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LIVE: Royal mummies moved to Cairo museum in ‘Golden Parade’ – ENGLISH

Ruptly is live from Cairo on Saturday, April 3, as 22 royal mummies are set to be moved to a new museum in a log-awaited ‘Golden Parade’ accompanied by firew…


SEE THIS VIDEO. note dated April 4th but actually happening on April 3rd:


.. I had another significant dream about JFK Jr.  being alive…AND being Juan O. Savin.

Actual date if you listen to the video above, the spike happened on APRIL 3, 2021 same day as my dream.  My dream happened in early morning April 3rd in California which would have been evening in Cairo…when the parade of Royal mummies was happening… 


And, see this :

Sent to me by a source and already public on the above telegram channel called GreatAwakening…




  1. I originally structured this as an email but I’m just going to post it as a comment instead.

    Hi Kerry,

    I’ve followed your work for years and I really support what you do and your perspective. RE the idea that the alternative sector has become very inflexible and that people don’t want a real discussion/debate, I think you are right on. There is a lack of scrutiny and subtlety.

    In that spirit, here’s a take on what we have seen with regard to “the plan”, “the patriots”, and Trump. 

    Trump has long been touted as a dealmaker, a la “Art of the Deal”. This has been given as a strength in his ability to govern as President. It’s also been interpreted as a strength when dealing with the deep state and satanic orders. In other words, he not only has the sense of principle to expel them (goodness, values) but also the know-how and dealmaking ability (practicality). 

    There may very well be truth to that in what we have seen for the past several years. However, I am also seeing a different, and more dangerous, possibility with regard to Trump and the “art of the deal”.

    It’s actually quite simple… simply connect some of these major concepts. We have Trump, we have dealmaking. We have the deep state. We have the satanic illuminati, the class of pedophiles, all the way to Lucifer. What we are talking about here is a different kind of dealmaking, that isn’t usually mentioned in patriot circles. We’re talking about a deal with the devil.

    I hardly need to go into the fact that this concept lies at the core of much of Western civilization, mythology, spirituality… plus the Bible. It’s common knowledge that you don’t make a deal with the devil. For one thing, Satan is not a trustworthy negotiating partner. For another, this seems to be highly damaging to a person’s ability to pursue good in the world.

    Now, I’m not going to say that one should or even “can” have a “no deals” policy with regard to the deep state and the dark occult behind them. I’m not really in a position to say. However, taking a broad view of things, we need to consider that maybe dealmaking, and a willingness to negotiate, was also a double-edged sword for Trump, the Patriots, and/or Q. What deals were actually made behind the scenes? With whom or what factions? We don’t have the answers to these questions. But, as we all know, this is a spiritual war in addition to a “3D” war. Meaning, you can’t really draw a line and say that Trump was only brokering deals with corporate moguls, media executives, royalty, etc. He would also, in some sense, be putting together a deal on a subtle, spiritual dimension. A deal that would affect the whole world. 

    Making deals is about keeping things orderly. It’s the civil and fluid route to making change, as opposed to other methods such as open conflict, forced disclosure, or revolution. Supposedly we all had to go the “dealmaking” and “trust the plan” route because it was the peaceful option. I.e., this would allow more and more people to wake up. However, it is growing increasingly dubious whether there is any way to dismantle the current illegitimate administration without producing massive civil unrest/revolution. Most people in the US and throughout the world, surely, believe Biden to be president. That’s not something you just undo in one day because the military makes a special announcement– assuming there is still a chance of this happening.

    So essentially, we have a series of secret deals, forged by the Trump team (or so we have been led to believe), that has led into this quagmire. Returning to my main theme, you have to look at this on a spiritual level. This also relates to some of the Rudolf Steiner material you recently posted, RE Ahriman and the eighth sphere. (Dark Journalist has also been heavy into this lately.) Ahriman is essentially the Luciferic agenda. Whatever deals were made behind the scenes, now we have a fully luciferian rollout of injections, with the mainstream media as crooked as ever. If this, too, was part of the plan, we need a really good explanation. 

    So, that said, there are some questions that any intelligent and spiritual person needs to be asking. Is there a subtle connection on a spiritual level between making deals with the deep state and making “deals with the devil”? If so, should this concern us? 

    For that matter, are there any deals or concessions the Trump team might have made that many of us (on the light) would find unacceptable? What if he signed us up for something by way of compromise, that we refuse and reject? This is also an interesting question that no one talks about.

