Article by Kerry Cassidy

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW AND SEE MY COMMENTARY…  Article updated October10, 2021


Breaking news:   FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE BAR IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA…has said that Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are being sued by Dominion and both Lin Wood  and Sydney Powell have filed countersuits.   But both Wood and Powell, he says,  will settle out of court… (this has NOT been verified) and the Dominion evidence would be sealed for life as part of their settlements.  The reason for this is believed to be that if they submitted the intellectual data on the dominion servers it will start the Civil war.  This too however is the reasoning that may be behind the reticence to reveal the real evidence of the collusion of foreign powers in stealing our election.

Sydney Powell and Lin Wood have countersued $2 billion each.  This former head of the Bar/lawyer is saying they will most likely take the deal to settle out of court.  Considering the dedication to the cause of both Powell and Wood this seems unlikely.  More investigation is needed on this topic.

There is the possibility however that Giuliani could still bring the dominion servers into his court case revealing the truth if he does not settle out of court.  NOTE:  there is no proof that Lin Wood, Sydney Powell or Giuliani would settle and not persist in bringing the servers into court.  It is unclear whether someone else could bring the servers into a courtroom over the Election decertify issue at this time.  More investigation needed on what is really delaying releasing the DOMINION SERVER digital evidence of foreign interference to the public.  

THE DOMINION SERVER ISSUE IS EVIDENCE NOT ONLY OF ELECTION FRAUD BUT OF INTERFERENCE WITH OUR ELECTION BY FOREIGN POWERS WHICH CONSTITUTES AN ACT OF WAR… Some of those foreign powers/countries mentioned are GERMANY, UK, CHINA AND THE VATICAN. It is also significant and should be considered  that the release of COVID19 is an act of war and an invasion…  Covid19 is a proven bioweapon aimed at DNA modification of the human genome and takeover of our carbon bodies with synthetic antibodies linking the vaxxed to a AI network that could be called the Borg and connected to the CCP.  The graphene nano builds a lattice-like network throughout the body and causes respiratory failure and blood clots especially in those with weakened immune systems.

Hypothetically, the TRUMP TEAM have decided not to bring the evidence from the Dominion Servers INTO THE PUBLIC AND TO THE SUPREME COURT…(or any court) because if they did so they believe it would result in a civil war because our country is too divided.  According to Juan O Savin spokesman for the Trump team, this may change if the critical mass of 80% could be reached prior to the release of this information.  Estimates are that over 70% of the U.S. population are now highly critical of the Biden administration.

Now it is worth noting that if Trump runs in 2024 and wins he could go for re-election and hold office for 2 terms.   If they decertify the election via the Supreme Court that would mean that Trump could come forward as the Commander and Chief and President of the Republic before that. However, he could not run again in 2024. Update:  as of October 7, 2021, Juan O Savin claims that Trump will come forward as Commander in Chief, having been sworn in by the military back in March 2021 after they recognized that the election had been stolen and that Trump was the actual winner.  In fact, Juan states on a recent show, that Trump will first come forward as Commander in Chief, with the backing of the military before he returns to office as President presumably sometime during or after what is being called “Red October”.   



At this point, it is not clear whether Trump and team will push to have the election decertified or whether the courts, even the Supreme Court, could be trusted to consider the evidence without prejudice.  At this point the Justice system is widely known to be corrupt and compromised from the point of view of Republicans and others as has been demonstrated over many years.

The continued state audits in spite of the substantial evidence of fraud in the elections from both the Arizona audit and the Dominion servers appears as a sort of treading water while waiting for a greater demonstrated discontent among the population.

