MY QUESTION TO JUAN O SAVIN:    POSTED TO TWITTER & TELEGRAM.      SO if the Arizona results are due to be announced FRIDAY then La Palma and the Woodward book PERIL are deep state efforts to distract and even stop this… Are you doing any shows on this?  Is the result going to make it through or will something stop it?  Or will it simply be derailed?  
Addendum:   And yeah yeah…I heard your Red October lecture with Jaco…. No real data just “it’s coming” “watch McAfee” and “Red October”….. 
LA PALMA…. Remote viewers hiding something…
More evidence the remote viewers ARE HIDING SOMETHING…. The images of this eruption are striking and based on their latest update the RVers seem to be purposely misdirecting the audience away from what they really saw…. When viewing this event seeing a “mushroom cloud” is the least of what is really happening.  The magma is rising into the air and increasing…While just now the USGS came forward to try to debunk the theory of the east coast of the U.S. being potentially effected by a Tsunami.  USGS is lying about a lot of things and has for years… they are more of a COVERUP agency than an agency that reports what’s really happening.  Also must see this short UK expert video which totally contradicts the USGS…providing a VERY persuasive argument.     correct link:
MY EARLY REVIEW ON THE BOOK “PERIL” — OPENING PARAGRAPH FROM BOOK “PERIL” BY WOODWARD AND ROBERT COSTA…..”Two days after the January 6, 2021, violent assault on the United States Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump, General Mark Milley, the nation’s senior military officer and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, placed an urgent call on a top secret, back-channel line at 7:03 a.m. to his Chinese counterpart, General Li Zuocheng, chief of the Joint Staff of the People’s Liberation Army.” —PERIL
The opening presumption of this book is that the events at the Capitol in Washington DC (where there were thousands of peaceful protestors) is characterized as a “violent assault” by “supporters of Donald Trump”… in reality the majority of those actually inside the Capitol were the Democrat plants dressed as Republicans, having been carefully bused in and then LET IN by the police in attendance.  This opening SLANT to the very first paragraph in the book leaves no illusions that this will be an honest investigative report instead demonstrating early on that it will be a piece of PROPAGANDA carefully aimed at discrediting Trump and our democracy by THE STATE.—Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

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