    On a more practical level, what about Trump’s long history in business and real estate (and entertainment) before his political life? Did he have to make any deals to get there? You don’t have to jump to any conclusion about Trump working with the dark side per se, but there’s still a possibility that he would have made contracts with groups that they would have interpreted as binding him to their agenda. When the demonic forces feel that you owe them something or that you are beholden to them, they can become absolutely ruthless in clawing you back. It almost seems, in what we have observed in the past year+, that the dark side mustered such a massive show of support, taking their own power even to new levels. Was there a spiritual component here? Did Trump’s dealmaking and willingness to work with people come back to rob him of a kind of spiritual purity, or oneness he might need in order to make the massive changes Q was talking about?

    FYI, I am not blaming Trump as an individual whatsoever. These are only questions, since there are many unknowns in this equation. It certainly seems like Trump stood up for truth when he could, and the movement he built has been largely positive.

    I am concerned that people are not connecting these dots at all. If I am onto something with this theory, then it means that there truly is no compromise or “3D” solution that would allow for a phased retreat of the deep state and a simultaneous phased-in disclosure/”greatness plan”. In other words, it would mean that there can be no coexistence in any form, and thus making a deal with these people was always futile. Trump could not have secured any real  “capitulation” from them after he got into office, as has been widely alleged. If he did, it was misunderstood or phony.

    In such a case, the narrative we return to, by my reckoning, becomes quite Biblical. In other words, the showdown will have to be purely spiritual. No deals, no peaceful transition behind the scenes. Both sides, light and dark, seem to be totally committed to a plan of confusion right now. This may all be paving the way for a new kind of spiritual energy, or a new force, to return to the Earth. No plan or negotiation has the force necessary to drive the Ahriman energy out of here. We need to dig deep, because something much bigger is coming.

    (Maybe this was even understood by Trump/Q the whole time. In which case, the entire “plan” becomes essentially a placeholder for the next chapter. Or a doorstop if you will. That is also an idea worth considering.)

    Thanks for reading! Catch one of your shows soon.

    • This is a phenomenal inquiry. I agree with what you’ve put forward here and ive had the same questions and wonderings. Thanks for putting it all together so cohesively and making it public.

  2. Irene Tocimak on

    a post on your telegram. i don’t know who is or is not a shill.
    As I observe, I can understand that things can go wrong and it extends everything but it seems to be apparent the Patriots are as believing as the Unenlightened who follow MainStream media. Each believe they have the correct information.

    Nothing has happened that WE really know for sure except what is posted around the internet. This is no different from MainStream Media stating what is the supposed fact.

    Is everything really just an Illusion? A delusion?

    Kerry? What is going on?

    I had a dream last night as well. I don’t dream about Donald Trump. He asked me a question about someone. I told him I didn’t really know anything for sure. But he came and asked me personally and continued on with the large group I was in. We were all in a line outside a BANK. Trump knew exactly what he was going to do and was not deterred by my answer. It was a bank I worked at many decades ago. I community bank. There is more but the bank was no match for the Trump operation that was going down.

    But, Kerry, WHAT IS GOING ON? That is still the question. NO One wants to be involved in something that is NOT Really Valid. No one wants to feel taken for a fool.

