I talk about the negotiation, the traitors, the Taliban and the women, crimes against humanity, JFKjr and the airplane crash and the Navy, white hats and the military.




UPDATE:   On Friday October1st  AUTHOR JOHN KOERNER will be my guest.  Koerner investigated John Kennedy Jr.’s crash and wrote a book called EXPLODING THE TRUTH… watch my recent update where I talk about this story… new info:  someone sent this to me:  here is a summary of the article and a twist that Mr. Koerner failed to consider when writing his book:

The military alliance, which formed after the JFK SR assassination, had Jr’s back throughout his life and knew there would be attempts on his life.

Jr’s security (military alliance) discovered a bomb on Jr.’s plane. The military replaced it with a bomb that had a trigger (possibly an altitude trigger which would engage the bomb when the plane descended).

A navy pilot flew the plane instead of Jr and family.Pilot played a recording of Jr. asking for permission to land.

The pilot parachuted out in the dark of the night as the bomb was triggered and the plane exploded.(A reason for Jr’s plane take-off at night)

Killary, Bush and DS would believe that their bombing was successful and would make sure any investigation was prevented so their bombing was covered-up.(Jr’s sting operation)

The military alliance made sure that the bomb was so explosive that bodies would have been blown to smithereens and could not be found.Recovery detail was told not to search for/recover bodies(to also prevent evidence of bombing).Perfecto! — summary submitted by a Camelot viewer

RECENT INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR JOHN KOERNER:  rumble.com/vljqeg-what-really-happened-to-john-f-kennedy-jr-best-of-richard-syrett-strange-pl.html


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