How much longer they will wait before the military comes forward with Trump as Commander is unclear.   —KERRY CASSIDY, Project Camelot 09.27.21


So when you listen to the VIDEO BELOW you see that having an “audit” at all when FRAUD is already proven by dozens of POLL WORKERS and the DOMINION SERVERS was a useless TIME CONSUMING OPERATION….  Judges are only human and can be threatened and killed… 



WHY TRUMP WAS SO DEDICATED TO SELLING THE VACCINES…. is it because he and his family are threatened?  Many Americans would prefer to know the real truth about why Trump has positioned himself so completely in the camp of the vaxxed in spite of the gathering evidence on the real agenda behind Covid and the vaccines.  Part of the DEAL with those that are threatened, is that they are not allowed to say they are threatened.  According to Juan O Savin, Trump did so in order to get out ahead of the medical tyranny by taking the lead on developing a vax and throwing a wrench into the Cabal plans.  Unfortunately, with the growing list of vaccine danger and deaths Trump’s move only makes him appear as culpable as those who are seen by many as commiting crimes against humanity, even planned genocide.

What is happening here on Earth is being orchestrated from off-Earth. You can change the percentage of evil but good versus evil will continue as part of the system of polarities engaged in this dimension.

Were audits ever going to work given the rigged system we are dealing with?

Some say repeatedly using the same method to get a. different  OUTCOME is the definition of insanity… The audit was already rigged according to the video above, they destroyed at least some of the evidence before they even started the Arizona audit.  More evidence on this is said to be coming out in the next few weeks.  Let’s hope it will reach the public and not be side-lined by further mainstream disinfo and ridicule.

–Article by Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

Forensic Audit Aftermath: Top 12 LIES and TRUTHS

The America Project discusses 12 Lies and Truths that have surfaced from the aftermath of the Maricopa County Forensic Audit.





MUST WATCH.  The setup:    The online Patriot broadcaster “Phil” was invited to a phone call with Trump and 4 people (who appeared to be military possibly Generals) in which he (Phil and others) could listen but not participate on the DARK WEB.  

The info:


This text was posted on some newsgroups on skype that I am part of:

….”Phil, the guy who did the BRILLIANT unraveling of the PCAP story after the Mike Lindell symposium, and revealed the logical way for POTUS to return to his position, just got a phone call, and Donald Trump was on it.   The call was strange. There were four subjects, but the discussion about those subjects didn’t seem important. Phil gives his speculation about the call. And I think he’s right. The conversation was not important. But the subjects were. We are not just waiting for the Arizona audit. We are waiting for a complete set of state audits. And negotiations are underway about who will be removed.   Listen to the whole thing, starting after about 13:30 minutes. Run it at 1.5x. It is a very interesting speculation.”– from a newsgroup.  Note:  I suggest listening to the whole thing.



So 4 topics on the conversation…1.  Negotiation 2. Afghanistan. 3.  Hurricane Ida. 4. The Audits.  ??  At this point I am part way through… Now done watching entire video.

But judging from what he talks about so far…. It would appear those topics are the moves/counter moves on the board that are stress points which are supposed to put Trump back in office or keep him out of office because they are Deep State moves.  Except… from what we know, Afghanistan was ‘allowed to happen’   so was Covid and vaxes… because it suited the Agenda or at least they didn’t put up a fight …the Trump team.    And lastly they have the Dominion server info called Pcaps…and now they also have the AUDIT info… Game OVER.  But the Trump team has Afghanistan to blame on Biden…and get him to resign over it…Will he?  Of course he won’t do anything…it’s the Dark magicians who need to have him removed.  Kamala has no legit birth certificate so she’s out.  Lastly there’s Pelosi who everyone hates…. The video (Phil who does a great job) points out that because Trump and team have the real election data now they are negotiating a SURRENDER OF THE DEEP STATE.  But will it happen.  So far.  Their response is HURRICANE IDA…. what’s next?

