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I-40 span over Mississippi River shut after crack found

The Interstate 40 bridge over the Mississippi River has been closed after authorities said they found a crack in the span linking Arkansas and Tennessee


My comments here:

The placement of the pyramid next to the bridge is undeniable evidence they are strategically positioned to shut that corridor open in a heartbeat at any time.  This may simply be advance warning.
If we have a civil war the states will withdraw from the union …the Mississippi is a huge connector within the middle of the U.S.  
This may be a warning shot across the bow as they say.–Kerry Cassidy
IMO, this was done by space-based orbital high tech scalar wave/standing wave frequency (Tesla) weaponry (aka Alien ET technologies)
IMO, the group doing this has delivered a serious threat to all world leaders and top Intel  and defense officials that if they do not play ball according to the Globalist NWO leadership group (Stop Sabbattean Frankists) the major cities of the world will be destroyed piece by piece.
IMO, some leaders have been completely human compromised (bought off/bribed, blackmailed or induced into major felonies or capital perversions/cannibalism), some may have even been “replaced after being soul-snatched”, perhaps some cloned (no belly buttons, shorter life-spans, occasional weird glitches). Far out yes, but sad to say this technology exists and has been used for 30 years in DUMBs.
All these events are being pre-planned, orchestrated and deployed on the larqe quantum computer associated with Google Jigsaw.
Here are the Intel’s basic procedures which make their acts hard to identify:
1. create ongoing inconsistency by generating numerous false and true accounts on the internet to keep people confused
2. compartmentalize everything as much as possible into small operational groups. Feed each groups some different not essential anecdotal information that is true and some easily provably false to help discredit leaks and make leakers identified.
3. use deniable cutouts who are associated with drug cartels, or criminal enterprises (organized crime)
4. control top officials with very sophisticated and powerful human compromise operations, including blackmail/bribing and induction into major felony capital crimes such as pedophilia, child/human sacrifice and cannibalism.
5. control the masses with high powered orbital and ground generated pulsed beam EMF including scalar waves, D-waves, and UHF to flash the inhaled chemtrail nano-particles that are electromagnetically treated and have passed across the blood-brain barrier..–UNDISCLOSED SOURCE

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