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Paul Boys is UK based (Manchester) Ex-military of 12 years . Paul currently is a self proclaimed freedom fighter, Reiki master, Hypnotherapist and man of God. Paul plans to make his way into a leadership/political role in the coming months due to his drive for wanting to lead people to their own salvation.

Paul has started a movement called Rise Up that gathered thousands of people to rise up against the UK government and its corruption. Paul also had a company called The 144 Reiki academy. In just several months Paul has trained hundreds of reiki healers so that they can prepare to help humanity in the coming dark months in this spiritual war.

Paul also has In-depth knowledge of the occult, secret societies and sacred knowledge. Paul has been working against the dark forces for several years working with ley lines, conducting exorcisms, and has also been working hard with his team to locate and prove that the true holy land is in fact in the UK and Ireland.


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