This is SUCH a double-edged sword because if it is clear that you knew….but did nothing or even went along with it (COVID FAKE PANDEMIC) aren’t you just as guilty?  We now know they have clear evidence of election fraud but haven’t released it because they are afraid of CIVIL WAR.   Keep in mind the DARK SIDE wants a civil war because if this country is busy fighting itself…internally.  China can enter and take over …. THAT’S WHAT THE DEEP STATE WANTS.. of course.  Keep in mind that the Pcaps/ Dominion evidence and even the votes on blockchain has always been in the hands of the TRUMP TEAM behind the scenes.  Now they have done the “busy work” of proving it.  So now they need to release the truth to the country….but the problem is CIVIL WAR… or at least mass violence… they think.  So they are HOLDING off using that done deal as their bargaining chip with the DARK SIDE.–Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot originally posted to my TELEGRAM CHANNEL in the middle of the night around 3AM…

KEEP IN MIND… that HURRICANE IDA is a WEATHER WAR WEAPON RELEASED BY THE DEEP STATE CABAL to demonstrate that if the ELECTION RESULTS get released to the public they will unleash their fury… Hurricane Ida was their WARNING TO THE TRUMP TEAM.  A 911 FALSE FLAG WOULD BE THEIR NEXT MOVE…in theory.  And as I was writing this I received a phone call….Call it a synchronicity.  

Caveat:  I personally have not had any vision regarding the date 9.11 so far however it is clear that THE ELECTION RESULTS ARE IN and must be given to the PEOPLE… if Biden and team do not step down then (in theory) the Trump team will release the results.  THIS IS THE DEFINING MOMENT.  Which side will back down?  Where to we go from here?  And if Biden steps down and Trump is back in will they release the results anyway?  And how does any of this really prevent violence or civil war if the PEOPLE choose otherwsie?

10:28. Just got off the phone with a source.  A Catholic mystic, Anna Marie has had a premonition or vision that there is going to be a FALSE FLAG ON 911 (not hard to imagine) ….but they have some detail.  Posting that info here in hopes making it public will STOP IT!


Sept. 5, 2021
Hi Kerry,
Please note that Anna Marie, a Catholic mystic, was shown a vision of a “bomb” detonating.  Jesus mentioned that prayer has mitigated this coming chastisement.  Please read the message below as Anna Marie describes the vision of the bomb explosion.  Anna Marie believes the explosion will take place on Sept. 11, 2021:
I believe an attack is being planned in New York City to destroy the Freedom Tower.  Please pray to mitigate this act of terrorism.  — FROM A SOURCE
copy of message from link above:
another piece of possible intel
Brendon O’Connell V — “…without martial law in the U.S. you will never clean this out..”

I talk about the latest info regarding Trump”s DARK WEB phone call, the vision of the Catholic mystic, Anna Marie and the visions of 4 remote viewers of a mushroom cloud sometime in Sept. , Biden, Q and Juan O Savin.

Developing story….

09.26.2021 UPDATE.  REMOTE VIEWER DAZ SMITH will be my guest on Tuesday the 28th.  See videos below for more info.


You can quote me….Kim Goguen..of course she’s programmed she’s anunnaki..that’s why they tried to manage her so completely.  It doesn’t mean she hasn’t broken away and isn’t trying to chart her own course.
Same with Trump… maybe he comes from a long line of Black Sun but he too has broken away and is charting a new course. 

Even those on the dark side eventually come to the light,  It’s just a matter of time.

–KL Cassidy

UPDATED:  09.22.2021. also see my previous post here with the info from the REMOTE VIEWERS WHO are being careful and withholding key information on what they really saw…

UPDATE 9.24.21

LA PALMA:  a new fissure has opened in the North end of the island as of yesterday and they are saying they are detecting another volcano in the North… So this means that La Palma is actually made up of 2 volcanos.  Whether the 2nd volcano is active is not clear.

I received communication from one of the remote viewers who saw a “mushroom cloud”.  His name is Daz Smith and he is one of the top remote viewers in the world.  I have interviewed him in the past.

Posting the following at his request:

This is an email response from Daz Smith to my questions regarding getting more detail on the Mushroom Cloud remote viewing.

Daz wrote:

From: daz smith <[email protected]>
Date: September 23, 2021 at 08:13:38 PDT
To: Kerry Cassidy <[email protected]>


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