UPDATE.  Spent most of the day yesterday trying to get the DAY 2 TEST to arrive.  The company with ads everywhere here in Britain on mainstream websites called Project Screen, Prenetics  was supposed to send our tests but they never arrived.  Spent hours on the phone going back and forth with them trying to get the tests in time for the deadline.  In the end we had to book tests with another company and were delivered tests within an hour of booking… Did the home test and sent it back to the company called ONE5 HEALTH.  

We found out from one of the people answering the phone at Prenetics that some people waited as long as 10 days for their “Day 2” test to arrive!!!

This whole thing is a scam needless to say.  However the TESTS and sequencing of the tests DAY 2, DAY 8 AND DAY 5 — MUST CONTAIN SOMETHING DIFFERENT than the common CV tests you order online or take at a local clinic… because when we inquired at various providers if we could simply TAKE ANY PCR TEST AT ANOTHER CLINIC we were told it could ONLY  be a “Day 2” test officially labeled by the British government.  This PROVES that the DAY 2, DAY 8 AND DAY 5 TESTS actually:

  1.  COLLECT something different than the ordinary mass produced PCR or Antigen tests 
  2. CONTAIN something different than your ordinary tests that gets into YOU!

PEOPLE NEED TO BE AWARE OF THIS!!!  So be warned.  This policy now embedded in BRITISH REGULATIONS on their .gov site is TESTING SOMETHING DIFFERENT OR GATHERING SOMETHING DIFFERENT from the test subjects.   We know the original test swabs have been analyzed and found to contain NANO and Darpa Hydrogel, and other suspect substances:  NOTE:  IVERMECTIN appeared to clear the hydrogel structures..

We did our Day 2 tests…both negative so now we have one more test to pass on day 5… since they do a stupid counting method they say the day we arrived at 7:30AM is not considered DAY 1 of the stupid quarantine!! So we have to count from the Monday… so our day 5 is Friday so we will have to miss the first day of my conference!!  But I will skype in and just say hello maybe do some short interviews or something with my speakers  Then Friday MORNING at 6AM we take the day 5 tests and send them off to get results before FRIDAY NIGHT so we can then BE FREE..

The NHS called and interrogated us!!  ….we are being tracked and traced..fcking nAzis…See the pic below we took of an unopened “DAY 2 TEST SWAB”… NANO THREADS OBVIOUSLY VISIBLE WITH A GOOD LENS (used for close ups of gem stones)…AND the Swab COMES FROM CHINA!!!

Wuxi NEST Biotechnology Co.,Ltd › …
Wuxi NEST Biotechnology Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. ICP Record No.12039766. Add : No. 530, Xida Road, New District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China.

In addition to filling out PLF forms and doing TESTS ON DAY 2, 5, AND 8  of the Quarantine (house arrest) the NHS TRACK & TRACE IS CALLING ME EVERY DAY TO ASK ME THE SAME QUESTIONS…. and I was told I would be FINED if I didn’t answer their questions!!  TO CALL AND ASK THE EXACT SAME QUESTIONS EVERY DAY IS INSANE!!!  The exact same questions that are on the PLF form that they have in their database.  I am trying to hold out here until I do my conference but I will then get the hell out of this place!




UPDATE.  I am now in the UK… not too much trouble getting here… Had to do another test but this time made a big deal about it and a kind Doctor on the island intervened and let me do throat swab instead of nasal… Used colloidal silver before and after…swam in sea and today will be taking MMS again.

Got help from Cyber Security expert and had to trash/erase my computer… my main one is at home.  Also trashed suitcase.  Se la vie.  

Now set to do conference on Thursday and Friday night the 22nd and 23rd.  Great line-up nearly sold out both nights…  We are waiting to see if any surprise revelations come from “Boris” tomorrow.  Strangely when we went through airport security they didn’t even say we had to self-isolate “quarantine”.. but had to fill out Passenger Locator Form and covid test proof (antigen)… There is NOT ONE THING about any of this plan-demic that makes logical sense…. The masks are diabolical …to the user and the tests are clear indication they ARE TRACKING THE CHANGES IN YOUR DNA as a result of the NANO and graphene..MRNA replicator/manipulators.  We are talking about a construction crew (nano) directed by AI… coming in on scalar waves and 5G.   The British are the most rampant over testing people wanting no less than 3 tests on entry and during self-quarantine for well people… such madness.  

It will be fun to see everyone later this week… stay tuned.

Juan O Savin did a good update recently with Nino Rodriguez who left it up for a few hours then takes it down because he is worried about losing his youtube channel.  I am offering to post it on my server or my Odysee channel… I don’t have to worry so much about censorship not being on Youtube anymore…waiting to see if I can post the video.  Just trying to help the cause.



