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I read the book WATERGATE HOAX by Ashton Gray.  Gray goes into minute blow by blow detail proving Watergate was a planned CIA op.  And how it was a cover for stealing the L. Ron Hubbard protocols/works that deal with auditing and the higher OT levels.  The motive behind this is that the CIA & MJ12 had found that they needed a greater deterrent to keep people and especially Presidents and unwelcome pesky members of government out of the loop and in the dark. 

At this point, I think one can safely say that CIA is the operational side of MJ12.

And they had a problem.  Kennedy had plenty of enemies so he was easy to assassinate and because it was a public spectacle and setting it suited the Illuminati black magicians embedded in MJ12 (and CIA) to get rid of him that way…. But their real reason was the fact that Kennedy knew the truth about ET and the secret gov/secret space program… Deep state call it what you will.  And was going to reveal it to the American public.  In Dallas.  And they knew it.  So they carefully planned and executed the President.

They thought they had things covered until they brought in Nixon and they found that he no longer wanted to play on their team.  What they didn’t bargain on was that he was a haunted man.  He had been involved in the Bay of Pigs debacle.  And he must have realized then that something did not add up.  It appears that he found out bits and pieces about the ET (alien invasion) side of the story involving Cuba, the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis and when he tried to investigate further they denied him the documents…(see

…”Both of Nixon’s chief aides, Bob Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, noted in their memoirs that the president seemed obsessed with what he called the “Bay of Pigs thing.” Both were convinced that when Nixon used the phrase, it was shorthand for something bigger and more disturbing. Nixon did not tell even those closest to him what he meant.” –Russ Baker’s book, Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.

Added note:  Nixon was around in the days of Eisenhower and party to the deals with ETs made by that administration.  He is also the one who took Jackie Gleason into an underground base and showed him an alien body.  So what went down in the Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile crisis had to be many levels escalated from what he already knew.

According to Captain Mark Richards, a top disclosure witness who has been framed for a murder he did not commit and who has served over 35 years in prison and so is conveniently easily discredited, the Bay of Pigs/Cuban Missile Crisis involved a standoff with a certain group of invading ETs and this is what was really behind the attempt to remove Castro… See all 12 interviews with Captain Richards here.

This is the key piece of missing information that puts the Nixon obsession with the Bay of Pigs and what it really referred to into focus.  

Apparently, Nixon tapped into at least some of this as one of the heads planning the Bay of Pigs invasion but he never knew the whole story.  And he couldn’t let it go.  He became obsessed as indicated above.  Understandably, one could say, considering it involved not only the realization that ET exists and is here on Earth but also that they (or at least some) are not friendly! So in order to protect their secrecy around this and the Secret Space Program,  Nixon had to go.  He had become a man who knew too much, just like Kennedy. 

However, they (the CIA/MJ12) needed a way to get rid of Nixon and not make the U.S. look like some banana republic where our Presidents get assassinated routinely revealing a military junta which in essence is what we are…

And this is where Ashton Gray’s premise comes in involving mind control coupled with remote viewing and psi-tech, and everything they were learning around that time related directly to Hubbard’s research using the E-meter in Scientology. The CIA/MJ12 need a methodology to change the future and at the same time hide what they were actually doing from the public.  

Gray states Ingo Swann and Hal Puthoff were CIA and he believes they were tasked with developing this approach. That they, using skills and techniques refined through what are called the OT levels in Scientology, could be used to remote view the future and affect (manipulate) MEST as they call it in Scientology (matter, energy, space and time) in essence to get people and events to transpire as they wished them to happen. This includes a way to preview things that might otherwise be missed… They had their key.  In essence, Scientology utilizes tried and true formulas used by card-carrying magicians, witches and warlocks everywhere. The difference was in the added element of ‘tech’ (use of the E-meter and methodology) that Hubbard had developed that would make the outcome of their actions more manageable and predictable resulting in a reliable outcome.

So they launched their op and put the pieces in place as the author Ashton Gray so carefully documents in his book WATERGATE HOAX. 

The only trouble with Ashton’s premise about the stealing of Hubbard’s OT levels, the kidnapping and eventually murder of Hubbard (assuming that is what happened) is that he most probably will never tell the public that the whole thing was about hiding the reality of ET dealings with our secret government and jewel in the crown (so-to-speak) “secret space program’ into which they had poured trillions of dollars.

So kudos to Ashton Gray for going as far as he has but not quite far enough.  I am taking you the rest of the way.  Because as a published author, and a Scientologist, Ashton Gray knows about the ET/alien visitation/invasion side of things but he could hardly risk derailing his wonderfully researched book by alluding to Aliens.  I am gambling that he and his publisher would figure that the risk of the giggle factor would be far too high and all his hard work would get thrown out by critics and readers in the mainstream who were in no way prepared to deal with the entire crux of Hubbard’s research that centered on, you guessed it, the presence of invasionary forces of ETs… that he (Hubbard) knew were real.

Side Note:  I am jumping ahead in the Ashton Gray book and have to verify my theory by finishing his book… but I am fairly certain he won’t touch this truth.  So certain that I am going to email this article to his publishers in the hope that Ashton will see it and be willing to contact me.  UPDATE:  I have now finished the WATERGATE HOAX book by Ashton Gray and see that my assessment regarding the ET factor was correct.  He does not allude to this connection at any time.  Caveat:  However, Gray is now hard at work on a follow-up book about PROJECT STARGATE where he will have to at least refer to alien thing at some point if his investigation is honest.  

