Stargate Secrets: Dan Burisch revisited

Interview in 2 parts.

Las Vegas, June 2007



Those familiar with Project Camelot’s work will need no further introduction to Dan Burisch. In this second in-depth interview, which arose from our having presented him with a long list of questions of our own, Dan goes into great detail about both the technology and the politics of the Stargates and the Looking Glass. He also discusses the “Cube”, which may or may not be the same device as the famed ‘Yellow Book’ or the ‘Black Box’ reported by the Project Camelot witness Henry Deacon.

In this fascinating interview we found Dan once more to be outspoken, challenging, informed, values-driven, mischievous, humorous, human and likable.

We also want to take this opportunity to publish an announcement, as supplied by Marci McDowell, who works closely with Dan. Marci asked us to make the following formal statement on Dan’s behalf:

“Dr. Dan Burisch is on a necessary hiatus from official public contact until later this year. Unfortunately, there is very little that I am allowed to say, regarding what Dan is doing. We have informed the public that he is NOT working for Majestic. Majestic no longer exists. Dan retired from that group in September, 2006. Majestic sat formally adjourned in October, 2005. I can say that Dan’s present activities are so important, pressing and secret that those in the new group, the group which took over for Majestic at the end of 2006, the group for whom he has agreed to make himself available, sought him out for this assignment and insisted that he have limited to no public contact until after December 14, 2007. This will provide the time for him to complete his activities with them, and be debriefed from the assignment. His present assignment is National Security related. Due to the nature of the assignment, Dan has accepted and been sworn to a National Security Oath.”

At the time of the interview Dan was unaware of this, and so this is not mentioned or discussed in the interview. We have no further inside information, but can surmise that at least some of the issues raised in the interview are likely to be connected.

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