I talk about the importance of dialog between both sides… or we are headed into civil war.



  1. The USA breached the WTO treaty, violated the 1989 bilateral trade agreement between China and the USA, and launched a new “hybrid” cold war against China. We started the conflict. Why? Because China has become powerful enough to challenge American hegemony. Hollywood and mass media have long conditioned the American public hate America’s bogyman of the day, recently including Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Russia, and China. There is much jingoistic hot air but little critical thinking in American on these issues. America is the only country every to have used nuclear weapons: on Japan, when Japan had offered to surrender, and on two large cities. Let’s curtail America’s tendency to war crimes and blood lust, before we start World War III.

  2. agree. whatever is going on isn’t working. no one in my liberal town even knows about any of this. Unless it’s on Mainstream it isn’t even a reality. This is absolutely ridiculous. And Insane. The mainstream is to go down last? No, it needs to go down first! I have to say I am tired out and I need to NOT be in this anymore. And Jaun O Savin, I am tired of his long winded stories that lead nowhere. IF THEY KNEW so much they would know the people ALL OF US have to be told by some reliable means. I Don’t trust them …. the time to show has passed. They were leading this all up through Christmas then Jan 6 then the inauguration. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! It’s shit!

    • I believe we are at war with China and others so how do you give out information without alerting the enemy? Maybe giving out information IS the reason nothing has come to fruition…We may as well be under Martial Law…And hindsight doesn’t serve us well but Trump should never allowed the complete shutdown of our country in the first place.Trump has many enemies and few if any friends…Did anyone even have any idea as to how deep this swamp is? I sure didn’t. Then again you have the self proclaimed mystics saying we are shifting to a new earth—So keep your vibrations high to be on board to the promised land…Finally what platform do you suggest we run to when as you know anyone speaking the truth are kicked to the curb for speaking the truth..We need solutions …Anyone?

  3. The problem is and always has been that the MSM is controlled by one faction…We watch everyone repeat the exact same words daily..If even one station had the freedom to report other wise it would be better then this..As far as Trump being able to speak out////what good has that done? It nearly destroyed his family…he gets death threats as well as having different characters trying there best to make that real…Everything he does say is used against him…I haven’t seen you out there either talking to the people…We are everywhere but are also being targeted..Everyone that supports Mr Trump will be headed to camps if the Demons have their way..How do you start a revolution without guns? How do we keep them if we even show them in public? So how about a few ideas….without getting ourselves arrested while the criminals go free again and again…

  4. Well said! I’ve been watching your channel for 15 years because you ask the hard questions. We all want to believe but we also need to weigh and vet the information because even we “the woke community” could be mislead. I’m glad you find this lack of transparency a concern. People have been led & lied to for so long that amidst the explosion of real information all the while they tell you your watching a fake movie, then we can understand clearly why people are having a truth crisis. Thank you Kerry for calling it out!

  5. Truthful and wise I was not wrong about you. Thank you you are a warrior. God has put his soldiers to help or save the good and I think you are one of them.

  6. That pink elephant has been in the room for so long!!!! Thank you for your true journalistic report. I’m sick of these wars over who’s in power. Dialog IS the only answer. Secrecy is a power play, not a resolution table. ❤️👍🤗

  7. in principle, agree. to think that ‘WE’ is the inclusive term for every American (and 10M illegals) as being equal in logic, mental state and forget about all the other oddities,,,is typical reactionary thinking, what should only be valued in cards and playground games. to present such a basis as the sole reason for demanding ‘the truth’ is akin to saying because i have a bicycle you should give me the keys to your car. if i may speak some sense to the reader, granite stone in communication is to connect with the listener – whether you agree or not does not make salt sweet. to speak to the military with this basis will at best bring a grin to their face and most likely result in the release of further smoke and mirrors. if you have not yet been enlightened, American politics, since JAN 20 2021, is officially not ‘business as usual’ this info does not need to be investigated, m’k. Using basic logic, if you will, since that sector of life is not as usual then it’s open for change, ie change is what ANYONE can be working on, SHOULD BE working on ,,why give a damn what’s going on when it’s changing? If you wanna be a follower, stay at the back of the line where you can cry and complain all you want – that is your choice if you want to focus on the now

  8. Kerry, I completely agree with everything you have just said! I have been passing on info, waiting for some ofthese people who are telling us things, but then tell us to trust the plan! Didnt we already sort of do that? I am listening to you, mostly, but also Charlie Ward, Simon, Robert David Steele, Juan O Savin, but I need more than that! I love that you are always asking the hard questions. I am willing to fight for our Republic, but I want to hear from Donald Trump, I want to know if the military is really in charge, I know that is what is being said, and I believe we are, but the secrecy has got to stop. That is how we got here in the first place! Thank you Kerry for saying what many of us are thinking!

  9. Kerry, I completely agree with you. We are adults, we can handle the “truth”. I wish somebody from the Trump organization, or the Fema- Military organization would come out and say what is going on.

    I don’t trust msm, and haven’t listened to anything they throw out there.
    Are biden’s EO’s being enforced? Are they registered?

    One cannot seem to git any real info at all, at the moment.

    I truly appreciate ALL the work you have done.

  10. I agree. Let’s ALL put our big kid’s pants on and start asking the tough questions, and demand answers. Jesus, I’m beginning to feel like the one kid in the family that doesn’t look like anyone else, but nobody will tell me who my real parents are.

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