Hi Everyone: I traveled to Corfu Greece to take a short vacation just prior to doing my yearly conference Awake & Aware in the UK on July 22nd & 23rd. If the UK “OPENS” on the 19th as promised I will fly there for my conference. If not I will return to the U.S. Every year (normally) I take a week or two vacation like most people… However this year I had to do a covid test as a requirement to enter Greece. And a strange thing happened at the airport and they conveniently LOST MY BAGGAGE.. so for several days I was without my computer (which was in my bag). I finally got it back yesterday and found they had installed a new operating system and obviously messed around with it… I finally got it working today…


Hi everyone …my Greek saga continued… So this is what happened and how they got hold of my suitcase and laptop!  I checked in at the AIR FRANCE check in desk and the guy there told me …” You don’t have the right kind of ticket to be able to take a “carry on”.  You will have to check your suitcase!  So I wasn’t really thinking about it but it sounded strange… He didn’t offer for me to pay extra to carry on my suitcase which by the way is the SMALLEST type suitcase you can even have (I carry that and a soft bag that I throw a bundh of stuff in over-the-shoulder…it is even smaller than the required. 22″ x 14″ x 9″…  I had planned to carry it on because ahead of time I knew I was flying to Athens with a 1 hour change planes in Paris CDG airport… And I thought there might be a problem with my luggage not showing up… (I usually try to fly direct but this was a very cheap ticket… around $800 whereas I usually fly to Europe by way of the UK but flying to the UK at that time was close to $2000 roundtrip.  So I opted to go to Corfu via Athens and meet my good griend in Corfu (he flies from the UK).  Anyway… so I hesitated… Then I thought well I have never heard of a ticket where you can’t bring a carry-on… But OK just let me put one of those little tie-on identity tages on it… But the guy said hey don’t worry about that and he printed out a luggage tag with my full name KERRY CASSIDY on it going length-wise… So I said ok.  Later I wondered whether all luggage tags had your name printed on is that a new thing?  Anyway I now realize I was a fool to let the guy take my luggage.  And should have made a fuss over it. The guy assured me my luggage would be checked through to ATHENS. Then sure enough even BEFORE I LANDED IN ATHENS I got a message from Air France that my suitcase had NOT arrived on the plane and I needed to go to their baggage desk.  But I had to catch a connecting flight to Corfu.  And due to a whole security series of baggage and b order controls… Immigration checks going through to the Aegean flight I didn’t have time to go to the Air france baggage area just to be told what they already texted to me… But once I reached the Gate for the flight to Corfu on Aegean Air I thought I would just have one of the Airline desks call to the baggage area of Air France and tell them I received their message and try to arrange for the bag to be sent on to Corfu.  I checked with 4 different Aegean flight people at the desks but NONE OF THEM were capable of making a call UPSTAIRS to Air France….They claimed they didn’t have the number and couldn’t help me.  All compeltely USELESS.  Of course being in the same airport and not being able to pick up a phone and call into another airline desk is absurd but this is how the Greeks apparently operate… as if we are back in the sixties… or worse.  So I had to go on my plane without resolving the issue of my bag.  The Air France text notiication contained a phone number which did not work and no other info on how to contact them either.   So for the next few days after arriving I tried sending emails to the appropriate offices of Air France and Aegean searching for my bag and calling and being hung up on and put on hold for hours etc.  I began to think I would NEVER FIND MY BAG…. Note:  We had 2 bags on the way to EGYPT GET LOST FOR DAYS EN-ROUTE… and we KNEW THEY WERE PURPOSELY DELAYED BY THE GOV SO THEY COULD SEARCH THEM AND SO I knew that is what had happened to my bag… Finally on the 3rd day I received an email saying my bag had landed in Athens and I wrote back begging them to send it on to CORFU AIRPORT. Then after several more calls I managed to be told the bag would arrive on an Aegean flight that night… but they wouldn’t forward it to my hotel.  I had to go pick it up at the airport.  So the next morning we drove back to the airport and then I had to pound on the door of the office that holds lost luggage and the people were not there… Then I tried the door out of frustration and it opened.  The small office was empty but there in the middle of the room all by itself was my suitcase!!! I finally got someone to look at my passport to see it matched the name on the luggage tag (which by now was there but different…yet still had my name printed on it!)…. and then when I opened it in the car of course I saw it had been searched.  And when I opened my computer there was some MICROSOFT WARNING about accepting some type of rules in order to “proceed”… only to find it was not my desktop but a wiped clean desktop in the process of installing a MOJAVE OPERATING SYSTEM.  I should tell you that I have “auto updates” on my computer turned off…because we cannot trust auto updates.. especially when you have special software like Final Cut editing suite involved…. eventually I managed to get into the computer finding that whoever hacked it had gone in as.a “guest user” and my original folders, files and desktop was still there behind that… So I logged out the “guest user’ and was able to access my normal desktop.  Now I had been thinking of getting another computer recently so now I am definitely going to do so because I have NO IDEA what kind of tracking tracing toys they uploaded into this computer… or what they have done.  Most of my files are on the cloud but now whoever hacked it has all my passwords etc.  I do wonder why in this high tech age they even needed to DELAY MY LUGGAGE in order to search it and my computer.. but this is what happened… and why I was not online for a few days…

Aside from the above Corfu is always fabulous…

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