Author, mystery man, special forces?, Q?, JFKjr? Historian, Spokesman for Trump and team….  INTERVIEW FRIDAY, FEB 12, 2021.  This is an Epic interview of world-shaking proportions.  Kerry asks Juan the hard questions on whether the military are in charge and the current state of play with respect to the Trump team’s drive to save the world from the Luciferian Agenda.







  1. Great interview Kerry. I don’t buy the Juan O Savin, aka 107, crap for several reasons, but the most important one I guess, is that the logic does not fit the story. Nothing fits world wide with this story
    of “the plan.” One claim, the Covid Pandemic was a cover for arrests of Pedo’s world wide and rescue of children from DUMB’s and tunnels etc. Did anybody see any evidence of that? No. Meanwhile the White Hats including Trump promoted, financed, and implemented the Globalists plan for depopulation, which is in the process of being carried out. In spite of claims by 107, Charlie Ward and others Trump was going to win the election and be sworn in on Jan 20th. Trump was stating the election would be stolen months or even a year before it happened, yet no one did anything to prevent it. Claims of watermarks on ballets, a raid in Italy on the Vatican, confiscation of illegal servers in Germany, no evidence what so ever. Meanwhile Biden takes office and reverses most all of Trumps progress to free the US from globalists control. But don’t worry because it is all part of the plan. Hillary arrested sent to Gitmo, Tom Hanks executed at Gitmo, Oprah arrested BS!. Tom Hanks still making movies. Hillary publishing book, Oprah still spinning her web with all her millions.
    Thank you for sticking up for the people and I totally agree with you. If a secret faction of Patriots are in control then its time they reveal some of the truth to the public. Mar 4th just another goal post relocating job from Juan. That day will come and go, more Satanic crap from the Biden administration, meanwhile next on the agenda, crashing of the economy, food shortages and trashing of the constitution. But don’t worry the white hats have this in control.

  2. Great interview Kerry. Much hedging by 107. It’s not just about the stolen election. The economy is collapsing for millions of Americans. Maybe holding ground is not enough 107.

  3. Thank you Kerry for your hard driving passion. I’ve watched you for years. Never commented. I feel compelled to given the importance of the times and this particular interview. You were at your passionate finest. Thank you for being our voice to ask the important questions in straight forward yet fair way. No matter what the ‘truth’ turns out to be, you are such a strong and wonderful champion for Earth and human beings. Divine Feminine in all her glory! I appreciate you immensely. All the very best to you and your mission. An inspiration. xo

  4. Juan’s general outline of what is currently going on generally corresponds to what I intuitively feel is going on – basically, Biden is just ‘playing’ president and the military is holding the fort until they figure out the best way to proceed. The next month we should look for some key indicators: Do we see any proof that Biden is inhabiting the White House?; Do we see any proof that Biden has access to Marine 1 or Air Force 1? Is Biden meeting with foreign leaders?; Does the US Congress appear to be doing anything that even approaches legislation (as opposed to sham trials)?

    The above things are just some of many things that may indicate whether we have a functional government as opposed to a civilian government marking time while the military takes the helm and leads the ship out of extremely dangerous waters. Yes, I am skeptic, but I will be looking for signs that should confirm or deny what’s going on. As a US Marine officer some decades ago, I fully expect that my comrades in arms need to get involved and right the ship. Any military officer that says that it is not the military’s business to get involved should resign immediately, as they are not performing their oath of office to ‘protect the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.’

  5. KERRY, Your interview of/discussions with “Juan O Savin” was the BEST one we’ve heard thus far. Thank you!!

  6. Yes, it is a problem that the whole public does not understand. They are busy with life as they know it. They get their news from Mainstream. If Trump or WhiteHats had Official news then these people could have a chance to learn. This is Wrong in my opinion. So, I differ from Juan. I am lucky that I know some things. And it is wrong to let those who are in the dark to allow such a farce as with Biden. And, the Mainstream still out there. I guess we are not in Eagle vision while Juan is.

  7. Oh, Kerry, thank you, you did your best. Juan is not Gen.Flynn. I would like an hour 1/1 with Gen.Flynn bcs he knows what needs doing and understands the urgency; I want to know what is in the way, bcs there are ways to deal with ppl who procrastinate for personal interests, ppl who cant find their backside with both hands, and ppl who are working another agenda. Gen.Flynn must respect the military order, but a civilian who knows the military does not. If the military needs more or better skilled ppl, that needs to be immediately remediated. We are under attack from every angle possible from outside and destroyed from the inside. I will remind you, as much as I disagreed with it and detested it, the Kent State solution was for innocents walking down the street. We have trained paramilitaries slashing and burning and threatening the country…which will recommence as soon as weather gets warmer so I am told. We have NWO cabal illuminati who put a nuc in nashville, and killed a dumb old driver as a patsy for a nuc explosion only prevented by Space Force snuffer and trigger mechanism w/explosive eliminated by infrared laser. Then we have the financial cyberwarfare and the murderers. I would say that is a pretty sizeable threat inside USA alone let alone what can be leveraged from the outside. The only advantage is sowed and strength of attack to annihilate all at once. No Deals. No Mercy.

