“The Pandora Papers is the largest-ever leak of records from tax havens and the largest journalistic collaboration. The investigation reveals the secret deals and hidden assets of more than 330 politicians and high-level public officials in more than 90 countries and territories, including 35 country leaders.”

However the release of the Pandora Papers may be more about supporting the establishment of a One World government and TAX OVERSIGHT worldwide rather than exposing criminal enterprises and cartels… or their operations.  Again and again the emphasis seems to be on tax havens and how countries are hiding wealth inside their borders (South Dakota coming out way in front)within the United States demonstrating that off-shore is not the only refuge for the rich.

Is this more about supporting an expanding AI/NWO intrusion into the affairs of individual countries rather than exposing how tax havens connect to nefarious and illegal enterprises?

It would seem so.  In fact one section of the report deals with looting and sale to museums and art houses antiquities whose roots are found to be old temple complexes in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and other countries.   But in the end if one extrapolates the reality is that all pieces have a history that reaches back to a country of origin and would actually belong to that country.  How does someone in a country with a history of power hierarchies not result in looting of local treasures from ancient sites where buildings and art pieces were on display later to fall to ruin from neglect avoid this cycle?  The poor will loot and sell local statuary and ancient relics found locally in order to feed their families.  Once acquired by an enterprising individual either local or traveling through the pieces may eventually be sold for millions when they reach the auction house and then the museum.  This pattern must be repeated countless times as the ancient relics make the rounds.  Suddenly deciding that one “dealer” is acquiring stolen historical relics over another one is ludicrous when this is how ALL such relics have to be acquired.  Assuming of course they are not simply copies but originals that once adorned ancient sites and temples in their country of origin.

All this leads to the inevitable question of whether the plan is simply to transfer all pieces back to the museums of their respective countries only?  Thereby ensuring that no one other than those who travel to those countries will be able to see these vast antiquities.  Museums and art houses do serve a need for peoples of the world to share in the beauty and history of other unfamiliar and foreign places without having to travel to those countries.  Certainly there are limits to how much looting and ransacking of ancient pieces from ancient sites can be done before the sites themselves become ravaged and depleted of their wealth and history.

However none of this reveals what is again a growing trend to expose the trail of money to government sponsored tax collectors linked ultimately to a one world government that will eventually take control of ALL of the wealth of the world leaving the local countries both without the items and the profits of their heritage.  This is what seems to me to be a more nefarious endeavor than one of simply exposing the ways the rich hide their money.  The journalists involved in this endeavor should be careful to understand what appears to be a good and positive service to humanity could result in greater tyranny and control than they ever dreamed of.


The Minister of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia along with local dignitaries and Bradley J Gordon, legal advisor to the ministry, during a ceremony welcoming five returned relics at the National Museum, Phnom Penh on September 29, 2021. Image: Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia – UYFC


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