So we have a nice reveal on how the secret government has actually used mind control tactics, remote viewing and Hubbards research to mind control an entire country (the U.S.) and depose a President.  And there’s more… and all of this leads to what the hell they are going to do to get rid of Trump.  Because it doesn’t look like assassination is going to work in his case… But so far, the Navy who are in charge of Trump (one faction of the Navy) are playing a careful game.  They know they can’t go Mano Mano up against MJ12/CIA and the dark cabal.  Mj12 goes by many names and has far more than 12 members.  They know they have to skirt around and reveal things to the people slowly and carefully while keeping their guy (Trump) alive long enough to effectively take back the country.

Current State of Play

So far, their Russia ploy hasn’t stuck and Trump’s team have captured a pawn in the game (Epstein) a small player but significantly showy enough to capture the eye of the public at least for the moment and focus them on the human trafficking/pedophile/ satanic network that is dominating MJ12 and the secret government.

They have a problem with Epstein however, because they may have to kill or incapacitate him before he turns states witness and talks.

The Trump team doubtless know that they need to draw the attention of the public to the role of Reptilians by focusing on the dark magicians/Satanists running the world and their modus Operandi (human trafficking and pedophilia).  They are required to shine a light on this horror in order to turn this ship of state around.

Enter into the fray, Cambridge Analytica.  This is the new card the dark state has thrown into the mix (with the help of AI).  They now need to turn Trump into the culprit (like they did Nixon).  By convincing the public that he stole the election by using Cambridge Analytica.   Cambridge Analytica has more or less admitted they were involved with illegally using personal data from the public to manipulate elections.  There is a Netflix documentary now streaming called “The Great Hack”… that attempts to sell the notion that through targeted data collection, using Facebook among others, profiling voters, they were able to steal elections.  They claim this happened in the U.S. with Trump and with Brexit in the UK and then other smaller elections worldwide in smaller countries.

The trouble is the premise is wrong.  Advertising even when targeted is boring and less than effective.  And not nearly as influential as they like to give themselves credit for…

The people are no longer the lemmings they were in the 1950s..their DNA is changing and they are not so easily deceived or led.  Witness the explosion of truth-telling on Youtube etc.

So they have their work cut out for them.  But one can easily see they are busy building a case for how Trump manipulated the election through the use of Cambridge Analytica… A bit difficult since the company has now been dissolved**… but a case can and will be made. **Update:  According to a source the company simply moved across the street into another building and changed their name…

The trouble is, that it is false.  The Navy behind Trump did steal the election that is ..they stole it back ..from the Hillary camp who were hacking it begin with.  The Navy simply hacked it back!  I have a whistleblower who revealed this to me who was killed… Dr. Richard Davis.  See my interview with him where he hints at what he actually told me off-the-record.

So this is where, I predict, the next attacks against Trump are going to come, how Trump hired Cambridge Analytica and their profiling and illegal use of personal data to steal an election in the U.S.  (backed of course by the NSA who work directly with the Brits on intel). This approach is certain, they believe, to capture the outrage and imagination of the general public who are angry over the surveillance and use of their personal data by the state anyway…and here’s a way for the dark magicians to channel that anger and…they hope, take down yet another President who knows too much and has become a liability….

This story and the Admiral Wilson docs and the Kit Green Alien Autopsy doc are all leading in the same direction indicating not only has the ET story been guiding our foreign policy decisions and build-up of the military-industrial complex in the past, deposing presidents who know to much but it is the KEY pivotal motivating factor in what our country is doing right now.
A key deep black source has told me governments are in a mad rush to ‘arm up’ like never before right now using growing animosity between governments as a fake cover to allow them to rationalize this to the public.  What they are gearing for apparently is coming from outer space.  
Keep in mind that as Mark Richard’s says, any space-faring nation develops artificial intelligence… This means it is not only alien (organic) but silicon-based AI “life” forms that we are going to be confronting more and more as time goes on.
In addition, I was reminded that it was Nixon that showed Jackie Gleason the alien in an underground base which changed Gleason’s life (he had trouble keeping it together, his wife tried to leave him and it may have destroyed his career in show business.
A note about the Scientology connection to mind controlling the masses surrounding the Watergate Hoax:  This connection is still being investigated.  It is important to know that the Remote Viewing military programs; Grill Flame and Project Stargate as well as work by Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons is all predated by time-honored traditions within the occult secret societies, yogis of India and Sufis and more going back to the time of Atlantis all relate to development of ‘superpowers’ or enhanced psychic abilities in humanity.  Hubbard’s primary contribution had to do with the use of a technology (the E-meter) which externalized what was primarily a matter of inner self-development up to that time.  Hubbard, Crowley and Jack Parsons were contemporaries and appear to have tapped into the same discipline from different perspectives.  They also collaborated on what Parson’s and Crowley called their “Great Work” although this may be disputed by some.  Hubbard’s massive organization was taken over at some point and taken off track.  Project Camelot interviewed a “Scientology whistleblower” called Dane Tops, many years ago.  Recommended for those who wish for more background. 
The role of MKUltra, psychoanalysis, Freud and Jung’s work and the Nazi’s is also pivotal to the development and investigation leading to mass mind control now practiced regularly as part of what has been termed “the Matrix”.  Advances in the use of mind control in advertising, big pharma and now the advent of AI further complicate the issue.  The role of propaganda in exercising the control of the state over the masses, Tavistock Institute and Rand Corporation in social manipulation, is key.  The Vatican network worldwide through the Jesuits, intelligence organizations and the drive to mind control and manipulate thoughts and behavior all relate to this.
I have contacted Ashton Gray and invited him on the show to discuss his fascinating book and upcoming book on Stargate.

Stay tuned.

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