  8. Ppl are in jobs or in this case roles, they are not qualified to do. So they need bureaucratic processes to protect them when they get it all wrong. They spend time thinking about the politics of the group, the division, or financing from federal govt. They were taught how to fight wars at war college&have experience, but put into a management bureaucracy, all they ever learned is corrupted by bureaucratic admin.abd process management. They re-wrote the JFK plan 24+years ago, they have had 5years to review, rethink and analyze it. They have barely addressed the Pedo aspect, they haven’t cut off the heads of the snakes, and now since enemy wastes no time, enemy has a plan and a schedule and go forward no matter what and are succeeding. We now have an ANTIAMERICAN communist POS and Juan is telling us we might have to haveca dual presidency bcs communists, who will be increasing exponentially by reproduction and illegals, and fraudulent chain migrants, and universities and K-12 instructing the communist way and US culture and history trompled upon and USCONSTN buried by corrupt state/local govts, while CCP takes over via corps and corrupted politicians and buying up US foodcrops and NWO takes over via international financial system pressure taking control of US Financial centers.

    Trump and his gang keep bs-ing how this is best time ever and things are going to be wonderful …meanwhile US Citizens’ lives are a little more excrement-inundated with each day.

    Well guess what, the enemy kills off Patriots and y’all military and politicians are next. Maybe they will have yet another bioweapon to get rid of you faster than they killed us off. So, y’all keep on bs-ing …but if the ccp and NWO don’t eliminate you, communists will disempowered and fema-kill you.

  9. Hey Kerry I’ve been following you since the interview you had with Michael Jayco and you just blew my mind LOL I can’t wait to talk to you someday I do have like enhanced 5G mind level I’ve always wondered thought I have some very special abilities after hearing you I’m like yes!!! David you are for real LOL but you validated it for me and I am forever grateful want to talk to somebody like you who can guide me enlighten me just exactly what do I have here equipment wise LOL but I do have this and I haven’t discussed it with anybody cuz they think I’m crazy!! But I am wanting to also talk to you about I have a need the show the average American the light and no atrocities that have been going on for the last 60 years let’s say and we need to draw up some sort of handbook an education tools to help the average American I would like to make it the rest of my life’s work to help people they have to know how wonderful our country is they have to know the American people are so special and generous and that we have a wonderful Constitution a Bill of Rights Our God given rights and then any type of tools that we can put together so when we deploy the digital soldiers out in the world to bring the rest of our people a Brite light and completely get their head around and understand what has going on there is a great need and I felt your Vibes on this today when you were talkin to Juan I would love to be on the ground work of this undertaking because we’re going to have a lot of need please reply to me I would be anxious to hear what you have to say and if there is anything I can do 2 bring this forward so we need to come up with a concept personally I think the digital soldiers that have been working on this will be the best ones to help crane other one that have come to the light and understand what is and what was happening my phone number is 717 371 8770 and you have my email address but I would love to be involved with this thanks so much I love you and your content and you’re a very brave courageous tough woman and I can even really respect that alright sweetie thank you David goldberger

  10. Kerry, I have never appreciated you more than in this interview. I came in 1/2 hr late so I was behind the live chat and found myself just fast forwarding through Juan’s droning on and on like he was teaching a history class and repeating stories he’s told ad infinitum. He’s not as slippery as he thinks he is – many of us were completely on top of his repetitive diversions of your direct questions. I simply don’t believe his story towards the end about a negotiation about who’s going to be in charge and how they thought they got us on the election. This is pure drivel. He must be so used to people fawning over him and his stories but we’re just not that enamored or that stupid. Kerry – thank you for giving it all you got and then some. Wish there could have been some satisfaction and some direct answers from Juan. I hope you do a follow up in the form of a Kerry update.

    • I keep noticing every time he talks about April and that “By April 1 Trump will be president.” it’s actually a vague statement. Will American’s know he’s president? will it be announced? where will the “biden” thing be? What will be the lead up to Trump being president again that will inform all the sleeping normies who are going to want to revolt if Trump is in again? Is civil war part of the plan? Then he goes on about the military preparing to turn authority back over to Trump but is that just paperwork? Will that be known to Americans that the military is preparing and that they’ve been in charge all along since Jan 20? Like you repeated said Kerry, the sleeping normies don’t know ANY of this stuff and there’s barely time now to start drip feeding them. One good thing came out of this interview and that is the invitation to “the event.”

    • Yes, I agree: m Kerry thank you for asking the hard questions. I have some of my own too. It needs discourse from all sides. Some of us just might have an nkling that might make a huge difference, I try but noe feedback yet; I just wait, right timing. Juan does go on and on, I am sorry to say- maybe he has to protect military secrets- I have trouble understanding what on earth he is on about. We have to trust something in this world- everyone can only do as much as they are able. It might be okay in the end….God uses all kinds of expedience to cover all universal bases. I am guessing. Thanks again that we can follow something that might make sense.

  11. Personally, his identity is not nearly as imp as the questions and challenges you posed re leaving the public out, what good does it do….

  12. Kerry, the interview will be revealing in many respects.

    How about this as a first question…”Juan, are you Wayne R. Willott, private investigator, also known as “W” in some interviews. If so, why have you not disclosed this fact, and why do you allow audiences to be led into thinking that you are JFK Jr? i.e. Juan ‘one’, O ‘zero’, Savin ‘7’ = 107 or 17 when you drop the ‘0’ = Q.”

    If he flinches, drill deeper.
    If he is convincing….it puts the matter to rest.
    Let the listeners decide.

    • I can’t imagine how anyone would think he’s JR. Have you seen the videos where you can see his hands, boots, jeans? the body type, hair color, weight are nothing like JR – he’s heavier set, red hair, wide fingers……

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