EMBEDDED SHOW HERE for those who knew Robert and his work.

Reposting in tribute to the good work of Robert David Steele.

According to Juan in the above video. HE DID NOT SAY WE WERE AT DEFCON ANYTHING…MY MISTAKE LISTEN at approx 49:00 minutes in….. Anyone with more info please contact me.

MY FURTHER COMMENT:    So the threat was a COG threat… according to Juan at around 56:00 mins in he is talking about some event that may threaten our “continuity of gov” …and our ability to respond….militarily.  He cites an example of a meteor or solar flare… but then switches to a letter of resignation from a marine…. It’s a rather confusing group of information but the bottom line appears to be that the COG threat level has increased.  Yet by all appearances the hypothetical threat is actually coming from OUTSIDE the U.S.  AND our gov is somehow impaired in its ability to respond constituting a COG threat.  So sounds like both Defcon and what one contact told me is called THREATCON….So which is it?  Both?  And then Kim mentions her intel regarding “sextex and ballistic missiles” found in Colorado… Did they come from inside or outside the U.S…. so is it a THREATCON OR A DEFCON “2” or what???




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