DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER… this is a war between SILICON AND CARBON BASED LIFE FORMS… the drive to CONTROL HUMANITY is the drive to takeover and control the unpredictable carbon organic life on Earth.  This is a takeover by the MIRROR (AI).  AI is the mirror.. and the mirror (Lucifer) wants to dominate the OUTER WORLD… where only the human spirit/soul complex is your way out.  For those who fail to go within and learn to navigate the hidden worlds of the unseen… the SURFACE EARTH and manifested world will be dominated and controlled. but they cannot control the SPIRIT/SOUL=DIVINE FORCE within you.  SOON …the GHOST IN THE MACHINE will be HUMANITY… For those deep sea divers who have learned to navigate the unseen within you… this threat is superficial.  The problem is for the humans and beings who have not learned to swim in the waters of the hidden realms it poses a serious threat to their development and ability to grow and reach enlightenment at least in their current form.  IT’S ALL ABOUT FREEDOM…   You hold the keys to overcome this threat within you.  Seek no masters outside yourself.  –Kerry Cassidy PROJECT CAMELOT


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