KERRY talks about current events, latest news, the Vegas event and covid vaxes…


  1. Thank You Again for COOL UPDATE Kerry. FYI. If you, your partner, and some friends ever need a free place to stay during an Ontario Canada research or PC event, I have your back. (In Northern Ontario but can drive your team to TORONTO in 3hr-45min. Sonja and I will help all we can. Least I can do to give back. I have no Fear of Cabal. Gladly give my life to awaken the masses and I believe my main goal is to protect the innocent children. If they hurt or pooch my body, I’ll just volunteer to come right back again in the fight with even more powers from Source LOL. Take Care my Friends in the Fight. SILVERBACK SEES.

  2. Totally agree with your take of Juan O Savin and his archaic approach to free energy. A big sign. You look younger Kerry, well done. I get it too thanks Kathy in part to you over the past 8 years.

    Humanity paid in blood and lives for the ssp … Is a fact.

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