    THE POST FROM Kerry’s Telegram…

    “Gluco, [08.04.21 04:58]
    [In reply to Leo Nardo]
    How Patriots were fooled –
    The election was clearly stolen
    1. The House was “allowed to be stolen” in 2018 so they could expose themselves and the white hats had 2020 fully protected. Story changed . .
    2. We have the evidence!!! – No one has seen it to date.
    3. We are going to release the Kraken, it will be “Biblical” – Can’t wait to see it.
    4. EBS Coming soon – Trump at GIANT FORCE ! – Not
    Court Cases are the focus
    SCOTUS Rejects first cases
    1. We are going to release the Kraken – it will be “Biblical”. Still waiting
    2. Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh were the saviors. – They were not.
    3. Q and Trump are in control. Trust the plan.
    4. Italy did it with satellites!! – Really? No proof yet!
    5. EBS Coming soon – Trump at GIANT FORCE ! – Not
    There was a MAGA INSURECTION at the Capital
    Joe Biden is Inaugurated (Many say it was fake)
    D.C. is fenced off (Walls work)
    1. Biden and the swamp would all be arrested on inauguration day. – Well? . .
    2. Biden is not really president, Trump still is. – No evidence of that. Just conjecture
    3. Q and Trump are in control. Trust the plan. – What Plan?
    4. “We are watching a show”!! – OK I’ll go get some popcorn and do nothing
    5. No one is in the White House – they are in a studio in LA. (Give me a break)
    6. The USA Republic vs. USA the corporation. Biden is president over nothing – More non-sense.
    7. DC is/was a foreign land occupied by enemy combatants. – No evidence of that.
    8. The REAL inauguration would be March 4th. – Wow.
    9. NESARA/GESARA. Remember that gem?
    10. We are going to release the Kraken – it will be “Biblical” – Still waiting
    11. General Flynn’s “Just give me 30 more days” that meant “Done in 30.” – Another nothingburger.
    12. Trump is now in charge of the entire Federal Reserve. – Ah huh
    13. The military does not recognize Biden as Pres and will not let him fly on AF1, does not salute him, did not give him a 21 gun salute
    14. EBS Coming soon – Trump at GIANT FORCE ! – Not
    We are all wondering what is going on.
    SCOTUS Rejects final cases
    1. Q and Trump are in control. Trust the plan.
    2. “We are watching a show”!! – I am confused about the story line !
    3. GITMO is filling up with arrested people for treason – GITMO remains empty
    4. After SCOTUS Rejects cases the MILITARY will swoop in and take control. – Sure!
    5. There are Military tribunals going on that are so important and crucial to saving the Republic that nobody knows about them. – Who really needs an awakening?
    6. The REAL inauguration would be March 4th. – Wow.
    7. General Flynn’s “Just give me 30 more days” that meant “Done in 30.” – WELL ???.
    8. The “vaccines” were just code Trump used when he meant the military was going to do mass arrests throughout the country and DC. Now the vaccines are being slowly forced on everyone and killing people all over the world. – Go figure
    9. We are going to release the Kraken – it will be “Biblical” – Still waiting
    10. Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh were the saviors. They were not.
    11. Biden has no power, Trump does. Even though Biden recently bombed Syria and are letting tons of illegals through the borders, after reversing almost all of Trump’s EOs.
    12. JFK Jr is alive. Some even think he’s Juan O. Savin. ? And, he was either going to run for President of the new Republic or do a nationwide tour to bring the country together and heal people.
    a. Talks allot on alt media channels
    b. Predicts March 4th will be the day all is exposed
    13. This is really about saving the children, exposing pedophile and bringing down the Cabal – Really?
    Country is falling apart
    States are still locked down, mask mandates, but the boarders are open to all with covid.
    Much uncertainty in the Vaccines – they will alter your DNA and 5G will control you.
    1. Q and Trump are in control. Trust the plan. “Hold the Forking line”.
    2. “We are watching a show”!! – When the hell will this show end? Is there a sequel?

    Gluco, [08.04.21 04:58]
    [In reply to Leo Nardo]
    3. Biden flies around on AF1 and he is Saluted all over the place. – Anyone? WTF?
    4. EBS Coming soon – Trump at GIANT FORCE ! – Not
    5. DUMBs are being raided and shutdown all over the US – even the one under the White House. – Really? And THAT does not make the News??
    6. The REAL inauguration would be March 4th. – JUAN?.
    7. The arrest of Podesta would kick everything off. – Q?
    8. March 1st is declared FREEDOM DAY by the masses and we will refuse mask wearing and lock downs. – crickets
    9. March 20th (60 days post inauguration) was official transfer of power to Biden day – so ”something big” was going to happen. – OOOPS
    10. Juan O Savin is nowhere to be found or heard from. – Hummm
    11. Fences come down in DC!! We Won! The Cabal has fallen!! – Communism still reigns
    12. EVERGREEN will expose it all !! – ZZZZzzzzz
    13. “The Military is our only hope” – We are F’d

    1. Q and Trump are in control. Trust the plan. “Hold the Forking line”
    2. “We are watching a show”!! – I’m changing channels
    3. Now everyone in talking AUGUST !! – of what year? ?
    4. 2024 is really not that far off”

  3. You do great work but this shit is exhausting. RDS, Sasha Stone and Charlie uncle fester Ward have all been exposed as complete frauds. How the hell can anyone still buy into this nonsense? Then you have a dream and all is right in the world again… Smh.

    • Oh my god….uncle fester ward, that is brilliant. I’ll be using that from now on! Thanks! And yes, the whole lot of them are charlatans.

  4. Wtf? You literally said you have seen him in person and hes not JFK jr. Smh. Disinformation agent?

    • I remember her saying that also (after she went to Vegas). Maybe Kerry can clarify about this.

    • Somewhere in 2020 when Juan was just barely starting to get his notoriety, He did a video. He was in one of his old trucks in the desert and he actually spoke to the camera directly so I saw his face and his full body. Unless JJ had a full surgical remake and gained weight eve in the size and shape of his fingers then Juan, IMO isn’t JJ. Not sure why anyone thinks he is. Even on his “hand a and legs” videos you can see that he’s reddish hair and complexion with shorter stubbier fingers.

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