60-90,000 Americans a year; deploying a bioweapon CV-19 and derivatives along with low level spraying of poison gasses to irritate the lungs like CV-19, all done to create mass death, chaos, destroy small business and transfer massive funds to the large corporations; withholding of known effective treatments for CV-19 and actual wrong treatments deployed to murder those with CV-19 while in the hospital by some hospitals; massive illegal immigration financed by Soros and other Globalist/NWO folks providing trucks, busses and transport means to take these illegals to the US border from their native countries or wherever they are. Every weapon of war that can be conceived has been deployed against us to mas-murder us, take away our livelihood, destroy our happiness and destroy America and American Society. Note that the jab is not a vaccine, it is a spike protein micro nano factory inserted in many cells designed to harm you. Some will survive it, many may not.
Whether the enemy succeeds or fails is now up to us and how we respond. One thing is for certain, if folks sit back and stay in shock and do nothing, our side loses, we are all eliminated and no more children will be allowed to be conceived, born or live in due time.
On the other hand we know that inculcated truth is the most powerful weapon of war, so learn all you can from trusted Alt Media Internet authors who have a long track record and can be trusted. Ignore the major mass media which is an illegal News Cartel and does nothing but lie, only reporting weather and half truths at beats usually designed to create fear and mislead. Share information with trusted friends who want to know it, ignore those who are mind controlled and filled with lies. — AN UNKNOWN SOURCE